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Ramadan Excerpts1444 AH – (Lesson 03 ): Taqwa
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  
Taqwa is an Arabic word that comes from the verb "Ittaqa" which means to guard yourself by something against something. For example, you guard yourself against fire by staying away from it, you guard yourself against having a car accident by being attentive while driving or you guard yourself against earning ill-gotten money by earning your money lawfully. Thus, At -Taqwa is to guard yourself by something against something.

Taqwa in Islam is based on a light that is casted into man's heart, and with it man sees the right things as right and the false ones as false. People of the worldly life, who turn away from Allah, see sins as privileges and obedience as foolishness. On the other hand, the believer fears Allah and establishes a relationship with Him, and as a result, Allah casts light into his heart. This is the definition of Taqwa: It is to have light in your heart, casted by Allah, and with which you can see al-Haqq (the truth) and al-Batil (falsehood). 

Desires are installed in man, however, he is armed with reason, thus if he makes his desires as a destiny, he will commit grave mistakes. Man should make a balance by fulfilling his desires through lawful ways; given every desire has a lawful path through which it can be fulfilled. In other words, there is no deprivation in Islam but rather, there is regulation.

Again, every lust installed in man but has a lawful way through which it can be fulfilled. Who is the hero? He is the one who fulfills his desires through lawful Islamic ways, and as a result, he can eat, drink, get married, have children and earn money lawfully. Allah the Almighty says:

﴾ ("Send him with us tomorrow to enjoy himself and play) ﴿

[ [Yusuf, 12] ]

Prophet Ya'qub (Jacob) PBUH did not give any comment, which indicates that you are permitted to play with your children and have quality time with them. Quran is our Book and it gives us these nice indications. If man follows the instructions of The Creator, he will guarantee his safety and happiness, but if he turns away from those instructions, he will pay huge price. 

To clarify, you can recognize the elegance and the superb features of a modern car, like how quite its engine is and how fast it goes when you drive it on a paved road, but even the most expensive modern car in the world will make unbearable sounds if you drive it on a road full of pumps and potholes, and it might break down. Much in the same line, you are created for the purpose of knowing Allah, and thus if you follow His Path, you will be safe and will gain happiness in the worldly life and in the Hereafter; given safety is a passive concept while happiness is a positive one.

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