In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

First Sermon :

  Praises be to Allah , we praise Him, seek His help & guidance, we seek refugee from our soul's bad side & deeds with Him , whoever is rightfully guided by Allah, could never be misguided. & vice versa. I testify that there's no God but Allah; confirming His Divinity & compelling to any polytheist, and that Mohammed , our Prophet
( PBUH) is Allah's apostle and the master of creatures and human kind. Oh , Allah , as long as there's a life on this earth bless & reveal peace upon him ( the Prophet ) and his folks & companions & descendants and whoever follows him; till the Resurrection Day.
 Oh Allah , Teach us what is useful, and but us in the use of this knowledge and increase our knowledge, Oh Allah, Show as right as it is , Direct us to follow it , Grant us the awareness and avoidance of the injustice , Oh Allah ,Bless us as to be of those who listen carefully to a speech then follow its best , Be Merciful to us as to make us among Your good worshippers . Oh. Allah , Take us away from ignorance darkness and illusions , to the shine of knowledge and science , and from the desires stink to heavens.

An important rule in monotheism: the holy prophet knows only what Allah's :

 Oh respectable brother, the holy prophet-PBUH- doesn't know the invisible, the proof:

" Nor that I know the Ghaib( unseen)"

[ Hud:31]

" Say (O Mohammad-PBUH): I possess no power over benefit or hurt to myself except as Allah wills. If I had the knowledge of Ghaib ( unseen), I should have secured for myself an abundance of wealth."

[ Al-A'raf :188]

 Say (O Mohammad-PBUH): I possess no power over benefit or hurt to myself, this is the position of the prophets' master; but Allah – the Al-Mighty- acquainted him with what will happen in the latest time, as if he were with us, as if he were informed by Allah of what we suffer; because Allah knows what happened , and what will happen , and knows also what didn't happen if it happened how would it happen.


Prophet' sayings ( Hadeeth) about the conditions of Resurrection Day  :

1-The first Hadeeth :

 Reported Abdullah bin Omar- may Allah be pleased with them- :

"I was the tenth sitting in the Holy Mosque of the Prophet; Abu- Baker, Omar, Othman, Ali, Ibn-Masoud, Huthaifah, Ibn-Awf and Abu-Saed Al-Khudari- may Allah be pleased with them all; when a lad from Ansar greeted the holy prophet-PBUH and asked: which believer is better ? The prophet replied: who has the best manners, then he asked: which believer is wiser? The prophet replied: the most remembering of death, and the best prepared for it before its- death- come those are among wise people, then the lad kept silent , then the holy prophet-PBUH- came near to him and said: O Immigrants folks, five things if you were experienced with , and I seek Allah's refugee that you shall not experience them ; enormity( shameful sin) would not come out in a nation unless they commit it- in other narration – unless they declare it- boosting committing it- than the plague and pains that wasn't known in the time of their ancestors must spread in them; and the AIDS disease which was not known before is the plague but it appeared because of the enormity rather because of queerness and if they lessen weight and measure- this includes all kinds of cheating- they experienced dryness, severe living and ruler oppression, and if they prevented their money's alms, they're prevented from rain; and if not for brute animals they would never get rain, and if they didn't fulfill their commitment to Allah and the Holy Prophet, Allah would set their enemy up as absolute master or ruler (over) them, who will seize some of their property, milliards of dollars are transferred annually from among Muslims' property to their enemies hands; as our enemies are planning to impoverish, corrupt, deceive and humiliate us, the most correct is to exterminate us- and if Muslims' rulers didn't govern according to Allah's book- The Holy Qura'n- and choose from Allah's revelation, ; Allah would make their struggle amongst them."

[narrated: Ibn Majah]

 The Western World is always looking for reasons to harmonize, where we always look for reasons to separate, and to conflict and reasons of hatred and detest till we reach civil wars then divisions.




2-The second Hadeeth :

 Oh respectable brother, reported Abi-Thar that the holy prophet-PBUH- said:

" If time approached- we're nearer to the Resurrection day- people mostly wear coats, business is widely spread, money is much , a property owner becomes great for his property, enormity is widely spread, and lads become leaders, women are more than before, measure is cheated- women are more seen in the public places; every where, every time; every street and every market- raising a poppy becomes better than raising a child, old persons are not respected any more, young children are not shown mercy, and adultery children are increased more than before; even a man would make intercourse with a woman obviously on the road, and they wear goat's leather- diplomacy – on the wolves' hearts the best of that period of time, adulator seems tactful, clever and wise, who sells his religion for his living."

3-The third Hadeeth :

 The holy prophet-PBUH- said:

" five for five , he was asked : O Allah's apostle, what is meant by five for five? He replied: and if a nation didn't keep its commitment – the commitment to Allah- , Allah would set their enemy up as absolute master or ruler (over) them, and if they didn't rule according to Allah's revelation , they must experience spread of poverty, and if they cheat measure, they'd be prevented from plants and experienced dryness."

[ the authentic collection reported Ibn Abbas]

4-The fourth Hadeeth :

 Reported Abu-Hurairah-may Allah be pleased with him- that the holy prophet-PBUH- said:

" the resurrection day won't come till my nation imitate completely other centuries; he was asked: O Allah's apostle; you mean just like Persians and Romans, he replied : O are there other people than those? "

 Our traditions, habits, customs, houses, parties, pains, pleasures, teaching curriculum, women wears and protocols, even a five star hotel couldn't be established if they didn't serve wine in it, it's because this was revealed in the Holy Qura'n !!
 If youth there( in the Western world) patched clothes we do the same, if they wear ragged clothes we do the same, even if they enter a lizard hole we followed them there, a blind imitation; a western designer controls Muslims' women wear, they show their private and charm parts just because the design calls for that.
 So, this is among Allah's informing the holy prophet, he doesn't know the invisible ; just as I said in the beginning of this preach.


5-The fifth Hadeeth :

 Reported Abu-Hurairah, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said:

" The Resurrection Day won't come until two great parties fight each other enormously, they follow the same religion."

[ Narrated: Bukhari & Muslim]

 Each party believes in the Holy Qura'n, has mosques, the civil war in Iraq- as you watch- no. of killed people varies between 50-100 beside injuries.




6-The sixth Hadeeth:

 Reported Abu-Hurairah, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said:

" The Resurrection Day won't come until Haraj increases, they asked: O Allah's prophet what is Haraj? He replied: killing, killing… "

[ Ibn Majah]

 People die just as if they were ill-sheep, a killer doesn't know why he is killing, and the killed doesn't know why he was killed, in that time; a believer's heart shall dissolve inside him of what he sees and can't make any change, if he speaks they killed him and if he kept silent they profligate him
 By the way, in the authentic s7adeth :

" A worshipping during Haraj equals a migration to me- Allah-."

[ Narrated: Muslim reported : Ma'qal Bin Yasar]

 You gain the same reward the early companions of the holy prophet gained; when you worship Allah in the time of riot and disorder; in the time were a liar is believed and a believer is belied, the betrayer is trusted and the trustful is accused of betrayal; in the time of instructing forbidden action and refraining favor, in a time favor becomes forbidden action, and forbidden action is favor, in the time of naked women; who are damned, corrupted and caused corruption to sh3er:

" A worshipping during Haraj equals a migration to me- Allah-."

7-The seventh Hadeeth :

 That the holy prophet-PBUH- said:

" The Resurrection Day won't come until the sun rises from the west ."

[ Narrated: Abu Dawood, reported : Abu-Hurairah]

Among the Meanings of this Hadeeth:


 This s7adeth has many meanings, some of these meanings; what I am going to mention doesn't by all means delay the traditional meaning of the s7adeth: when the western world becomes the source of science, values, etiquette, civilization, diplomacy, and hotels' style , when the western world is dominant in every way as to control every thing even the western living becomes the example of living in the whole world; that time the doors of repentance are closed, because for the one who imitate the western style believes that this style is the correct one ; why should he make repentance; the Islamic religion represents underdevelopment, poverty and ignorance, whereas civilization and advanced high- life can only be received from them; so most Muslims are possessed in imitating western life –style , even if they entered a lizard hole you followed :

" the Resurrection Day doesn't come till the happiest person in this worldly life is Luka'a Bin Luka'a( i.e. a mean person) . "

[ Narrated Termethi, Reported Huthayfah]

 A drugs dealer for instance owns, houses, cars, vehicles, private planes, and his profit exceeds a 100 double from the price of a kilo of drugs in its planted place, those people who lived from people blood, weapon dealers, and those who merchandize corruption in 23 million web-sites on the net , 400 pornographical satellite channels with enormous profits, who direct these channels, who establish these websites, and who runs these night clubs and owns great fortunes and wide relations.


