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E books-Islamic Fiqh:05- Ramadan Fatwas
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

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Every Muslim should learn about the Quran and prophetic sunna as Allah determins halal and haram and the prophet delivers the message. 

Fatwa is the legal ruling which is determined by Allah.

This book includes Questions and rulings concrening fasting.

Table of contents:

Fatwa (01): Is it permissible for women to have some medication to delay menstraution in Ramadan? Read more

Fatwa (02): Is it permissible to preganant women to leave fasting in Ramadan?Read more

Fatwa (03): Can a breastfeeding mother leave fasting in Ramadan? Read more

Fatwa (04): Fasting in countries where the day is very long Read more

fatwa (05) :Breaking the fast in case of travel Read more

fatwa (06) Using toothpaste while fasting Read more

fatwa (07):Ranks of fasting Read more

fatwa (08):What to do in case of not compensating the days of Ramadan in which one broke his/her fast? Read more

fatwa (09):Compensatory fasting or fasting six days of Shawwal Read more

fatwa (10): Pregnant women and fasting Read more

fatwa (11) : Using nasal and eye drops while fasting Read more

fatwa (12): Diuretic injection while fasting Read more

fatwa (13): Time and rulings of Eid prayer Read more

fatwa (14): Sunan of Eid Al-Fitr Read more

fatwa (15): Fasting six days of Shawwal Read more


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