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Ramadan Excerpts 1444 H-(Lesson 05): Wara' (State of being religious)
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In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  
Dr. Bilal:
Our Ustaz Dr. Rateb, we are talking today about Wara' (Piety). Wara' is a great value, and it is a characteristic of the righteous people who are chosen by Allah. They are called pious people, so what is the meaning of Wara', which is considered a deed of the heart? 

Dr. Rateb:
Wara', as defined by scholars, is to leave what is allowed in order to avoid falling into what is not allowed, but how? Take the example of a deep river that has a slant slippery bank and a dry flat one, and near it someone who does not know how to swim is walking, so if this man walks on the flat dray bank, there will be no problem. However, given he does not know how to swim, there is a great possibility that he falls into the river and lose his life if he walks on the slippery slant bank.

Leaving what is allowed is the likeness of walking on the dray flat bank not on the slippery slant one of the river. Doing so grants man safety. However, if man walks on the slippery slant bank, his leg might slip into the river.

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