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Ramadan Excerpts1444 AH - (Lesson 04 ): Tawakul
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  
First: Tawakul has a specific definition, and unless it is applied, we will have reverse effects. Tawakul entails using all means as if they are everything and then putting full trust in Allah as if they are nothing.

Let me have an example of Tawakul from our daily life. If you are going for a long travel by your car, you should check the engine, the tires, the oil, the equipments and the breaks. After you check everything and make sure everything is fine, you are ready to drive your car in a long travel after you put your trust in Allah as The Protector and safety Granter.

Man sometimes exaggerates in using the available means, which weakens his Tawakul. On the other hand, when man does not use available means, he will fall in Tawaakul which is an abuse of real Tawakul.

The west used the available means and idolized them, forgetting Allah, which made them fall in Shirk (associating means with Allah). On the other hand, Muslims did not use means, and thus they wronged themselves. Heroism lies in having balance by using the available means as if they are everything, then putting full trust in Allah as if they are nothing. 

Man sometimes takes pride in his knowledge which leads him to commit unforgiveable mistake. I remember a physician in an Islamic country who described his colleagues using unacceptable descriptions, and he haughtily considered himself better than all of them. He committed a mistake in a surgery which cost him his license, and he became the first physician to be discredited in that country after its independence. In fact, taking pride reflects arrogance, hidden Shirk and heedlessness of The Creator.

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