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Lesson (10-36): Elements of mandate- Human nature 2- Divine method and soul’s characteristics
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

Highlights in regard of elements of mandate:

 Dear brothers, we start with the tenth lesson of creed and miraculous inimitable Quran’s lectures.
 Last meeting we talked about human nature but we have to clarify a few points first.

1- Man is a mobile creature:

 The first highlight: Man is a mobile creature, and the question to be is: What motivates him to move?
 The table is considered as a creation but it is of inanimate nature, and if we put this glass on it for a hundred years it will stay put, whereas the human being is a mobile creature.

2- Things that motivate man to move:

 What motivates him to move? Allah installed in a human being the need to eat, drink, breath, mate, and breed. Allah instilled in man a need for food and drink to preserve man’s existence, the need for a woman, man’s other half, in order to preserve human’s species, and the need to prove man’s entity in order to keep an everlasting remembrance and if not for those three needs, man would be an immobile creature.
 If not for those needs that Allah installed in human being, you would see nothing on earth, not a house, a road, a bridge, a school, a university, a hospital, nor a park, because the immobile creature needs nothing and has no motivation to move, whereas man needs to go out of the house to make a living in order to fulfill the needs of eating and drinking, and when he reaches the age of marriage he looks for a wife and in the process he is in need to work harder and extra time to afford marriage expenses, and when he has children, he is in need to be noticeable and important which is considered as the motivation to prove man’s entity.
 Therefore, man is mobile creature and not of inanimate nature.

3- How Allah honors his creatures?

 In a previous meeting we said that Allah the Almighty is a creator, yet He accepts to compare His divine entity to his creatures’, how? Allah said:

“So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators.”

[Surat Al Momenoon, ayah 14]

 Allah referred to man in this Ayah (ayah) as a creator in order to compare between man’s creation and the creation of the Oneness, and the Dayyan (Allah the judge), but the difference between the two creations is that Allah creates everything out of nothing without resembling any previous pattern, whereas man creates something using everything that exists already by imitating an existing pattern, and to elaborate we say: the submarine is a resemblance to the fish, the airplane is a resemblance to the bird, and even the tire is a resemblance to a tree’s trunk slice that rolls on the ground, therefore man creates something using everything that exists by imitating an existing pattern, but Allah creates everything out of nothing without resembling any previous pattern.
 Man makes a table, a glass, and a chair, he builds a building and all these are of inanimate nature, but man can’t make a female and male table and ask both to mate in order to produce thousands of small tables, whereas Allah makes two genders of every creature, so the plants as well as the animals breed, so if man buys a car he won’t expect it to bring a small car in two years yet if he buys a horse it will give birth to a little horse every two years.
 The balance:

“So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators.”

[Surat Al Momenoon, ayah 14]

 Allah metaphorically called man a creator in this Ayah.
 The normal kidney that is an egg size is silent, calm, and unnoticeable yet it filters your blood five times per day while you are working, sleeping, riding, and hiking, and if you compare it to the artificial kidney which is as big as half this table, not to mention that you would have to lie in a bed for eight straight hours three times per week, and it will cost you 3000 Syrian pounds each time which means 9000 a week in order to filter your blood, so when Allah said:

“So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators.”

[Surat Al Momenoon, ayah 14]

 It is just for the sake of comparison between Allah’s creation Who brought everything He creates to perfection and man’s creation.

Human nature:

1- Identifying the means requires knowing the purpose:

 We are still in the topic of human nature.
 When you know your purpose you will find the means that lead to it.
 The most dangerous thing about creed is to know why you exist in this life and why you were created. What is your purpose and why did Allah create you? Finding the answers to those questions will bring up the means that help fulfilling the purpose.
 When a father sends his son to Paris to get a PHD after he was certified in medicine in his country but aims at specializing in a western country, he is going to a modern beautiful country with parks, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, universities, museums, parks, houses, rivers, and collages, so the serious student knows that the reason of his existence in this country is one thing; which is to seek PHD, in this case he will find the means that help him, so first thing he does when he is there is to rent a house near the university to save time, money and effort, and he will befriend another student who excels in French to learn from him instead of chosing an Arabic speaking friend whom he will talk to in Arabic slang and therefore learns nothing. He will buy magazines relevant to subject of his thesis and he eats lightly so he can study.

“And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)”

[Surat Al Dhariyat, ayah 56]

 Therefore, clevernesss is know your purpose and why you exist in this world, read this Ayah:

“And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)”

[Surat Al Dariyat, ayah 56]

2- Knowing the purpose in this life:

 Keep in mind this rule of thumb: unless man knows his destiny, his movement is not on the right track.
 Hence, when one of our honorable brother who studied in USA business management, read the following Ayah it gave him gooseflesh and he said: I swear to Allah that this Ayah summarizes 10 years of studying, what is this amazing Ayah?

“Is he who walks without seeing on his face, more rightly guided, or he who (sees and) walks on a Straight Way (i.e. Islamic Monotheism)”

[Surat Al Mulk 67, ayah 22]

  A believer has a clear destiny, leads a distinguished life, and Allah is his purpose, and for that you see that all his means serve this purpose
 What he cares about is just to dwell in a house, and it doesn’t matter if it is big or small house or if it has a view.
 He doesn’t earn his money unlawfully in order to own a big house with a view, but what he cares about is just to dwell in a place with a wife to chasten him, and an income that covers his expenses, and he cares about achieving his mission, fulfilling his purpose, and knowing Allah.
 Therefore the believer is very attentive, his purpose is clear, his means are identified, and he always moves forward towards his destiny.
 So if the purpose is clear then the movement is on the right track, and by moving forward man will be tested whether he lies or says the truth, whether he is loyal or betrays, brings his work to perfection or not, is just or unfair, and is merciful or harsh, and in these things lies the challenge, because you are a subject of testing in each one of them either while you are making a living, getting married or trying to prove yourself. 

3- Man’s desires are neutral due to his free choice:

 Because man owns a freedom of choice then everything in his life is neutral, Allah says:

“Beautified for men is the love of things they covet; women, children, much of gold and silver (wealth), branded beautiful horses, cattle and well-tilled land. This is the pleasure of the present world's life; but Allah has the excellent return (Paradise with flowing rivers, etc.) with Him”

[Surat Al Imran 3, ayah 14]

 The lust and longing for a woman is neutral which means that man can use lust to be steps for him to sublime or rungs to fall down exactly like liquid fuel in a vehicle, it is a fuel when it is in the tank of the car passing through tubes and busts rightly when you give it a sparkle to generate useful movement, yet it is also a fuel (same substance) when you spill it all over the car and give it a light it will burn with the vehicle and who ever is in it, so fuel is the same in the two cases, so as the lust which is neutral but it is up to you to sublime with it.
 If for example a young man got married to a pious woman and they had 10 kids, five girls and five boys and they both reared them the Islamic way, then Allah bestowed him with five pious sons in law, in my opinion such a house is very blessed and like paradise, and despite the average income, it is full of love, goals in life, right behavior creed, worship, connection with Allah and a great purpose.

4- Man is transcendentally programmed:

 In my opinion, because human nature is able to detect right from wrong, good from evil, the proper from the improper, and the imperative from the optional, then it is transcendentally programmed.
 The human nature is a resemblance to a programmed airplane which has a cloudy screen on the dash board that shows nothing when everything is fine, but it gives different lights in different cases like black when a minor error occurs that is fixable by following instructions that are given by another device, and if the light is orange, this indicates a dangerous error yet not fatal but fixable, and sometimes a red light shows on the screen which means there is a risk of the plane falling, so definitely we can say that this airplane is well-programmed just like human nature, for, as long as you are on the right path, you will sleep with a clear conscience and deal with people healthfully, but the minute you do wrong, you will be in hardship, imbalance, worries, and depression and this situation will urge you to ask, to pay attention, and to search for the reasons because you are programmed and tuned to know when things go wrong, as you have an inner detector that tells you when you are wrong.
 One of our brother told me that he bought a very advanced car that tells you to stop when something is wrong and if you don’t respond the engine will automatically shut down, if there is for instance a decrease in oil level which will result in the engine’s break down.
 You are transcendentally programmed to know when you go wrong and as the Prophet PBUH said:

