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fatawa about Hajj (6): Is it true that full purity is a condition of tawaf ?
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

Two years ago, I went for Hajj but I got my period in the beginning of manasik. I completed hajj as I thought purity is only a condition of tawaf ifada (last circumambulation of Ka’bah before leaving Mecca). However, it was time to leave before I finished my period. I was advised to take a bath, go into the Sacred mosque, perform tawaf, and leave immediately. I did that. Is it right?
This is not right as purity is a condition and it is too late to ask this question now as you should have asked before doing that. Only Imam Malik approves that a woman who is in her period and cannot stay till she is clean of it can make tawaf. May Allah accept your worship.

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