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Books- Allah is the Greatest- Paragraph (03-25): From the limits of oneself to the whole universe
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

 Ritual acts of worship, including Hajj, are means to make a connection between man, the mortal, limited, small creature and the Origin which is eternal, immortal, absolute, and that caused the existence of everything. When man goes from the limits of his small self to the vastness of the huge universe, from the limits of his little power, to the greatness of the universal energy, from the limits of his short life p, to the eternity known only by Allah, this connection can only be made if man adheres to the method of worshipping between himself and Allah, and the moral and practical method between himself and sh3er.
 This connection is the essence of religion. Salah (prayer), for example, is the pillar of religion,whoever enforces it, has indeed established his religion, and whoever leaves it, he has knocked down his religion.
 One of the fruits of this connection is that it purifies man from the factors of his deterioration and misery "salah is purification" and it enlightens the heart of man with a higher light showing him the truth of things so that he would not be deceived by their appearances "salah is a light". It also gives man happiness that stems from himself. The one who is connected to Allah has a pure self and enlightened view. He is full of happiness that cannot be taken away from him neither by shining gold, nor by severe whips.
 This connection has various degrees in terms of quality, quantity, and period, from one act of worship to another.
  In prayers, man gets a spiritual charge that purifies and enlightens him, and gives him happiness until the next prayer.
 The Friday prayer and sermon should give a bigger and longer charge that would last to the next Friday.
 As for the fasting, Allah ordered us to fast for thirty days leaving our food and drinks to give us a spiritual charge that would last for a full year.
  Hajj is an act of worship that is performed once in a lifetime. It is a set of ritualistic, financial and bodily acts of worship, that are performed at designated times and places. Thus, it needs total dedication and detachment from worldly inclinations such as homeland, family, children, and work and full detachment from all the veils and masks that keep oneself away from his Creator.
  The pilgrim has to take off the clothes that express his worldly life in one way or another. He also has to keep away from most permissible things that pull him to the worldly life.. This is to give the believer in Hajj a great spiritual charge, to make him adhere to Allah's Method, seek His content and work to the Last Day until he meets his Lord.

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