" the Resurrection Day doesn't come till the happiest person in this worldly life is Luka'a Bin Luka'a( i.e. a mean person) . "


[ Narrated Termethi, Reported Huthayfah]

8-The eighth Hadeeth:

 Among people's severe misery; the holy prophet PBUH- said :

" I swear Allah that the Resurrection Day won't come till a man passes by a grave and he wallows in it saying : I wish I was buried in this grave, though he's not in debt but only his misfortune."

[ Narrated Ibn Majah, Reported Abu-Hurairah]

 In other narration; :

" I swear Allah that the Resurrection Day won't come till a man passes by other man's grave saying : I wish I was in his grave."

[ Narrated Muslim & Bukhari, Reported Abu-Hurairah]

9-The ninth Hadeeth :

 Reported Anas Bin Malek ; that the holy prophet said:

" when your emirs are your best persons, and your wealthy persons are very generous, and you consult your affairs together; then the surface of earth is better ( for you) than the bottom of earth , whereas when your emirs are your worst persons, and your wealthy persons are misers, and your wives decide your affairs ; then the bottom of earth is better ( for you) than the surface of earth."

[ Narrated Turmethy, Reported Abu-Hurairah]

10-The tenth Hadeeth :

 Describing the Resurrection day conditions :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till the time approaches…."

[ Narrated Turmethy, Reported Anas Bin Malek]


 You reach the other part of this world in 17 hrs, while during the time of the holy prophet and his companions you reach from Madenah to Damascus in two months; now only 17 hrs. the duration time of your flight form a side to the other side of this earth. So, :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till the time approaches, so the year equals a month , a month equals a week, a week equals a day, the day equals an hour and the hour equals the time of litting fire ."

[ narrated : Tarmethy]


 A connection by media, and the Resurrection Day won't come but when this world inhabitants are only the worst people, who escaped from Allah, just as a camel's escape, they weigh nothing according to Allah.

" And on the Day of Resurrection, We shall assign no weight for them."



  Allah has a scornful look for those devil ones, who sell their religion for a worldly sake.


11-The eleventh Hadeeth :


 Describing the Resurrection day conditions , the holy prophet said :

" The knowledge will be removed, the ignorant will come out, wine will be drunk , adultery will be common and women will be increased."

[ Narrated, Ibn- Majah& Turmethy, Reported Anas Bin Malek]


 The natural place for woman is the house, to raise children, and look after them and her husband:

" whoever woman sat at home to raise her children; will be with me ( the holy prophet) at Paradise, I am the first one to hold Paradise door ring , when a woman is quarrelling intending to enter paradise before I do , so I asked : O Jibreel (Jabreal)who is she? He replied: she is a widowed woman with children, who refused to get married for the sake of her children."

 So, now where ever you go , in a street, or a market , or even attend a lecture most attendance are women. It's good if there were aware , and it's better if there was a legal activity , and it's far better if there was a charity; but if it was a place of committing sins and women were more than men then it's a disaster.


12-The twelfth Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till people boasting of mosques."

[ Narrated, Ibn- Majah& Dawood, Reported Anas Bin Malek]


 We praise each other by exaggerating description, non reasonable titles,

13-The thirteenth Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till the earth is full of oppression and aggression."

 Don't you watch what happens in Iraq, Palestine , Afghanistan and Lebanon during war.


14-The fourteenth Hadeeth :

"The earth is full of oppression and aggression till my brother Isa( Jesus) comes and fills the earth with justice and fair."

[ Narrated, Ibn- Majah, Reported Abdullah]

15-The fifteenth Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till the knowledge is removed, disturbances appear , laying is abundant, time approaches , and markets approach."

[ series of authentic Hadeeths]

 The first activity for people is shopping; a woman entered a mall then said: Oh my God, there are many things a man doesn't need.




16-The sixteenth Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till great sins appear, as well as misery, and the trustful is accused of disloyalty and the traitor is trusted."

[ series of authentic Hadeeths]

17-The seventeenth Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till a prostration (in prayer) becomes better than this whole world."

[ Narrated Muslim & Bukhari, Reported Abu-Hurairah]


  The holy prophet passed by a grave then said : the buried person of this grave considers a simple prayer that you scorn and belittle of value is worth your whole worldly life , you spend your life in luxurious evenings , talks, gossips , watching series , private parts, protesting, being proud ; and whoever assembles talking without mentioning Allah in their talks( glorifying Him) they shall separated from a worst than a dead donkey stink.

