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E books- Islamic Creed:2- Creed and Quran Miraculousness
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

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Creed and Quran Miraculousness

Aqeeda (creed) is belief in Allah’s Oneness and Lordship, to worship Him Alone, belief in His Beautiful Names and Divine Attributes. It is integral, so that the faith of anyone who disbelieves in one of the above or part of it, as proved in the Quran or Sunna, is not accepted.
Thus, Allah the Almighty granted us the constituents of Assignment that lead to right creed. These constituents are the basis of worship and they are the Universe, the mind, Fitra (man’s nature), lust, free will, time, faith, and the reason of our existence on earth.

Table of contents:
 Lesson (00-36): Preface Read more
Lesson (01-36): Introduction- Purpose of man’s existence Read more
Lesson (02-36): Reasons behind man’s existence 2Read more
Lesson (03-36): Worship when spending money and time Read more
Lesson (04-36): Elements of Mandate; Introduction Read more
Lesson (05-36): Elements of Mandate; Introduction Read more
Lesson (06-36): The Universe: Signs that Indicate Allah's Greatness Read more
Lesson (07-36): The mind-1-The mind is the mean to know Allah- The relation between mind and reporting Read more
Lesson (08-36): The mind2- Mind integrates with revelation and it is related to reality Read more
Lesson (09-36): The human nature and the soul’s characteristics Read more
Lesson (10-36): The human nature 2- Divine method and soul’s characteristics Read more
Lesson (11-36): The human nature 3- The right understanding of the Deen leads to the right behaviour Read more
Lesson (12-36): The human nature 4- Man's Characteristics before Believing in Allah. Read more
Lesson (13-36): The human nature 5- Al-Fitrah is in accord with the Divine Assignment Read more
Lesson (14-36): The human nature 6- The Difference between Al-Fitrah and AsSibghah (Attribute) and between the Divine Assignment and Man's Disposition.Read more
Lesson (15-36): Lust 1- Lusts can Become Acts of Worship Through which Man Exalts by Being Patient and Grateful to Allah. Read more
Lesson (16-36): Lust 2- When Man is Overcome by His Lust- The Properties of Water.Read more
Lesson (17-36): Lust 3- Probity (Al Adalah) and Self-possession (Al Dabtt). Read more
Lesson (17-36): Lust 4- Interpretation of Calamities- The Cow is a Complete Silent Factory. Read more
Lesson (19-36): Lust 5- Difference between pleasure and happiness Read more
Lesson (20-36): Lust 6- The Nature of Lusts, Skills and Fortunes in the Worldly Life. Read more
Lesson (21-36): Lust 7- The Lust for Money-1- Philosophy of The Concept of Money in Islam in the Sense of Earning and Spending it. Read more
Lesson (22-36): Lust 8- The desire for money- (2): Money and women Read more
Lesson (23-36): Lust 9- The Lust for Money -3- The concept of money in Islam -1 Read more
Lesson (24-36): Lust 10- The Lust for Money-4- The Concept of Money in Islam-2- Lust and the Reality of Muslims Read more
Lesson (25-36): Lust-11- The Lust for money-5- The concept of money in Islam-3 Read more
Lesson (26-36): Lust-12- Sexual desire-1- The Relationship between Male and Female According to the Divine Method. Read more
Lesson (27-36): Lust 13- Sexual Desire-2- Obscenity in Women's Clothing is Evil Doing Whereas Abiding by the Islamic Dress Code is a Gracious Path. Read more
Lesson (28-36): Free Will 1- Man is Predestined and he Also Owns the Free Will-1- Man has the Free Will to Bear the Trust. Read more
Lesson (29-36): Free Will 2– Man is Driven and Given the Choice– If Man were only Driven, the Reward and Punishment would be Pointless Read more
Lesson (30-36): Free will (3), Man is predestinated and has the free will (3)- Divine predestination and preordainment (Kada’a and Kadar). Read more
Lesson (31-36): Time-1- Importance of Time in Islam, The Pituitary Gland. Read more
Lesson (32-36): Time-2- The Good Deed. Read more
Lesson (33-36): Time-3- Managing Time marks being civilized. Read more
Lesson (34-36): Faith-related matters -1- The outcomes of Establishing a Connection with Allah Read more

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