In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

What are the noble traits a Muslim should have in Ramadan? 

What are the noble traits a Muslim should have in this month? Well, he should feel that he is the happiest person through his connection to Allah the Almighty, and this connection is established in this month by abstaining from doing what is permissible to him in other months. 

I have said: The righteous deeds exalt the believer in Allah's Sight. For instance, if someone knocks on your door, asking for money, and you give him all the money you have after making sure that he is  poor, then this is a righteous deed. 

After performing this righteous deed through which you favor obeying Allah the Almighty over your need of the money, you will present it to Allah, Exalted and Sublime be He, while you are standing before Him to perform Maghrib Salah.  This point is indicated in the following Noble Ayah: 

(…And the righteous deeds exalt it (the goodly words i.e. the goodly words are not accepted by Allah unless and until they are followed by good deeds)…)

[Fatir, 10] 

Istiqamah (Steadfastness) is based on refraining from doing bad deeds, such as lying, cheating, and so on, while performing a righteous deed is based on bestowal, such as giving other people from the knowledge one has, giving them from the money he has, helping them by using his power, and serving them by  making use of his high position. 

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations