The Concept of Ghiba (Backbiting)

Islamic Fiqh- Islamic Conduct- Lesson (1-6): The Concept of Ghiba (Backbiting)

- Ghiba and its danger
- Ghiba and buhtan
- Amending people's shortcomings should not be by mentioning their names
- The Islamic ruling on Ghibah

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Islamic Fiqh - Islamic conducts - Major sins - Lesson: [ 2–7 ] - Oppression

- Oppressing people is one of the major sins
- Everyone is a guardian and is responsible for what is in his custody
- Oppression will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection
- Hastening the punishment for the transgressor and the disobedient

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Severing the Relations of the Wombs

Islamic Fiqh- Islamic conducts- Lesson(3-7): Severing the Relations of the Wombs

Why is severing the bond of kinship considered a major sin?
What is the punishment of severing the bond of kinship?
Some other major sins

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