Believing in Isharah (signs) from Allah

Miscellaneous topics- Fatawa- Aqidah- Belief in Allah - (Fatwa1): Believing in Isharah (signs) From Allah

Question: Dear Dr. Nabulsi Assalamulaiekum I want to know the concept of Ishaara by Allah in islam. This relates to the beleif that Allah gives signs of whats wrong and right to a person when asked for guidance. Please highlight this concept in detail. Jaza k Allah Answer There is a method from Allah in His Quran and in the prophetic

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How can Muslims achieve victory?

Miscellaneous topics- Fatawa- Creed- Belief in Allah: How can Muslims achieve victory?

Question:  Dear Dr. Nabulsi  How can Muslims achieve victory over their enemies while they are in this bas situation?  Thank you Answer If Muslims are disobedient to Allah and have weak faith, it is impossible that they achieve victory. However, if they have a true faith and prepare what they can against their enemies Allah will

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