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Islamic Ideology - Names of Allâh 2008 : The Beautiful 2
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

Among Allah's Attributes: ( The Beautiful):

1- Allah by this attribute(The Beautiful) reveals upon some of His creatures:

O respectable brother, still we're explaining this attribute (The Beautiful), and by it Allah reveals upon some of His creatures ; and the result is stunning beauty. Whoever look at flowers, basils, and plants in general finds a wonderful world. There're also birds of stunning feathers' colors which form a source for colors' designers. This is the explanation of the fact that Allah, by the attribute (The Beautiful) reveals upon some of his creatures.

2- Allah the All-Mighty is the very source of beauty:

O brother, the Beautiful is Allah ; the All-Mighty. He is the very source of beauty, and if He bestowed upon any of His slave a touch of beauty, the creature shall hung on him. What do you think about His being the very source of beauty?
Thus, worshipping was defined as: "A willing obedience which is mixed with a heartily love, and based on certain knowledge that results in an eternal happiness.". thus, in the Islamic religion there is three elemnts,; an element of beauty, another of knowledge, and a third of behavior. Now, without exaggeration, if you open a believer's heart, you'll see a great amount of happiness in his heart which may suffice many people.
In Saheh Muslim ( an authentic book of s7adeth), reported Abu Musa:that the holy prophet-PBUH was preaching them saying:

" Verily Allah the All-Mighty doesn't sleep, And He shouldn't. He, all the time, conducts and directs the whole world. The deeds of night are lifted to Him before the beginning of the day, and the deeds of day are lifted to Him before the beginning of the night. ( i.e. there's no delay in lifting the deeds to Allah). Light is His veil. If ever He removes this screen, the shine of His face shall burn all the creatures in the universe."

[ Narrated: Muslim ]

Allah the All-Mighty has said:

"Some faces that Day shall be Nadirah ( shining and radiant). Looking at their Lord( Allah) "


It has been mentioned in some sources that the heaven's inhabitants do really lose their conscious for 50 thousand year due to the feeling of ecstasy when they look at Allah's face.

3- Why does a person disobey his Lord for the sake of a worldly beauty?

What should be clear is that whenever a human being doesn't realize the truth of Allah, the All-Mighty, and His attributes, he oppresses himself and deserves curse and is taken away from Allah. So, a person should not disobey Allah for the sake of the beauty of a woman, a palace, a site, or a vehicle.

"If only, those who do wrong could see, when they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is Severe in punishment."

"If only, those who do wrong could see, when they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is Severe in punishment."


The word( power) here in this verse is very wide and comprehensive. There're the power of beauty, the power of knowledge, and the power of money. An owner of each of which is a powerful one. Still, those who disobeyed their Lord, and lost their after life for the sake of the beauty of any creature ; would have been aligned to Allah, the real source of beauty if only they realized that any worldly beauty is a tiny unrecognizable touch of the real beauty of Allah, the All- Mighty.

4- Allah's revelation upon believers is such a great happiness, even if they lose the worldly pleasures:

There're some people who imagine that a believer 's missed the worldly pleasures. They also think that a believer, being rightly guided, has prevented himself from many things, although the contrary is the truth. The truth is that Allah reveals upon the believer's heart. You may call this revelation mercy or tranquility. but, you must know that this revelation pleases that believer,even if he loses every thing. Furthermore, a believer is very miserable if he loses it, even if he owns ever thing. Is it possible that the one who exists at the tummy of the wheal is a holy prophet supplicating his Lord saying:

" But he cried through the darkness (saying): La Ilaha illa anta [ none ha the right to be worshipped but You ( O Allah) ] , Glorified and (Exalted ) be you [ above all that evil they associate with You]! Truly, I have been of the wrong doers."