18-The eighteenth Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till no one shall say : There's no God But Allah."

[ Narrated Muslim, Reported Anas Bin Malek]

 In other Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till on the whole earth no one will say : There's no God But Allah."

[ Narrated Muslim, Reported Anas Bin Malek]

Unfortunately, this is the reality

 I attend a conference about family , I swear Allah , there were many psychologists and social sciences from the Arab world, in the first day , there were 8 lectures and 4 on the second day ; yet no one ever mentioned the word" Islam" nor the Name of Allah, neither the religion , the issue if religion was put aside deliberately; though the family issue is firmly stuck to Islamic religion , holy verses and Hadeeths about family are countless; containing directions to wives, husbands, psychology , social science; yet we import science and knowledge from an atheist, profligate world.
 For instance; a psychologist may advise a young man to have a girl friend ( beside his wife of course) that's what he learned there. So,

" The Resurrection Day won't come till on the whole earth no one will say : There's no God But Allah."

 Thus, in every meeting, assembly, research or workshop the issue of religion is excluded.



19-The nineteenth Hadeeth :



" The Resurrection Day won't come but only over junk people."

[ Jame'a Sagheer, Reported Ibin Omar]



Who care only for their food, their sexual needs, their desires, interests, their only concern is journeys, distinction, pride, collecting fortunes of money ; even if they build their grace over other's wreck, their wealth over sh3er poverty, their strength over sh3er weak , their security over sh3er fear and their lives over sh3er death.

20-The twentieth Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till the earth is watered by blood."

 Everyday a blood stain covers great areas, on cars, streets, hospitals, blood stains and killed people , that the meaning of till the earth is watered by blood , and the religion becomes a strange issue.


21-The twenty first Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till the Holy Qura'n is considered to be a shame."

 Wasn't it profaned in the U.S?

" and the time approaches, and its bonds are broken one by one."

 Trustful are accused and liars are believed , believers are belied and Haraj increases, they asked: O Allah's prophet what is Haraj? He replied: killing, oppression appears as well as envy, misery, matters differ among people, and fancy is followed, they judge by assumption, knowledge is removed, ignorance appears and a child becomes a cause of wrath."


 I receive hundreds of phone calls, parents complaining about their sons and daughters, they're burdens over their parents, and misfortunes from Allah, a son who is ill-behaved, neither has knowledge, returns home after midnight, goes too far with his parents, he often beats his brother and sisters, eats alone and asks for money with shamelessness.
 That's why The Resurrection Day won't come till a child becomes a cause of wrath . there's a friend of mine, whose son breaks anything, extort (from) his father's money, and loads him with debts, the father swore Allah if his son was Killed by a vehicle crash , he'll celebrate his son's death! That's what the holy prophet-PBUH- said: till a child becomes a cause of wrath , and the rain is swelter, and mean people are so many.
 If a person honors you, you're chocked , what happened? The origin is that he should blackmail you, and put obstacles on your way; i.e. mean people are so many and honest people are teased , young persons dare over elder ones, and mean dare over respectable , they asked Him: what is humiliation? He replied: that a respectable person stands by a mean person's door; then he turned him away.
 I swear Allah twice; just as Imam Ali- may Allah be pleased with him-O Allah, Allah, to dig two wells with two needles, sweep Hejaz Land with two bird's feathers, transfer two seas with two sieves, and wash two black slaves till they become white is far easier for me from asking a mean person any help to close a debt.

22-The twenty second Hadeeth :

" The Resurrection Day won't come till every tribe's masters are its hypocrites."

23-The twenty third Hadeeth :

 Hypocrisy is familiar; as the holy prophet-PBUH said:

" There will be people who earn their living by their tongues."

[ Narrated Ahmad, Reported Abi Waqqas]

 Just like a whore eat by her breasts, sells her honor in order to eat, there's also a thought whoredom;

" There will be people who earn their living by their tongues."

 By hypocrisy, he says what he doesn't believe in order to conciliate rich or strong persons, his earning is hypocrisy.




24-The twenty fourth Hadeeth :

" In the latest time, some men will deceit religion for this worldly life."

[ Narrated Termethi, Reported Abu-Hurairah]

 There are countless formal opinions , which disagree with Islamic Sharea'a origin, were made up to flatter strong people.

"…… deceit religion for this worldly life….."

