Radio Sermon: Impact of a good Example

Radio Sermon (03): Impact of a good Example

-The universe is a seen book
- The impact of good example
- The messenger is the good example for us

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Radio Sermon: Sustenance

Radio Sermon (05): Sustenance

-Types of people in earning money
- Islam urges people to seek legal money
- Work is the way for earning money

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Radio Sermon: The trust

Radio Sermon (06): The trust

-The meaning of trust
- The heavens and earth refused to bear the trust
- Prerequisites of obligation

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Radio Sermon: The Night Journey and Ascension

Radio Sermon (07): The Night Journey and Ascension

- The prophet's Night Journey and Ascention
- Lesssons taken from Night Journey and Ascention
- Prayer and its prupose and fruitss

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Radio Sermon: Repentance

Radio Sermon (8): Repentance

- Results of performing acts of worship as required
- Repentance and the month of Ramadan
- Repentance and good deeds are essential for psychological health

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Radio Sermon: Migration

Radio Sermon (9): Migration

- The prophet's Migration as a start of Islamic history
- Lessons taken from the Prhophet's migraion
- The reality of dependin on Allah

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Radio Sermon(10): Knowledge

- Man's purpose in life

- What is knowledge?

- The value of knowledge

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The Noble Quran

Radio sermons (12): The Noble Quran

- Man's need to the Quran

- Allah testifies that He sent the Quran

- How can a Quran reciter go astray

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Radio Sermon: Piety

Radio Sermon (15): Piety

- Imporatance of piety

- Effective ways to be pious

- Allah's rewards to the pious

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Zakat ( Alms giving )

Radio Sermon (16): Zakat ( Alms giving )

- Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam

- Importance of zakat for the rich, the poor, money, and society

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