[ Al-Anbiya': 87]

No sooner has he supplicated to his Lord, that Allah has reveals upon him and saved him. another narration asserts this concepts is the holy prophet Mohammed –PBUH- was in his best when he was at Gar Thawr ( the cave of Thawr). Moreover, Allah has revealed upon the holy prophet Ibrahim –PBUH- when he was thrown at the fire. This thrown happiness in the believer's heart exceeds the possession of the whole world, and if ever anyone lost it, he became miserable.

5- Astray wealthy persons are really miserable even if they possess the whole world:

There's a kind of emptiness in a human's heart which can't be filled by money, or any tangible materialistic thing. it's true that wealthy people lead a very sophisticated and extravagance life, and every single specific detail in their life is truly elaborate; still, they're the most miserable people in this world. This is because they 're away from Allah- the All-Mighty, and they got astray. It's just that you have to believe that the real and full happiness is caused by the real close relationship to Allah. i.e. the complete obedience to Allah results in true happiness.

" Verily, in the rememberance of Allah do hearts find rest."


And the true misery is resulted due to being away from Allah

"But whosever turns away from My Reminder( i.e. neither believers in this Qura'n nor acts on his teachings) verily, for him is a life of hardship, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection. He will say: " O my Lord! Why have you raised me up blind, while I had sight ( before. (Allah ) will say: Like this: Our Ayat( proofs, evidences, Verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) came unto you, but you disregarded them ( i.e. you left them didn't think deeply in them, and you turned away from them ), and so this Day, you will be neglected ( In the Hell –fire, away from Allah's Mercy.)"


Thus, the absolute happiness is caused due to the close connection to Allah, the very source of beauty; knowing that beauty is very essential in our life.

"But whosever turns away from My Reminder( i.e. neither believers in this Qura'n nor acts on his teachings) verily, for him is a life of hardship"

A scholar was asked: Why do wealthy people live in real misery? His answer was: their misery isn't resulted from the lack of money, rather it's resulted from the strait heart."
Hence, when Allah- the All-Mighty reveals upon the believer's heart by His attribute ( The Beautiful), the believer feels as if he's living in a heaven. That's why it's been said:"In this worldly life there's a heaven. Whoever doesn't enter this worldly heaven, will never enter the afterlife heaven.". another saying is:" O poor are they the people of this worldly life who came to life then passed away without even feeling the best of it."
When you notice many people gathering at a night club, do ask yourself a question: Why? What does this place contain? A dancer, a singer, food…etc. they just believed that their happiness exists in it. If only they knew the true happiness of being closely connected to Allah, they'd have experienced the real happiness. Moreover, they'd have disgraced their deeds and disdained themselves.

" Light is His veil. If ever He removes this screen, the shine of His face shall burn all the creatures in the universe."

The real acknowledge to Allah prevents any worldly misery:

O brother, it's said that: the entity was covered by the attributes, and the attributes were covered by deeds. What about the beauty that was covered by the attributes of perfection and the features of sublimity and majesty. You're dealing with Allah, with a perfect entity, with the powerful, the Beautiful, the Rich, the Mighty, the Merciful, the Kind.
O brother, believe me that it's really impossible to be in misery if you truly acknowledge Allah. they could never overlap. Still, I don't say that a believer, being closely connected to Allah, is living a soft, and smooth life. He may live in ease, he may have difficult life circumstances. He, also, may be poor, or ill. All of this really happens, but,still, he experiences a true happiness due to his connection to Allah.

6- Allah's beauty and perfection is absolute:

We may happen to encounter a grand scholar; a university professor for instance; still, he may deal with his students badly by treating them toughly, and testing them difficultly. Therefore, students respect his knowledge, but they don't like him. The opposite is true. You may love someone dearly, but you don't appreciate his knowledge. These two examples exist in our daily life. The point here is that if you happen to head to Allah( i.e. to be fully obedient to Allah), you'll adore and love Him as much as you will glorify Him. As much as you'll be amazed by His perfection and His beauty, He will support you back by as much mercy. A holy verse explains this content:

" Whatsoever is on it ( the earth) will perish. And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour will remain forever."


Anything may be perfect but not great, or it may be great but not perfect. however, Allah-the All-Mighty – has said in another holy verse:

" Blessed be the Name of your Lord( Allah), the Owner of Majesty and Honour."


The conclusion of this point is that if you happen to reach to Allah, you reach every thing.
Allah has said in the Authentic holy s7adeth:

" O son of Adam, Do supplicate to Me, and you'll find Me. Once you found Me, you found every thing. But, if you missed Me, you missed every thing. still, you should know know that I Am more lovable to you than everything."

The worldly happiness is undeveloped and not continuous:

When a human being, he who's been created to have infinite ambition, chooses a limited goal in his life, his ambition could not be totally satisfied but by the real knowledge of Allah. Thus, if a person pick up an earthy goal; say money, and he works hard to earn as much money as he could, believing that money is every thing in this world, till he becomes a wealthy person. In the very moment when he is about to leave this world, he will discover the bitter truth. He will realize that money is only one thing it could, by no means, be everything. The same thing is said about any other earthy goal in this world like women for instance.
O, glory to Allah! there's no such a tangible thing in this world that could support a human being with a continual and increasing happiness, rather it causes decreasing happiness. The proof of this could be clearly illustrated in this example, let's say a person may buy a gorgeous house, in a month it will become just as any other house. A person, also, may buy a luxuries car. Some time later he'll get used to it and it'll become just as any other car. So, every manifestation of materialistic beauty around the human being does fade away gradually. Moreover, a person's deep interest in these thing is weakened by time. But his interest increases if only he aspires to acquire a real knowledge to Allah. it's just because the human being is originally created with an unlimited aspiration and ambition connected to the knowledge of Allah. Therefore, any other interest in this world, if ever connected to a materialistic earthly thing, eventually vanishes. Moreover, whenever you achieve your worldly goal you feel bored. This fact is clearly shown when we have a deep insight of the very successful persons in this world, who,after achieving their great success, feel bored because they just get used to being successful. Whilst if they choose to acquire a real knowledge to Allah, The perfect entity, they'll experience the continual youth. I assure you that a believer experiences the continuous youth. This is due to one simple reason, he's chosen a goal that exceeds his total abilities. Hence, he's walking on the road of happiness. Thus, the believer doesn't get old, he is in a continuous youth. A story illustrates this fact, there was a Syrian scholar in Damascus aged 96 years. He was of an upright built, his sight and hearing senses were sharp and very normal, he hasn't lost any of his teeth. As if he was a youth. People used to inquire about the reason of this unfamiliar youth, and he used to answer them simply: " O son, we've just preserved our senses( i.e. hadn't used them in any illegal activity regarding our religion) when we were young; that's why, Allah has preserved it upon us when we got old. He who lives in piety, shall live a healthy life."

7- A Muslim should have a tangible beauty:

O brother, the exact point here is What shall be the situation of a Muslim person towards this attribute of Allah ? A Muslim should have a touch of beauty in every thing, in his clothes, house, business office. we don't mean by the word beauty the extravagance, rather it's a very simple touch of beauty shown in the coherent color choice, the nice arrangement of pieces. Why do we see the dazzling beauty in the Western world, when they are totally away from Allah? On the contrary we see negligence and inharmonic in our Islamic world. We should work on this side in order to fix it. A holy companion of the holy prophet-PBUH- said: We were sitting with the holy prophet-PBUH- when he told us:

" You're about to reach the places of your brother ( to be back home), so do fix your appearances and arrange your luggage so that when you are among people you'll appear as if you're a mole. As Allah, the All-Mighty- doesn't like obscenity nor behaving in obscenity."