((Look inside your heart for a valid sign. Philanthropy is the set of matters ones soul and heart feel comfortable with. Sinning is what burdens oneself and wavers in the chest, even if people attempt to justify for you and give you an edict about it))

5- Certainly, human being should go through trials:

 Therefore, you will be tested through your striving in life and either you prove to be righteous or, Allah forbids, wicked, charitable or mean, fair or a denier, straight or deviated, truthful or a liar, and sincere or a betrayer, Allah said:

“For sure We are ever putting (men) to the test”

[Surat Al Momenoon 23, ayah 30]

 The reason behind your existence on earth is to be tested in this earthy life, Allah said:

“Or do those who earn evil deeds think that We shall hold them equal with those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, in their present life and after their death? Worst is the judgement that they make.”

[Surat Al Jathia 45, ayah 21]

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested”

[Surat Al Enkebut 29, ayah 2]

“Do you think that you will enter Paradise before Allah tests those of you who fought (in His Cause) and (also) tests those who are As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.)?”

[Surat Al Imran 3, ayah 142]

 So you should know that you are definitely in a place of trial on this earth:

((This earthy life is a place of torsion not a place of straightness, and it is a place of grieve not a place of joy and he who knows it as it should be, no opulence will joy him nor any grief will sadden him, Allah created this life to be a place of adversity, while the hereafter was meant to be a place of ramification, for that Allah made the grieving of earthy life a reason for the hereafter’s ramification, while He made the ramification of the hereafter as a compensation for that grief, so He gives to take and compensates to reward.))

[Narrated as a tradition]

People are two men: pious and corrupt:

 If we say: “This man performs good deeds”, what does ‘good deed’ mean?
 It means that he is abiding by Allah’s method and his life is all about giving.
 Abiding by Allah’s method is a passive attitude when we say: “He doesn’t lie, he doesn’t steal, and he doesn’t backbite (we are using doesn’t all the way, which indicates negativism associated with a positive deed), whereas giving is a positive attitude. So righteousness is when we say he doesn’t err, he doesn’t eat unlawful money, doesn’t slack, is never tardy, and doesn’t cheat, whereas abiding is when we say he devotes his time, his money, his work, and his expertise. Therefore, pious means being an abider and a giver. Based on that, people of all walks of life, all races, all cults, all sects, all Mazaheb (Islamic schools of thoughts), and all beliefs are divided into two parties, one of which are those who knew Allah, abide by His method, and are good to His creatures, and this party is the one that will be on the safe side and will gain happiness in this life and in the hereafter, whereas the other party are those who turn their backs to Allah, break away from his method and are mean to His creatures, so consequently they will be doomed in this life and in the hereafter, and this division is mentioned in Quran:

“As for him who gives (in charity) and keeps his duty to Allah and fears Him, And believes in Al-Husna. We will make smooth for him the path of ease (goodness). But he who is greedy miser and thinks himself self-sufficient. And gives the lie to Al-Husna (see ayah No: 6 footnote);”

[Surat Allail 92, ayahs 5-9]

Being well-mannered is the gist of the religion:

 Please pay attention to what I am about to say: The gist of the religion is to have good morals, because if you do so, this will be the price of paradise as you were created for a paradise which is as wide as heavens and earth. the price of this paradise is to purify yourself by being well-mannered, and by forcing it to obey Allah so you will be able to connect with Him and this will grant you perfection that qualifies you to deserve paradise. This is a very subtle meaning.
 First you know Allah, abide by his method, approach Him, and derive perfection from Him which will be the price of paradise, for that Allah said:

“And by the Mercy of Allah, you dealt with them gently”

[Surat Al Imran 3, ayah 159]

 If not for this mercy that is installed in your heart (O Muhammad PBUH), you will not be gentle with them and had you been server and harsh-hearted, Allah said:

“And by the Mercy of Allah, you dealt with them gently. And had you been severe and harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about you; so pass over (their faults), and ask (Allah's) Forgiveness for them; and consult them in the affairs. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).”

[Surat Al Imran 3, ayah 159]

Human nature is profound in human beings:

 Dear brothers, after Islam was revealed to the noble Prophet PBUH, and He was supported by revelation and the noble Quran was descended to him, matters were very clear, but if we go back to the period before that and see how Khadijah his wife acted when the revelation descended upon him and when he told her: “cover me, cover me (as he PBUH was shivering of fear), what did she say? She said: ‘Allah will never put you down as you bear other’s concerns, give hospitality to guests, and you help sh3er in their hour of need’, and she said that out of her nature as Quran hadn’t descended yet, and there was no education or any college of Islamic science, so she figured out just out of nature that because he was honest, faithful, chaste, generous, and that he feeds the poor, helps the prisoner, bears other’s concerns, and helps sh3er in their hour of need, she said: ‘By Allah, He will never put you down’, and we call this nature.
 I recall that one of my friends traveled to Holland he watched an ad about cellular phones that showed a religious figure standing with his religious costume and a turban on his head, gleaming in his lights of faith when a woman with exposing clothes passed by him so he feasted his eyes on her beauty which caused the turban to fall off his head and he was disconnected from Allah; and although this ad was in a dissolute society that forbids nothing yet this ad came out of human nature, and though adultery is accepted in these societies yet if there were a sexual scandal they still call it scandal, so why is that? Because they have this constant human nature, Allah said:

“It is He Who has created you from a single person (Adam)”

[Surat Al Araf 7, ayah 189]

 Therefore, every human being on earth knows what is wrong is wrong, what is right is right, what is deviated is deviated, and what is hurtful is hurtful. So you are programmed and tuned up outstandingly, Allah said:

“Or do those who earn evil deeds think that We shall hold them equal with those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds”

[Surat Al Jathia 45, ayah 21]

 Human nature won’t accept that because it sees the well-doer as a good person that deserves rewarding, and the evil-doer as bad person that deserves punishing.
 When a problem happens, people of different backgrounds, and because of their nature, make sure that the evil-doer is punished and that the well-doer is saved.
 By Allah dear brother, human nature is a very deep issue, and be aware that the slightest details of Islamic laws and good deeds are implanted in your inner self.
 Here is another story of a taxi driver in America who found 10,000 dollars in a wallet which he delivered to the police after failing to find its owner, and he took a receipt from the police department for this sum of money after he gave it to the penny. some time later the governor held a celebration after inviting many high schools to honor this taxi driver.
 In a country where crimes strike everywhere, this deed is considered as a noticeable deed, so it is all about nature which sees right is right, and good is good, and righteousness never wears out, sin is never forgotten and the Dayyan (Allah the judge) will not die, so do whatever and you will be held accountable for it.
 In your nature you are programmed to be righteous oriented, charity oriented, honesty oriented, chastity oriented, and patience oriented, so when you commit anything in accordance with your nature you will be at ease.

Efforts of obedience blossom in happiness:

 When a believer’s moves are in harmony with his nature, he obtains the ultimate comfort.
 Exactly like a shop owner who works 12 hours a day nonstop, loading products, unloading products, and going through all the financial issues, yet he is at the peak of happiness because he is, with all these efforts, in harmony with the purpose of establishing his shop which is ‘profit”.
 But when the market is stagnant, and the owner is just sitting drinking coffee, tea, then reading a magazine or a newspaper, you find him in this case bent out of shape.
 Dear brother, the important point here is that you are programmed to obey Allah, so if you did, though you get tired like when you wake up to pray Fajr or lower your gaze or watch your mouth or spend your money on the poor, you are at the top of happiness, but be aware that if you feel comfortable when you stop praying or feast your eyes on women or commit any improper act then you should know that you hit rock bottom of misery.
 Hence, dear brother, again this is an important issue, when you are in harmony with your purpose you are the happiest person, and that is why we call the act of any human’s repentance “he reconciled with his nature”
 I told you before about this person who traveled to a western country and checked in a hotel where there was a note beside the bed that says: “If you are not able to sleep it is not because of our beds as they are comfortable, but it is because of your many sins”
 Also there is a case called “self destruction” which occurs when someone commits what he shouldn’t; even if no one knows about his sin he is still in depression which is considered as the punishment of human nature.
 Suppose a man who is walking and on his way he found a high voltage power line and there is a sign that says: “Don’t approach, danger of death”, so if he approaches, who will punish him? No one, actually the power will punish him, not a policeman, or a citation ticket but the electric power will, because if he comes as close as 8 meters to it, he will be carbonized.
When you visualize things wrongly, no one will punish you except your own self as you will be depressed and bored, and if we look around we will see that most of people’s sufferings are nothing but the outcome of their sins, like if someone has an illegal relationship with a woman, and remember the saying in this case: “One hour of unlawful pleasures results in everlasting sorrow”
 An honorable friend told me once: “I committed a sin that I can’t forget for 23 years and I visualize it over and over as if the sin is punishing me”
 Therefore backsliding is self-punishing for any human being.

Faith is morals:

 I want to say through this introduction that the gist of the religion is all about morals, and faith is morals and whoever excels in morals more than you do then he excels in faith too.
 The Prophet PBUH was the best among preachers and scholars, and he was a judge, he was eloquent, a leader, and a commander, but despite all that, when Allah wanted to compliment him, what did He say?
 Allah the Almighty said:

“And verily, you (O Muhammad) are on an exalted standard of character”

[Surat Al Kalam 68, ayah 4]

 He was made of high morality like being disciplined, committed, and sublimed.
 Beware of comprehending Islam as ritual acts only, it is about morals, righteousness, discipline, piety, mercy, tolerance, and forgiveness, therefore it is about morals, and whoever excels morals more than you do then he excels in faith too, and you should remember that you are under a test in this life in order to be ethical so you can deserve paradise, or else all your acts of worship are worthless.
 Dear brother, you all know that there is an expression that is commonly used in famous Ahadith which is “Laisa Minna” (not one of us who) and this is considered as the severest kinds of threats which means you are not one of us as Muslims which is really frightening:
 Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet PBUH passed by a man who is selling food, so he asked him: “How do you sell?”, so the man told him but the Prophet had an inspiration to slip his hand in the goods and so he did, and he found out that it was wet (as a kind of decption by increasing its weight by adding water) so the Prophet PBUH said:

((Whosoever deceives us is not one of us))

[Abu Dawood]

 There is no point in his praying, fasting, performing Haj, or paying Zakaht:

((Whosever despoils or steals is not one of us))

 You’ve got to know that there are certain things that could cast you out of Muslim’s Mella (nation)
 Jubair Bin Mut’em narrated that the Prophet PBUH said:

((The person who proclaims the cause of tribal partisanship is not one of us; the person who fights for the cause of tribal partisanship is not one of us; and the one who dies in the cause of tribal partisanship is not one of us))

[Abu Dawood]

 If you track down all the Ahadith that starts with “Laisa Minna” (not one of us who), you will be surprised as it holds the severest kinds of threatening, Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet PBUH said:

((Anyone who inauthors a woman against her husband or a slave against his master is not one of us))

[Abu Dawood]

 ‘To break the relationship between husband and wife, between two brother, between a mother and son, between a father and son, or between two sisters, singles you out of Muslim’s league’, and I hope that you track down all the Ahadith that starts with ‘Lisa Minna”
 Abduallah may Allah be pleased with him said: “The Prophet PBUH said:

((He who slaps his cheeks, tears his clothes and follows the ways and traditions of the Days of Ignorance is not one of us))


 Amr Bin Shuaib narrated from his father and grandfather that the Prophet PBUH said:

((He is not one of us who imitates other than us))


 Therefore dear brother it comes down to morals, Abu Huraira said that the Prophet PBUH said:

((Many are the ones who fast, attaining nothing but hunger and thirst, and many are the ones performing salah (prayers ) by night attaining nothing by it except the discomfort of staying awake at night))

[Ibn Majah]

 Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with him said: The Prophet PBUH said:

((He who does not give up false speech and evil actions, Allah doesn't need his refraining from food and drink))

[Bukhari, Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Ahmad]

 And he who performs Haj with unlawful money and puts his leg in the stirrup and says: O my Lord, Here I am at Your service, Here I am, Allah will say back: You are not welcomed nor is your Haj accepted.

"Say:"Spend (in Allah's Cause) willingly or unwillingly, it will not be accepted from you. Verily, you are ever a people who are Fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah)."

[Surat Al Taubah 9, ayah 53]

 I hope that we are clear about the fact that faith is morals in its gist.
 Muslims nowadays are more than 1.5 Billions yet they don’t have the upper hand nor do they control their matters and they are overpowered by their enemies in thousands of ways, so where are all Allah’s promises to them? Where can we find the application of Allah’s following words?:

“And that Our hosts, they verily would be the victors.”

[Surat Assaffat 37, ayah 173]


“Verily, We will indeed make victorious Our Messengers and those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism) in this world's life and on the Day when the witnesses will stand forth, (i.e. Day of Resurrection)”

[Surat Ghafer 40, ayah 51]


“And (as for) the believers it was incumbent upon Us to help (them)”

[Surat Ar-rum 30, ayah 57]


"Allah has promised those among you who believe, and do righteous good deeds, that He will certainly grant them succession to (the present rulers) in the earth, as He granted it to those before them, and that He will grant them the authority to practise their religion, that which He has chosen for them (i.e. Islam). And He will surely give them in exchange a safe security after their fear (provided)”

[Surat An-Nur 24, ayah 55]

Morals are in harmony with human nature:

 Pay attention dear brother, Islam is built on five pillars, however, those are only pillars and not the whole of Islam as Islam is a moral structure that is 100% in harmony with human nature
Any divine order or ban is primarily installed in your nature so the minute you obey Allah, you feel an unimaginable ease as if a mountain-like burden is taken off your shoulders.
 When your income is lawful, you are at ease, when you give advice to your fellow Muslims you are at ease, when a doctor is honest with his patients, when a lawyer is honest, when an architect is honest, when a teacher is honest, when the merchant is honest, when the worker is accurate at his work, and when the employee is helpful, that is how a believer should be and by Allah if our society was as it should be, we would live in a real paradise.
Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet PBUH said:

((When your rulers will be the best men, and your rich men will be philanthropic amongst you, and your affairs will be done with consultation among yourselves, then your living on the surface of the earth will be better for you than its bottom. And when your rulers will be the worst of you and your rich men will be the misers among you, and your affairs will be in the hands of your women, then the bottom of the world will be better for you than its surface.))


 Your religion of Islam is in harmony with your nature 100% and whether you obey Allah or follow your nature’s rules, the result will be the same as you will feel happiness, serenity, gleaming, and appealing; for the believer listens to the sound of his nature, and the best description to compliment Islam is that it is the religion of human nature.
 When Allah created man and woman, why did he create them male and female? It was for mating, thus, every method which prohibits marriage is against nature, Allah said:

“But the Monasticism which they invented for themselves, We did not prescribe for them, but (they sought it) only to please Allah therewith, but that they did not observe it with the right observance”

[Surat Al Hadid 57, ayah 27]

 That is because they went against their nature and didn’t observe it with the right observance.

 Sometimes you observe unbelievable scandals which is something they invented but has never been prescribed for them and because it is against their nature they didn’t observe it with the right observance.
 Hence when a noble companion who was amongst the closest to Allah stopped sleeping with his wife, she came in her worn-out clothes to Aisha and complained in regard of that, so the latter asked her about her condition and she answered that her husband is all night praying and all day fasting (indicating in a polite way that he is not sleeping with her) so the Prophet PBUH called for him and said:

((Don’t you want to follow my tradition? I fast, pray and also have intimate relations with my wife, and this is my tradition, so fulfill your body needs, your wife’s needs, your guests’ needs and give whoever has a right his right))

 And it seems that he carried out the Prophet’s words PBUH and fulfilled his wife’s needs so the latter came the next day to Aisha shining and smelling nice so Aisha asked her: what has happened to you? She answered: We got what people usually got (Politely indicating that she slept with her husband)

Islam is a religion of nature:

 Our religion is in harmony with human nature, and when someone refuses to get married it is considered as an act that is against his nature, the same as someone who refuses to work, once the Prophet PBUH held a companion’s rough hand and said:

((This hand is loved by Allah and His messenger))

 Religion supports starting a family, supports working, and supports being tidy, clean and elegance, the Prophet PBUH said

((You are going to visit your brother, so repair your saddles and make sure that you are dressed well, so that you will stand out among people like an adornment))

[Abu Dawood and Ahmad by Abu Darda’a]

 Anything you love is permissible in your religion and anything you hate is prohibited in your religion, better yet, Allah called good deeds as Maroof (known), why is that?
 Because human nature basically knows it without any explanation, and why are the bad deeds called Munkar (unknown)? Because human nature basically refuses them, hence, Maroof is nature oriented matter.

 If one is good to his parents he will be respected whether he is living in an Islamic society or in an atheist, liberal, and loose society because such act is one of the human nature’s merits.
  You can spot the good nature even if you travel to a distant country. Once an honorable brother told me that he arrived at the airport with no change in his pocket and he needed a cart for his suitcases, so a woman, out of her good nature, paid for him, so good is implanted in human nature and be aware that you will be in an unimaginable ease when you perform a good deed.
Another brother swore to me that he saw a woman in the street holding a boy and crying and her husband was standing next to her, so he stopped and asked about the reason, this incident took place during the conflict in Lebanon, so he knew that the boy’s temperature was 41 degrees and the woman who was a stranger had no idea what to do in the middle of the night, so he took them to the hospital and waited with them for 5 hours till the treatment of the boy was completed, and he bought the prescription from an on call Pharmacy then went back to the hospital to give the boy the shots, he said that after this act he felt an ultimate happiness as if he was living in paradise.
 Another brother who happens to be a dentist, was visited by a patient with teeth that needed bracing and they affected her image as a teacher especially when she smiles which causes her embarrassment, but when she knew how much fixing them would cost, she excused herself out and was about to leave but he offered to fix them as a gift, and he told me that it took him six months to repair them but he felt like he was in the ultimate happiness.
 Therefore, your happiness is your hand made, and you own it by serving people and by being honest, trustful, chaste, tolerant, forgiver, and charitable, and be aware that when you donate your time and effort you will be the happiest person.

 Once I read an article in the Arabic version of “Readers Digest”, a respectful and worldwide magazine that I used to love, this article finished on the first page, and it was nothing but a blank page with a wisdom of four words in it, I swear to you that this wisdom is carved in my bones, so what was it?
 The wisdom says: “If you want to be happy, then bring happiness to sh3er.Feed a cat, try to bring joy to a kid, try to feed the hungry, and try to show the way to the lost and you will feel unimaginable comfort”
 Your religion is in harmony with your nature, and all the happiness and serenity comes from good deeds which sublimes you in the sight of Allah.
 What I want from this nice meeting is to show that the details of the divine method are in harmony with your nature, as you love being honest, trustful, merciful, and just.
 If one’s wife is pious yet her in laws are against her but the husband stands by her side, it is considered a good deed, yet another one may concur with his parents to please them and divorce his wife, in this case he will feel like a criminal as she did nothing wrong and she was pious, righteous, was a faster, a prayer, and obedient to her husband and her only fault was that his parents hated her, so fairness in such cases is an act of bravery.
 Dear brother, I hope that this matter is clear enough to you that our religion is a religion of nature and when you obey Allah you will reconcile with yourself and will be the happiest man on earth.

The scientific topic: The speed of light:

1- Einstein’s theory:

 Honorable brother, Einstein, the famous physicist, put the relativity theory that has totally changed all the concepts of physics, energy, power and motion in the world.
 Depending on this theory he discovers the absolute speed in the universe which is the speed of light, and anything that catches up with light’s speed turns into light and time comes to a halt, how is that?
 When man travels at light’s speed, time comes to a halt, and when man is ahead of light’s speed then time travels backward.
 So if we were able to build a spaceship that supposedly is able to travel faster than light’s speed, we would be able to see with our own eyes the battles of Badr, Ohod, Al Khandak, Al Qadisyah, and Hitteen, but all this is virtual assumption not real.
 Therefore if we traveled at the speed of light, time would come to a halt, and if we were faster than light’s speed, time would travel backward.
 I will be fair to Einstein as he said once: “He who doesn’t see The Power in this universe that is the most powerful, the Knowledgeable that is the most knowledgeable, the Merciful that is the most merciful and the wise that is the wisest, is considered as a living dead.

2- Light speed according to Quran:

 This man was a believer in Allah by saying what he said.
 Would you imagine that this theory that changes the concepts of physics, energy, power and motion is mentioned in the Quran which is considered as a scientific miracle, Allah said:

“Verily a Day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning”

[Surat Al Haj, ayah 47]

 Arabs are addressed in the Ayah as they use the moon calendar, and they are counting the years by the moon’s year.
 The moon turns around the earth once per month, now pay attention and this is to little students who went to school and studies mathematics, the moon turns around the earth once every month and if we took the center of the earth and the center of the moon and drew a straight line between the two, this line according to architects and mathematicians is the half diameter of a circle equals to the moon orbit around the earth, and it is easy to calculate that: half diameter of earth plus half diameter of moon plus the distance between the two equals half diameter of the moon’s orbit around the earth, if we multiply that by 2, we will get the diameter of the orbit, and if we multiply that by 3.14 we will get the circumference of the orbit, and if we multiply that by 12 (the months of a year) then multiply that by 1000 years (any junior high student can do that by a calculator) we will have the distance that the moon travels in 1000 years and this number will be in kilometers.
 And as you know speed equals the distance divided by the time, isn’t that true?
 So if we divided the distance that the moon traversed in its journey around the earth in 1000 years using the recent seconds, how many hours in a day? 24.
 So we multiply 24 by 60 minutes and by 60 seconds, that means depending on how much distance the moon travels around the earth in 1000 years, equals the same distance that the light travels in one day, so if we divided this number by how many seconds the one thousand years are, we would get the speed of light which is precisely 299752.
 So the distance that the moon traverses in 1000 years equals the distance that the light traverses in one day.

“Verily a Day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning”

[Surat Al Haj, ayah 47]

 Therefore this huge theory is mentioned in one Ayah in the Quran, and this topic was lectured in the fifth conference of scientific miracles of the Holy Quran that was held in Moscow and I have the origin of this topic with me and I hope that Allah the Almighty shows us the values of His Quran as it is the Straight Way.

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