 They said: a charity , a dancing ball which revenue is for orphans, they mix dancing balls with orphans, or a charity lottery, for poverty relief, " deceit religion for this worldly life, they ware sheep leather to show their tenderness, their tongues are sweeter than honey, their hearts are wolves' hearts."
 Allah- the Al-Mighty – says: Are they deceiving Me? Or daring on Me? I swear by Me ; that I will send them a disturbance( Fitnah); confuses a tolerant person..




25-The twenty fifth Hadeeth :

 The holy prophet-PBUH said:

" In the latest time will appear young people , silly minded; read the Holy Qura'n , it doesn't exceed their throats , their words are best human words, they pass through the religion just as an arrow passes through an aim."

[ Narrated Ibn Majah, reported Ibn Masoud]

26-The twenty sixth Hadeeth :

 The holy prophet-PBUH said:

" In the latest time will appear in the Islamic nation , some men with scourges as if it was cows tails, they become in Allah's indignation and leave in His wrath."

[ series of authentic Hadeeths]

27-The twenty seventh Hadeeth :

 The holy prophet-PBUH said:

" In the latest time will be nations, who have humans' faces, and devils' hearts , just like wild wolves; haven't any mercy in their hearts, they're blood thirsty, they don't restrain from any bad thing, if you follow them they betray you , and if you're absent they backbite you , if they talk to you they tell lies and if you trust them they betray you, their youngster is naked, their youth is clever, their eldest doesn't order for good thing; neither does he forbid from bad things, being proud of them is humiliation, asking for what they own is poverty, they consider tolerant as seductive, and they accuse the person who order for good things, a believer is weakened, a profligate is honored, they consider Sunnah as heresy , and heresy as Sunnah, then Allah sets up their bad people as their masters; and their good people invocate in vain. "

28-The twenty eighth Hadeeth :

 O respectable brother , one of the holy prophet's companion asked the prophet- PBUH- about the Resurrection Day saying : O Allah's apostle, when is the Resurrection Day? The prophet replied :

" The One you asked- the prophet – has no further knowledge than the one who ask; yet I will till you about its conditions, when a slave gave birth for its mistress – i.e. a righteous mother; according to Islamic monotheism; raising up her children has an educated daughter who thinks that her mother is an old style, and that she's ignorant and doesn't understands, youth have several ways to insult their parents- that's when a slave gave birth for its mistress- this is among its conditions- and when you see the barefoot, naked people extending their buildings."

[ Narrated Muslim, reported Omar]

This preach is not calling for desperation

 O respectable brother, Hadeeths about the Resurrection Day are many- I only chose the most authentic and highlighted in Bukhari , Muslim and other authentic Haddeth books , but you should know that the defect we face in our daily lives, and the spread of hypocrisy, profligacy, immorality, disobedience, lying , backbiting, gossips and earning prohibited money; was all informed by the holy prophet- PBUH; but this preach has no aim for desperation, its goal is to take care and be careful, and of course Allah- the Al-Mighty- does every one of us according to his commitment to the right path of Islam.
 You are the master of your home, your business, if you're loyal to Allah's curriculum among your estate, He will not of course blame you for the rest, and No one laden with burdens can bear another's burden, Allah has sent angels to destroy a village, they said : there are a righteous person? He replied: start by him , O why our Lord shall we start by destroying him? He replied : because his face doesn't change when he sees a bad deed., whilst if you were a righteous person Allah's said:

" And thus We do deliver the believers( who believe in the Oneness of Allah, abstain from evil and work righteousness."

[Al-Anbiya :88]


  You have a special treatment, so cheer up and don't worry , all the previous s7adeths aren't applied on believers; Allah's said:


" Certainly, you shall have no authority over My slaves."


[Al-Hijr :42]

" Or think those who do evil deeds that they can outstrip Us( i.e. escape our punishment)? Evil is that which they judge."

[Al-Ankabut :4]

" Is he whom We promised an excellent promise( Paradise)- which he will find true like him whom We have made to enjoy the luxuries of the life of (this) world, then on the Day of Resurrection, he will be among those brought up (to be punished in the Hell-fire) ."

[Al-Qasas :61]

"Shall We then treat the Muslims( believers of Islamic monotheism, doers of righteous deeds) like the Mujrimun( criminals, polytheists and disbelievers, etc.)? What is the matter with you ? How judge you? "


" Is then he who is a believer like him who is a Fasiq ( disbeliever and disobedient to Allah)? Not equal are they."

