Doing good to parents

Friday Sermon (163): Doing good to parents- s2- Breast feeding

- Being good and dutiful to parents is combined with worshipping Allah Alone in the Holy Quran
- Our duties to parents while they are alive and after their death
- Benifits of breastfeeding

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Radio Sermon: Sustenance

Radio Sermon (05): Sustenance

-Types of people in earning money
- Islam urges people to seek legal money
- Work is the way for earning money

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Radio Sermon: The trust

Radio Sermon (06): The trust

-The meaning of trust
- The heavens and earth refused to bear the trust
- Prerequisites of obligation

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He Who Recites The Noble Quran will Never be Sad

Friday Sermon (0201): He Who Recites The Noble Quran will Never be Sad. s2. White Blood Cells.

The Prophet PBUH assured us that the one who recites the Quran will never be sad, because he knows that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and he knows that he will have a good life.

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Radio Sermon: The Night Journey and Ascension

Radio Sermon (07): The Night Journey and Ascension

- The prophet's Night Journey and Ascention
- Lesssons taken from Night Journey and Ascention
- Prayer and its prupose and fruitss

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Radio Sermon: Repentance

Radio Sermon (8): Repentance

- Results of performing acts of worship as required
- Repentance and the month of Ramadan
- Repentance and good deeds are essential for psychological health

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Radio Sermon: Migration

Radio Sermon (9): Migration

- The prophet's Migration as a start of Islamic history
- Lessons taken from the Prhophet's migraion
- The reality of dependin on Allah

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Radio Sermon(10): Knowledge

- Man's purpose in life

- What is knowledge?

- The value of knowledge

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The Noble Quran

Radio sermons (12): The Noble Quran

- Man's need to the Quran

- Allah testifies that He sent the Quran

- How can a Quran reciter go astray

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Radio Sermon: Piety

Radio Sermon (15): Piety

- Imporatance of piety

- Effective ways to be pious

- Allah's rewards to the pious

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