[ narrated Ahmed]

So, a believer is a clean person, who has a sophisticated sense in his life. his sophisticated sense attracts people. whereas if he neglects his appearance, his vehicle, his home, or his business location, people shall escape from him. When you enter a business place referring to a believer owner, you notice cleanness, well arrangement and simple order. but, sometimes you see the contrary, a person whose working place is a great chaos, dust and negligence, which causes the people's getting away from him.
Once, I've been to a country, where I walked a long distance. I had seen the green areas, well organized roads, signs …etc every thing was beautiful. Indeed a human being urgently needs beauty. It's just the very true nature of human to seek the beauty. Thus, if he nurture this need by getting truly related to the entire source of beauty, Allah, he experience the real happiness of this worldly life.

" Verily, Allah is Beautiful, and He loves beauty."

[ Narrated Muslim, Reported Ibn Mas'ood]

Why don't we take care of this side in our lives? Why don't we assure the cleanness and the tidiness of our Mosques, houses. If we do so, we'll attract people to our religion ; provided that it's an essential part of our religion to attract people to Islam. The holy prophet-PBUH- was very clean, he was always wearing perfume, and he was always well-dressed. I've entered once a very simple and humble house where you couldn't find any error regarding its beauty and tidiness.

8- Supplicating by the attribute ( The Beautiful):

Thus, respectable brother, we can supplicate to Allah by using thin attribute of Him. Hasn't He said:

"And (all), the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them."


Moreover, it was narrated that the holy prophet-PBUH – supplicated to Allah using this attribute; Ata' Bin As-Sa'eb reported that his father told him: " Ammar bin Yaser has once been our Iman ( in Salat) and he briefed the prayer( didn't take along time in praying). so, some of the people told him: you've summarized the prayer, he replied: I've just said a prayed I've heard the holy prophet saying it. when he was asked what was the prayer he uttered he said:

" O Lord by Your knowledge of the unseen, and by Your ability to creation, Do give me life ( keep me alive) if ever you know that my life is better to me ; and let me die if ever You know that death is better to me. O Lord I supplicate You to endow upon me to awe you in the absence and the present. I supplicate You to endow upon me telling truth in content and anger. I supplicate You to endow upon me to have economy in both wealth and poverty. I supplicate You to endow upon me an eternal bliss and continuous happiness. I supplicate You to endow upon me content after Qada( the belief in fatalism). I supplicate You to endow upon me a comfort living after death. I supplicate You to endow upon me the pleasure of looking at Your Face, Longing for You not in a hurtful circumstances, neither in an astray-some riot. O lord do beautify us by the beauty of belief, and do guide us and support us to guide sh3er to Your religion."

[ narrated Nasa'e & Ahmed]

Another Dua'a of the holy prophet-PBUH-:

" O Allah do enrich me by knowledge, do embellish me by forbearing, beautify me by piety, and honor me by good health."

[ Al-Jame' Sageer, reported Ibn Omer, with a weak bond]

Thus, we can't get away from the truth that the need for beauty is urge in human beings. If he fulfills it according to the guidance of Allah, he'll be happy. Otherwise, he'll live in misery.

This is not the meant beauty:

You feel really disturbed and hurt when you see non Islamic countries do care a lot about the beauty side of every thing; while Islamic countries neglect this side. In Islamic countries you may see chaos, hurtful scenes; while in non Islamic countries you remark tidiness, cleanness nearly in every side of life. Does beauty relate only to these societies? Of course no. Islam is beautiful in itself, Allah is Beautiful and He loves beauty. But, Glory to Allah! Sometimes people understand this matter in deviation; I mean regarding woman's beauty, they keep saying:

" Verily, Allah is Beautiful, and He loves beauty."

So, they take this holy Hadeeth as an excuse to feel free at gazing to women ( other women that their wives, sisters, aunts, or msh3er). This meaning, is not included in the Hadeeth. This is totally wrong.

The sensuous, moral and ethical significations of beauty:

Beauty has infinite significations regarding ethical and sensuous aspects. There're many ethical situations such as the situation of loyalty, mercy, humbleness, forgiveness, justice,…etc. Beauty is a vast terminology ; for instance, a person could be strong and powerful, still he is humble. Another one maybe wealthy, and at the same time generous. Another example is for a clever person who surpasses his mates in his knowledge, still they love him. The least manifestation of beauty is the sensuous beauty, but the the canon of beauty has been widened to include nearly every thing. For example, a polite word is among beauty; moreover, politeness is an art. Some one may say: O I'm covered with troubles ; while a polite person may express a similar situation by saying:
I've been afflicted by disasters, as if I'm covered with a veil of arrows. Hence, whenever a new arrow hits me, it shall be broken against a previous one.
This is a great politeness. also, the beautiful movement is a svelte ,the beautiful voice is a melody,…etc. Therefore, beauty does exits in many aspects of our daily life, and it's demanded rather than being permitted in many aspects.
When one of the holy companions of the holy prophet- PBUH- saw ( in a dream ) the steps and statements of Athan ( the call for prayers), he told the dream to the holy prophet-PBUH. The holy prophet-PBUH told him:

" O do go with Bilal and tell him what you've seen in dream in order to call for prayers, as his voice is really sweeter than yours."

[Narrated Termethy & Abu Dawood]

I hope we have a touch of beauty in our lives, as we are Muslims. Moreover, we could by no means compare a Muslim whose house is disturbed and is not well organized and a non Muslim whose house is elegant and desirable. Provided that, whenever I mention beauty I don't mean money. You may be the poorest one ever, still you have this touch of beauty in your surrounding. Sometimes, a person lives in a house which is not painted. Indeed the scene of cement is harmful. What if he paints the house using a cheap light color? It won't cost much; still, it'll cause him relief and comfort. Among the recent scientific studies, the science of colors is related to the human behavior. In the Western world, people used to commit suicide at a certain place, but when it was painted in green,the percentage of suicide decreased.
Allah is Indeed Beautiful, take a look at the blue sky, the green fields with the very comforting colors. Look at the birds, the butterflies, and the fruit.
Allah's has revealed by His attribute ( the Beautiful ) upon these things, creatures, and places, and thus they become very beautiful. The important point here is your life should be beautiful. You should apply beauty at your house, business office, clothes, and vehicle. Moreover, cleanness is a source of beauty. The same is said about gentle speech and colors harmony.
Our master Omar –may Allah be pleased with him- if ever, he passed by a group of people lightens fire, he used to greet them saying: O As-Salam Alikum dwellers of light, not dwellers of fire. There're many subtle phrases in language you can use with politeness.
A women went to our master Omar to complain about her husband. She was so devastated of her husband attitude who was totally neglecting her. She said: O believer's Amir, my husband is always fasting the days and praying late at nights! Our master Omer didn't get the message, so he replied: May Allah bless your husband. Our master Ali, who was attendant, said: No, this isn't the case. she's complaining about her husband. now concentrate in the politeness of the Muslim woman who complains about her husband's neglect in a very polite way. I,strongly, refuse the expression: If you want to inquire about any regulation or direction regarding religion, you never have to care about the way you ask it. Rather, the religion is politeness, and if you want to inquest about anything, you should choose the appropriate and polite words in your inquest.

" And those who guard their chastity ( i.e. private part from illegal sexual acts). Except from their wives or the ( women slaves) whom their right hands possess—for ( then) they are not blameworthy. But whosever seeks beyond that "


Every kind of sexual deviation is included in this holy verse

"But whosever seeks beyond that, then it's those who are trespassers.


Thus, the chosen word should be beautiful, as well as a Muslim's clothes,, house, business place. He should move smoothly and in a beautiful way. That's the real interpretation for the holy s7adeth:

" Verily, Allah is the Beautiful, and He loves beauty"

A conclusion:

I hope beauty will become an essential part of our life. It's said: the beauty is in simplicity. you may see a car full of decorations and ornaments, this is offensive, do let it with it's simplicity. We need beauty because our life is full of blood, killing, destruction and oppression.

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