[As-Sajdah :18]


  It's impossible that a righteous believer youth , who is fully committed to Islam , to be treated like a commoner , I ask you not to despair , but I warn you that this wide common corruption in the Islamic communities; orienting towards singing, dancing, immoralities and profligacy is a great disaster, we should return to the right Sunnah and not influence be heresy.
 I invocate to Allah-the Al-Mighty- to forgive myself and you, and I urge you to ask Him for His forgiveness.

* * *

 Praises be to Allah Lord of Alamin, I certify that there's no God but Allah - Master of righteous ones, I certify that Mohammed is Allah's worshipper & Messenger the one of great morals, Blessings and peaces be of Allah upon him and his neat companions and folks.

Second sermon:


Glad tidings for Muslims


1-The first one : delight is for Muslims of Bilad Ash-sham:

 The Holy prophetsaid in the authentic Hadeeth , narrated by Nasa'ee

" Bilad Ash-sham is the location of believers."

So, you live in the best country of this time.

" I saw that pillar of Islam was pulled from under my pillow, so I pursued it by my sight to find that it located in Ash-sham."

[ Tabarani, Hakim, reported: ibn Amr]


 We're in a good condition, having mosques full of prayers, most families are morally committed, our daughters wear veil, but you should know that the white line which represents right, and the black one , represents wrong both are widening towards the gray lines, the dead end is that there's an obvious right just as sun and obvious wrong as obvious as sun, belief and infidelity, good deed and bad deed, justice and oppression, now matters are very clear and obvious. So blessed he who follow the Sunnah and not influenced by Heresy.

A prophet's direction

 The prophet's direction is :

" If you see an obedient misery- the abhorrence materialism- and a followed fancy- sex- , and each one admires his opinion- this is an extraordinary situation- then stay at your home and hold your tongue and follow what you know and leave what you're not acquired about and stick to your closers, whom you trust from your brother, colleagues, neighbors, mosque mates, and leave the commoners' business."

[ Narrated Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah and Termethy, reported Abu Tha'labah Al-Khashny]

2-The second one : the victorious group will last till the Resurrection Day:

 Reported Mu'aweyah : that the holy prophet –PBUH- said :

"A group of my nation- the Islamic nation- will be committed to Allah's bath, they're not harmed by whoever disappointed or disagreed with them, till the Resurrection day come while they are on their cause."

 Ibn Yakhamir says: I heard Mua'th saying : they're the inhabitants of Ash-sham.
 The holy prophet-PBUH- said :

" whom Allah willing him to good He makes him understands the religion, and a group of my Islamic nation will keep struggling for the Cause of right , and will be victorious against their enemies till the resurrection Day."

[ narrated : Bukhari & Muslim]

3-The third one : the religious knowledge bearers will last till the Resurrection Day:


 The last Hadeeth in this preach :

" This religious knowledge will be carried by the just people of each generation : they will deny the overdoers' falsify, and ignorant interpretation, and false makers pretending." And we hope to be from those who they will deny the overdoers' falsify, and ignorant interpretation, and false makers pretending."

The supplication

 Oh , Allah , guide us to your path; among whom you guided , and bestow us good health; among whom you bestowed good health, Protect us; among whom you protected, bless us ; among whom you blessed, turn away from us any evil you've ever destined ,You suppresses only by truth , and you may not be suppressed over, and whoever you protect shan't be disgraced, whoever you showed enmity to, shan't be glorified, Oh, Allah, Blessed be you and high above all, Praises to You for what you judged. We ask your forgiveness , and repent to you . Oh Allah, guide us to good deeds , as there's no One but You Shall do so, guide us to good morals , as there's no One but You Shall do so. Oh , Allah, make right our religion, being the safe guide of our lives, make right our present life ,in which we live, make right our other life to which we'll return, grant us this life as supply for good deeds, and make death an ease of any evil thing.
 Oh, Allah, our protector and guardian, the lord of Alamin , grant us satisfaction of your permissions ( Halal)from your wrong-doings (Haram), your obedience from disobedient, your grace from any sh3er' grace.
 Oh Allah, by your grace and Mercy, raise high your religion and the Word of Truth. And grant victory to Islam, honor Muslims, Disgrace polytheists and polytheism ,Oh, Allah, grant Islamic presidents success to follow your path, You , Allah, have the full ability to do whatever you want , and capable of answer

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations