In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Creation of Man in the Best stature

 In His Glorious Quran Allah, Most Gracious, says, 

“Verily, We have created man in the best stature. Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low, save those who believe and do righteous deeds. They shall have a reward without end.” 

[XCV; 4-6]

 Certainly, Allah, All-Mighty, has perfected everything He has made and originated. And certainly, 

“You can see no fault in that which the Most Gracious (Allah) has created.” 

[LXVII; 3]

 In respect to perfection of creation. Nevertheless, Allah, All-Mighty, has singled man out for the above-mentioned Verse as well as some other Verses denoting his being created in the best stature from the view-point of composition – to which effect, Allah, Most Merciful, says, 

“In whatever form He willed He composed you.”


 Mould – to which effect He, Glory to Him says, 

“Verily, We have created man in the best mould.”

[XCV; 4]

 ِnd proportion – to which effect, He, All-High, says, 

“Who created you, fashioned you perfectly, and gave you due proportion.”


 Such is utmost Divine Care bestowed upon man, the honored creature, and a crystal clear reference to the fact that man enjoys a prominent position with his Lord, Allah, All-Mighty, as well as in the universe. 

 In fact, man is the most complicated machine in the universe. His marvelous cells, tissues, organs and parts of body, are far more sophisticated, accurate, and perfectly constructed than can be conceived properly by the most learned scientists. 

 In man there is a soul in which do clash countless diverse emotions and feelings, contradictory desires and values, conflicting needs and principles, the qualities of which are unperceivable even by the most knowledgeable psychologists.

 In man there is an intelligent mind in which do dwell principles, beliefs, conceptions, innovations, analytical abilities, and creativities that enable him to be the best and most honored of all creatures, 

“And indeed We have honored the children of Adam…”

[XVII; 70]

 Among the things that provide evidence of man’s being created in the best stature is “Acquired Immunity System”, the third defense-line in the human body. 

 Allah, Most Gracious, endued man with most accurate and effective defense systems and mechanisms, first of which is the skin, the first perfect and most fitting armor of the body, repelling germs and epidemics; and it is the first defense-line of the human body. Allah, Most Merciful, also granted each and every organ, sense or part of the human body a special defense mechanism of its own. The eye, for instance, is supported with lashes, lids, and tears. These are the second defense-line of the human body. 

 As for the third defense-line, it is blood with its soldiers of white corpuscles. The number of these white corpuscles, which are the third defense-line of the human body, is 25,000,000 in days of peace, double that number in case of general alarm, and hundreds of millions in case of fighting, within a period of less than a few hours or days. Such great armies of white corpuscles have special signal-corps units, as it were, consisting of some chemicals. Such signal-corps units do the job of liaison and communication among them. 

 Defense mechanism adopted by the human immunity system, however, is of amazing precision, symmetry, effectiveness, and intelligence. Such are white corpuscles that have amazed scientists in their system of work, allotment of fight-roles among themselves, and accomplishment of fight-missions. Most amazingly, a few seconds after an alien body crosses the first and second defense-lines, white corpuscles speed up towards it. Some of the corpuscles are specialized in taking the chemical code of the enemy, keeping it, and then transferring it to the lymphatic centers, where special cells decipher the code for making the required anti-serum.

 After the proper anti-serum has been made, the fighter cells carry this weapon, i.e. the anti-serum, to fight thereby the alien bodies. After destruction of the alien bodies, devouring cells come to evacuate dead bodies from battle-field so that blood returns to its normal pure condition. Amazingly, a white corpuscle, the essential element of the human system of immunity, is less than 15 micron in diameter, 

“Verily, We have created man in the best stature”

[XCV; 4]

 There is also another squad of that army of white corpuscles, which has been recently discovered, namely the “Squad of Commandoes”, whose members can discover and devour, very early, cancerous cells.

 As for Allah’s Words, 

“Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low”

[XCV; 5]

 they come true when man deviates from his Lord’s Religion and follows his own lusty desires and caprices, without any religious control, deterrence by man’s pure human original disposition, or reproach by his mind. Then, the work of such divinely granted acquired immunity is rendered inoperative, and man is killed even by the smallest disease; and AIDS, which threatens the irreligious world of today, is but an emphasis of this fact: 
“Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low”.

 Perhaps the above Verses are focused on the spiritual side of man, for he is equipped – if he knows his Lord, follows His Divine Religion, and seeks his love through performance of righteous deeds – to reach utmost honor and nobility and a position higher than that of holy angels,

“Verily, We have created man in the best stature”. 

 If, however, he turns away from his Lord, All-Mighty, Most Gracious, neglects His Divine Religion, and does mischief to other fellow creatures, he is sure to be reduced to a status lowest of all, 

“Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low”,

 where brute animals become more elevated and rightly guided than he is, simply because they follow their pure instincts whereby they obey their Lord and accomplish their own mission in life as pre-decreed by Him, All-Mighty.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations