In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Sexual desire:

Dear brother, this is lesson number 26 of the series "Creed and the Inimitability of Quran". This series of lectures is related to the constituents of the Divine Assignment, among which are the universe, which we discussed in details, reasoning, which is man's means to know Allah, Al-Fitrah, which is man's detector to know the right and the wrong, and then we tackled about lust starting with the lust for money. Today we move to the second lust, so to speak, which is the sexual desire.



1- Man is a mobile creature:

First of all, man is a mobile creature, but why? Man should move in life because he is motivated by the lusts Allah has installed in him. Every object around me here is inanimate, lifeless and motionless, why is that? These things do not have motivations or needs, so if we leave this table for a thousand years, it will stay where it is, unlike man who is a mobile creature.



2- Lusts motivate man to move:

What are the things that make man move? Lusts move man. The first lust is the lust for food and drink, so that man can live, and the second lust is the sexual desire, so that man can maintain his race, and had not man had this lust, human race would have become extinct, given this lust is deeply rooted in mankind and this fact is denoted in the following Hadith:


((When someone whose religion and character you are pleased with comes to you then marry (her to) him. If you do not do so, then there will be turmoil (Fitnah) in the land and discord (Fasad). If you do not do so, then there will be turmoil (Fitnah) in the land and discord (Fasad).))


What would happen if fathers put obstacles (by asking for more than the young men can afford) in the way of marriage? Mischief would prevail:

((…If you do not do so, then there will be turmoil (Fitnah) in the land and discord (Fasad).))

Man can live forbidden from certain matters, but there are other matters which are deeply rooted in his ownself and without which he cannot live, so these needs should be met.

3- Man owns the free will:

Let me remind you again that man is the foremost Divinely honored creature, and what makes him privileged (among creatures) is the free will. Since he owns the free will, all his desires are neutral; they are means to sublime to the highest ranks, or to fall to the lowest of the low. When the male and female have a relationship according to Allah's Method and Shari'ah (Islamic laws) which entail signing the marriage contract, after both agreed to be husband and wife, after the bride's father gave his approval to this marriage with the attendance of two witnesses and after the husband pays dowry to the bride, what will be the outcome of this marriage? The outcome will be a family which consists of a knowledgeable father, a pious mother, and they may have children later on.


I mentioned before that one of the scholars of the Quran said to me, "I have 83 grandchildren, 13 of them are doctors and all of my grandchildren are Quran Hafiz (the one who keeps the Quran by heart)." This extended family started with a sexual intercourse between this pious man and his wife, and they had later on 83 grandchildren who are pious believers and who got married to pious sons and daughters in law. Above all, they are Quran Hafiz, doctors and engineers. All this goodness started with a sexual relationship between a husband and a wife, isn't that true? All of you here are children of good fathers and msh3er and the fruits of marriages, right? One is a scientist, another is Khateeb, a third is Dai'yah (Caller to Allah), a fourth is a doctor and a fifth is an engineer. You see how this sexual relationship evolves when it is according to the method of Allah?

A friend of mine told me that once he heard someone knocking at his door at 4 AM, and upon opening the door he found no one, but he noticed a bag and something was moving inside it, and to his surprise he found a newborn baby who was most likely a child of Zina (fornication), and whose mother put him on the doorstep of his house. The man took the baby to the hospital and they put him in an incubator.

After I heard his story, I compared this abandoned child with another child who is born from a married couple. When the married woman gets pregnant every relative will hear about the happy news, the couple get gifts and receive congratulations, and the mother spend the nine months of pregnancy preparing herself and the room for the new comer and buying clothes and other things the newborn will need. When she gives birth she will receives gifts, congratulations and celebrations, and banquettes and Aqiqah will be held.

I said to myself, glory be to Allah! One infant is thrown in the dumpster or on a doorstep, while another one comes from a married couple, and in both cases it is the same lust; it is the sexual desire, but if this relationship is lawful, and it accords with the Method of Allah, a pious family will result from it, and there will be grandfathers, children and lots of grandchildren (let us say they have five daughters and each one has five children that will make 25 grandchildren). This extended family starts with a sexual relationship.

This lust is neutral, and it can be means to exalt to the highest ranks, or to fall to the lowest of the low. In every country there are brothels where this lust is committed unlawfully, and the woman, who fornicates, is ashamed of herself because of this sin. If a prostitute sees another woman with hijab and holding her son, I swear by Allah that she will melt out of regret because of what she did to herself.

Dear brother, modesty beautifies the woman, so does chaste. Also, the woman who is free and chaste feels like a queen, whereas the woman who falls in fornication lives in shame, and she will be an unnoticeable person. May Allah spare all of us, our sons, our daughters and our grandchildren from that shame, because it is unbearable. The first point I have discussed so far is that man is a mobile creature, so what motivates him? Food motivates him in order to stay alive, and the sexual desire motivates him in order to keep man race, and this lust is neutral.

Let me remind you of an example that I repeatedly mention. The fuel in the car is located in its sealed tank, it flows through confined tubes and it ignites at the right time. Thus, it produces a useful movement to the car which will take you and your family to a beautiful place, but if we pour this fuel on the car and give it a light, it will burn the car and the people in it. Hence, the fuel is the same in both cases, but it might produce a useful movement, or it might become a destructive power (and the same goes for the sexual desire).

4- Zina (fornication) is hitting rock bottom on all levels:

The Divine design for the relationship between a man and a woman is reflected by only one way which is marriage. Inside the framework of marriage, the husband loves his wife, and they bring children who give them happiness. He spends his best time when he sits with his wife and children, and the parents listen to their kids talk, and they watch the nice things they do. Also, the wife can put all the makeup she likes to show her beauty to her husband.


In the Muslim world the woman is a mother, a sister or a daughter, so she can never be a mistress or a beloved. Also, she cannot be a prostitute from which she makes a living, and so she holds a health card (which says that she is free of diseases) and belongs to the union of prostitutes, I seek refuge with Allah from that. In Islamic countries we do not make sins legitimate by using health cards or unions.

I repeat, the woman in Islamic countries is a sister, a daughter, a wife, an aunt, a nephew, a niece, a granddaughter and a sacred person. Do you know that the man who died protecting his honor, his wife, his daughter or his sister is considered Shaheed (martyr)?

The repentant young person is the most endeared to Allah

Dear brother, I am addressing the youth among you: Allah the Almighty never forgets anyone of you from His Favors. Since most of the attendants of my lecture are young people, I would like to remind you of the following Noble Hadith:


((Surely Allah, the High, loves the young person who repents [for his sins].))


[Abu Al-Muzaffar As-Sam'ani by Salman with weak Sanad]

I was once in a wedding ceremony when one of the speakers mentioned the following Hadith:

((The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, took me by the hand and he said: "O Mu'adh, I swear by Allah that I love you. I swear by Allah that I love you.))

[Sunan Abu Dawood]

By Allah the only Deity, when a young man feels that Allah loves him, and that the Creator of the heavens and the earth loves him, he will feel like he is on the highest rank. Allah loves the young person who repents (from his sins), and Allah takes pride in him in front of the angels and says:

((Look at my servant; he has abandoned his desires for My Sake)).

"They are not equal when compared":

As you know the lusts of the young people are blazing, so logically speaking do you think that the young man who lowers his gaze from looking at Haram, spends his time in Masajid and avoids all sins and errors abstaining himself from Haram and from sins out of fearing Allah the Almighty, will be Divinely treated e the same way of the one young man who spends his youth in sins and in having unlawful relationships with women? It is reported that the Prophet PBUH said:


((Allah the Almighty detests Ath-Thawwakeen and Ath-Thawwakaat (young men and women who have illicit affairs before marriage and become expert in sexual intercourse).))

Nowadays they call the man who has taste in women (because of his so many unlawful affairs), an "expert". However, the chastity and the purity (i.e. his ignorance of sexual relations) of the young believer (who never has Haram affairs and who lowers his gaze from looking at Haram) is a medal of honor on his chest.

((Surely Allah, the High, loves the young person who repents [for his sins].))

Allah the Almighty says to angels:

((Look at My servant; he has abandoned his desires for My Sake))

The question here is, will Allah treat the repentant young man who lowers his gaze after he gets married the same way He will treat the one who spends his youth in feasting his eyes on women's beauty, in befriending bad people and in staying late at night surfing porn sites or watching porn movies? This can never happen, and the proof is in the following Ayah:

﴾Or do those who earn evil deeds think that We shall hold them equal with those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, in their present life and after their death? Worst is the judgement that they make.﴿

[Al-Jathiyah, 21]

The Hereafter is a natural reward for that, but the reward in the worldly life is also mentioned:


﴾in their present life and after their death?﴿

The different treatment includes the one in their present life (i.e. worldly life).

﴾Is then he who is a believer like him who is Fasiq (disbeliever and disobedient to Allah)? Not equal are they.﴿

[As-Sajdah, 18]

﴾Shall We then treat the (submitting) Muslims like the Mujrimun (criminals, polytheists and disbelievers, etc.)?* What is the matter with you? How judge you?﴿

[Al-Qalam, 35-36]

﴾And never do We requit in such a way except those who are ungrateful, (disbelievers).﴿

[Saba', 17]

﴾So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), shall see it* And whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), shall see it. ﴿

[Az-Zalzalah, 7-8]

No deed will be wasted by Allah

A Lebanese friend of mine visited Damascus once, and it seemed that he caused damage to another car because of an accident, and the other car was a taxi from which its owner makes a living, so usually in such a case the owner of the taxi will raise hell on the person who damaged his car in order to pay him money to fix it. However, this taxi driver looked at my friend and said to him with a smile on his face, "I forgive you", so he forgave him instead of taking thousands from my friend to fix his car. It was an amazing reaction from that driver, for he dealt with the situation very calmly, without any complexes and without raising his voice.


My friend shed a tear while he was telling me this story which bewildered me, given my friend is very rich and paying the man 5.000 will not affect him, but why did he weep? I asked him, "Why are you crying?" to which he answered, "Two years ago, a Syrian man was driving his car in Beirut and there were many relative women with Hijab in the car with him, and he had a fender bender with my car, but I did not want to spoil his picnic with his family, so I said to him, 'I forgive you'." That man wept, because Allah saved his good deed and paid it back to him in this situation.

By Allah the only Deity, if you avoid killing an ant while you are offering Wudu, Allah will save your deed, because Allah never wastes any of your deeds even if it is feeding a cat.

((Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said, "A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that."))

[Agreed upon]

A prostitute saw a dog which was about to die out of thirst, so she bent down over the water well, filled her shoe with water and pushed it to the dog. Allah forgave her for her deed, because she was in the middle of the desert where no one can see her deed, so she did not do that to show off or to be praised, but rather she did it only to save the dog's life.

Let me mention this fact before you and in which I believe, "No servant, whether he is a Muslim or a Kafir, offers a good deed to sh3er, but Allah will reward him for it either in the worldly life or in the Hereafter." Would Allah waste a good deed you offered, a mercy you showed to someone, a help you gave to a sick person, a secret you kept about someone or an aid you offered to a person? Absolutely, He would not.

Kuffar (disbelievers) never have mercy on anyone:

Muslims are suffering nowadays from an attack of very fierce enemy. While Muslims are asleep, these enemies have been building their giant power and enforcing their culture on the entire world:

﴾Who did transgress beyond bounds in the lands (in the disobedience of Allah).﴿

[Al-Fajr, 11]

Allah does not say, "Who did transgress in their land", but He says, "Who did transgress in the land"

﴾In the lands (in the disobedience of Allah)* And made therein much mischief.﴿

[Al-Fajr, 11-12]

This means that their mischief prevailed, for they are bombing here and corrupting people with their immoral movies there. Besides, they have got arrogant and haughty and said, "Who is mightier than us in strength?" Some officials of these powerful countries said, "Our policy is the same inside the country and outside it, for it is the policy of ministers' orders inside, and it is the policy of negotiations, orders, instructions and pressures with other countries."

﴾Who did transgress beyond bounds in the lands (in the disobedience of Allah)* And made therein much mischief.﴿

[Al-Fajr, 11-12]

They got arrogant.

﴾and they said: "Who is mightier than us in strength?"﴿

[Fussilat, 15]

They were the best in architecture.

﴾ "Do you build high palaces on every high place* while you do not live in them?* "And do you get for yourselves palaces (fine buildings) as if you will live therein for ever* "And when you seize, seize you as tyrants? ﴿

[Ash-Shu'ara', 128-130]

They were superior in building, in industry, in military power and in science, and:

﴾though they were intelligent. ﴿

[Al-Ankabut, 38]

They are haughty as well. Allah never destroyed a nation before reminding her that he destroyed those who were mightier than her, but it is not the case with A'd, because Allah says:

﴾See they not that Allah, Who created them was mightier in strength than them ﴿

[Fussilat, 15]

This means that they were the mightier among nations, and only Allah is the One Who is mightier than them, so despite their mighty:

﴾So your Lord poured on them different kinds of severe torment* Verily, your Lord is Ever Watchful (over them). ﴿

[Al-Fajr, 13-14]

No deed will be wasted by Allah not even the one that is equal to the atom's weight:

﴾Then none will be dealt with unjustly in anything. And if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. And Sufficient are We as Reckoners. ﴿

[Al-Anbiya', 47]

﴾ and they will not be dealt with unjustly in the least. ﴿

[Al-Isra', 71]

Al-Fateel is a very thin layer between the two parts of the date-stone.

﴾ and not the least injustice, even to the size of a Naqira (speck on the back of a date-stone), will be done to them. ﴿

[An-Nisa', 124]

An-Naqeer is the sharp end of the date-stone, the Qitmeer is the thin layer which covers the date-stone and all of you know the mustard seed. When a young man keeps himself chaste before getting married, the first Divine Gift to him will be a wife who is easy on the eye, who obeys him and who protects his honor in his absence.

The pious wife is Hasanah (prosperity) of the worldly life:

Once I was invited to Istanbul, and a Turkish taxi driver, who did not know Arabic, gave me a lift to the airport for free with his friend who knows Arabic. I wanted to thank him by making Du'a for him, so I asked him, "Are you married?" He said, "No, I am not", so I said, "I pray to Allah to send you a pious wife who is easy on the eye, who obeys you and who keeps your honor in your absence". He said joyfully, "By Allah I wish I could give you a lift to Damascus". Allah says:

﴾"Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!"﴿

[Al-Baqarah, 201]

Scholars of interpretation said, "The phrase 'that which is good' refers to the pious woman in the worldly life, because she keeps her husband's secrets, she is chaste and she is satisfied with what she has". The Prophet PBUH said:

((The most blessed woman is the easiest in her expenditure))


In another narration, the Prophet PBUH said:

((The most blessed woman is the one who has an easy dowry))

A Companion used to love his young and beautiful wife, but one day she asked him constantly to buy her something he could not afford, so he told her, "You should know that in Paradise there are fair females that the light of their faces surpasses the lights of both the sun and the moon if they come to earth. Therefore, it is easier to sacrifice you for one of them than to sacrifice the fair female for you." A female companion used to say to her husband whenever he wanted to go to work, "Fear Allah in what you earn, for we are able to tolerate hunger, but we cannot tolerate unlawful money (Haram)".

In eras of faith backwardness, a woman would put pressure on her husband to bring her unlawful (Haram) money, and if he responds to her demands, he will fall from the Sight of Allah and from the eyes of people, needless to say that Allah, Sublime and Glorified be He, will destroy his unlawful money.

As I said earlier this lesson, the sexual desire is neutral and can be means to exalt to the highest ranks. If you get married to a religious wife- I pray to Allah to grant a religious wife to every young man- and if you have a son and you raise him according to Islam your lust will be your means to sublime.

A Khatib of a Masjid once woke up late, so he prepared a sandwich for his son and asked him to eat it on his way to school because they were running late, but the child said, "The Prophet PBUH said that it is out of despicability to eat in the street." Such a kid gave his father a lesson. If the little child who is raised to obey Allah and to memorize the Quran, by Allah he sometimes melts your heart out of love to him when he speaks like that.

It was narrated that a delegation from Hijaz came to our master Umar Ibn Abdulaziz, and it was preceded by an 11-year-old boy which annoyed Umar as he considered that an insult. The boy entered to speak on behalf of the delegation, but Umar said to him, "Sit down boy, and let somebody older than you speak." The boy smiled and said, "May Allah guide the Ameer (The Commander of the Believers)! The is estimated by two small parts of his body: his heart and his tongue. Indeed, If Allah blesses a servant with an eloquent tongue and a faithful heart, he deserves to speak. If it had been a matter of age, then many other Muslims would have been worthier of the Khilafah than you."!" This is eloquence of the best kind.

Every lust has a lawful way (according to Islam) to be fulfilled:

Dear brother, let us move to a very delicate point: Every lust which is Divinely installed in man but has a lawful way to fulfill it. Therefore, there is no deprivation in Islam:

((…By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of Him than you; yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women. So he who does not follow my tradition in religion, is not from me (not one of my followers))


Every lust installed in man, has a lawful way to fulfill it. There are other unlawful ways to fulfill it, but the believer fulfills it only in the Divinely allowed range and this is how his patience is manifested:

((Faith is two halves: a half that is Sabr (patience) and a half that is (Shukr) gratitude.))

Patience regarding man's lusts is reflected by remaining patient on fulfilling the lusts according to the Divinely allowed range. Some scholars referred to Allah's Reward after remaining patient on fulfilling your duties towards people in the following Ayah:

﴾ "That which is left by Allah for you (after giving the rights of the people) is better for you ﴿

[Hud, 86]

You are allowed to get married, but the only women you can look at (beside your wife) are your mother, your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your nephew and your niece. Allah says:

﴾ And who is more astray than one who follows his own lusts, without guidance from Allah? ﴿

[Al-Qasas, 50]

The opposite meaning of the Ayah goes as follows: The one who follows his own lusts according to the guidance of Allah is on the safe side. After having a sexual intercourse with your wife, you can wake up to pray night prayers and to cry in your Salah out of submission, because you do not do anything against Allah's Method, but rather your sexual desire is fulfilled according to Allah's Orders and Prohibitions. The Prophet PBUH said:

((Praise be to Allah who bestowed me the fondness for Aishah))

[Mentioned in the relic]

I am not exaggerating when I say that the basic thing is to love Allah, and loving the Prophet is derived from loving Allah, so is loving the companions, the believers, the pious people, the sincere scholars, the worshipers, the Masajid and the Quran. In addition, loving your wife is derived from loving Allah, because she is your lawful partner, and Allah orders you to love her. The Prophet PBUH instructed us to do so when he said:

((Praise be to Allah who bestowed me the fondness for Aishah))

This love (between you and your wife) is something you build brick by brick when you smile upon coming home, when you greet your wife and when you praise her upon achieving something. There is a kind of men who comes to a very clean and neat home, his food is ready and his wife is in best shapes, yet she never hears from her husband not even the words of Salam (greeting). You should praise her by saying, "May Allah be pleased with you", "I am so happy with this marriage", "You are the hope in my life" and other nice words like that. The Prophet PBUH used to smile upon entering his home. Also he used to say:

((Do not hate daughters, for they are amiable and precious.))

[Al-Hakim and At-Tabarani by Uqbah Ibn Amer with weak Sanad]

Most of the problems which I am told on the phone are about husbands who do not say a word at home. I was told once that a man used to talk to his fiancé more than 13 hours straight over the phone, but two years later and after they got married, he stopped saying even one word inside the house. Love between the husband and the wife continues and thrives with a smile, a nice word, gratitude and sometimes an apology.

Your real success lies in having a successful relation with Allah, with your wife and children, and with your colleagues at work and in maintaining a healthy body. Keep in mind those 4 important things which should be included in your success: your relation with your Lord, your relation with your family, your relation your colleagues at work and protecting your health. This is the complete success, because success cannot be partial.

I would like to repeat that every lust Divinely installed in man, has a lawful way to fulfill it, and this is a Divine Favor upon all of us, because this indicates that there is no deprivation in Islam nor are there any limits or barriers between the married couple. Sometimes and because of man's lack of religious knowledge, he might prevent his wife from certain matters thinking that doing them is forbidden, while she is allowed in Islam to beautify herself in any way she likes for him, because she is his lawful wife and there is no limits or reservations in their relationship, except what the Prophet PBUH forbade in the following Hadith.

((…but avoid penetrating them in the anus or during their menstruation))

[Mentioned in the relic]

Only these two things are forbidden, but everything else is allowed, and I do not to go into details in order to avoid embarrassment. Marriage is the way of our Prophet PBUH, and the pious wife is the good of the worldly life. Furthermore, when man loves his wife, his love is part of his big love to Allah, simply because she is the mother of his children and loving her will exalt man in the Sight of Allah. Satan has diabolic ways to do harm to man, but what is his foremost one? It is to sow dissention between the married couple.

﴾And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between man and his wife ﴿

[Al-Baqarah, 102]

Satan works hard to make man hate his wife, whereas faith encourages man to love his wife. I refuse what common people say, "By time passage, the husband and the wife get used to one another (and get bored thusly)." Well, this is not true, and if this happens, there is a strategic error that is made. Actually, the love between the husband and the wife will grow by time, given the woman glows in a special beauty in every age she has, so when she is a bride she is beautiful, and when she becomes a mother and a grandmother, she will remain beautiful in other ways. Some families usually called the great grandmother "The pillar of the family".

The marriage contract is the most sacred contract:

The woman will have a future by getting married, but by committing Zina, there will be no future for her, because her beauty will fade away by time and she will be thrown in streets. Let me give you this piece of information: if a man intends to get married to a woman temporarily (which means that he intends to divorce her after a while), the marriage contract in this case, according to Imam Al-Awza'i, is not a marriage but it is Zina, because one of the conditions of a marriage contract is to be for the rest of man's and woman's life. Will any woman agree to be married for a short time? No woman will accept that. Will any father accept that his daughter gets married for a short period of time? No, of course no woman accepts that. . Hence, the marriage contract should be signed to be for the rest of the couple's life. Furthermore, the marriage contract is the most sacred contract at all. Allah says:

﴾ And how could you take it (back) while you have gone in unto each other, and they have taken from you a firm and strong covenant? ﴿

[An-Nisa', 21]

It is described as a strong covenant. Thus, marriage contract is the most sacred one at all, because its outcome will be children and grandchildren. The best Divine Reward to the married couple is:

﴾ And those who believe and whose offspring follow them in Faith, to them shall We join their offspring, and We shall not decrease the reward of their deeds in anything. Every person is a pledge for that which he has earned. ﴿

[At-Tur, 21]

The following Hadith gives me chills: It is narrated in Al-Jame' As-Sagheer that the Prophet PBUH said:

((Whosoever intends to get married putting his full trust in Allah and aiming at his own chastity will be granted a Divine Promise to be helped and blessed to achieve to his purpose))

[Al-Jame' Al Sagheer in a weak Sanad]

The young man who aims at chastity will be Divinely supported in his purpose. Do not worry as long as you long for chastity, and be sure that marriage way will be Divinely facilitated for you. There are countless stories which support that fact, and they are about young men who wanted to get married though they owned nothing, but Allah the Almighty honored them by granting them pious wives who brought happiness to them. In concise, the sexual desire can be our means to exalt to the highest ranks and to have chaste offspring.

((When a man dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: A continuous charity, knowledge by which people derive benefit and a pious son who prays for him))

[Muslim by Abi Hurairah]

Our Master Umar said as reported, "I do my duty with my wife not out of desire but in order to have a pious son who will benefit me after my death (by making Dua' for me)." Keep in mind that your son is your continuity in life.

The scientific topic: The factories of blood red cells:

Dear brother, let us move to the scientific topic.

1- The factories of blood red cells are the most crucial part of the human body:

Crucial factories are located in bone marrow. When man cooks meat with bones he usually eats the brown color substance inside the bone. This is the marrow where the factory of blood red cells is located, and it is the most important system in the human body.

2- Within bones' marrow there are the factories of blood red cells:

Where has Allah put these factories? He has put them inside the bones in a fortified fortress, just like the heart which is inside the chest, the eyes which are inside the socket, the spinal cord which is inside the spinal column. Allah has put the factories of red cells inside bones.


3- How many blood red cells do the factories in the bones produce in one second?

These factories produce 2.5 million red blood cells every one second, replacing by that the 2.5 million red blood cells which die every one second.


1- The factories of blood red cells are the most crucial part of the human body:

Crucial factories are located in bone marrow.
When man cooks meat with bones he usually eats the brown color substance inside the bone, and this is the marrow where the factory of blood red cells is located, and it is the most important system in the human body.

2- Within bones’ marrow there are the factories of blood red cells:

Where did Allah locate it? He put it inside the bones in a fortified fortress, just like He put the heart inside the chest, the eye inside the socket, the spinal cord inside the spinal column; also He put the factories of red cells inside bones.

3- How many blood red cells do the factories in the bones produce in one second?

These factories produce 2.5 million red blood cells every one second, which means that they replace the 2.5 million red blood cells which die every one second.

4- Where do the dead blood red cells go?

There is an economic indication concerning the point I would like to discuss. These dead red blood cells can be easily discharged outside the body, but our Lord the Almighty teaches us a lesson in economy and recycling, for these dead red blood cells go to the spleen which is considered the graveyard of the red cells. The spleen breaks down these dead red cells into their original components. The iron is released and taken to factories of blood red cells in the marrow of the bones, so that it can be used in producing new red blood cells; and hemoglobin is also released and taken to the liver to produce bile, which takes part in food digestion, for it is the effective substance in digesting fats, and had it been removed from the body, man would not have been able to eat fat anymore. It seems that Allah wants to teach us how recycling can be done, and how we should make use of everything without wasting any.


5- What would happen if thefactories of blood red cells stop working?

There is a bone marrow disease which causes anemia, and because of it the marrow stops producing red blood cells, and the reason is still unknown. This disease is very serious and it is called leukemia, but what does this have to do with the topic of this lecture?



6- The partial decrease of blood by Hijamah energizes producing blood red cells:

The Prophet PBUH ordered us with Hijama (it is the Arabic traditional medicine for wet cupping, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes.). You should know that the Prophetic instructions are Divine Inspiration, and they have nothing to do with the cultural practices (in the Prophetic era), with the Prophet's opinion, the data of that era or anything else, but they are:


﴾ It is only an Inspiration that is inspired. ﴿

[An-Najm, 4]

One should believe that the Prophetic instructions are not based on certain conditions. Some people say, "Their social environment was simple and Hijama was used as a cure", but this is not true, because when the Prophet ordered us with Hijama this means that it is a Divine Inspiration, not something practised in that era, not part of the education of the Prophet nor was it a personal opinion of his.

﴾ It is only an Inspiration that is inspired. ﴿

[An-Najm, 4]

Thus, nobody knew the wisdom behind that Prophetic instruction, but later on in our era, we discovered that the only maintenance of the red blood cells factory is the regular decrease in blood, so when you take blood from the human body, the blood amount decreases and this energizes the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells.

The scientist who discovered that is not a Muslim and knows nothing about Islam or Hijama, but he discovered this crucial fact that the regular decrease of human blood amount will energize the bone's marrow to produce red blood cells and that death is inevitable if these factories stop working. The wisdom now is known behind the Prophetic instruction of Hijama.

7- bloodletting in veins is not like Hijamah:

Some people say that bloodletting in veins is just like Hijama, but this is not true, because Hijama takes blood from non-energetic surface, which is the back where the blood flow is in its lowest movement, but other parts of the body are, so where did I take that fact from? It is well known that people with weak hair are advised to use brush with sharp ends to energize the head scalp and brings blood flow to the area and this will strengthen the hair. Similarly, when you rub your hand palms you see that they become red, and this is because blood flows in the area because of rubbing. Therefore, any movement in any area of the body will increase the blood flow, and since there is no activities on the surface of the back, Hijama helps the blood flow increase on it, brings more blood to it and helps you feel energized and healthy. Let me repeat again, the regular decrease of human blood amount will energize the bone's marrow to produce red blood cells, and this is the maintenance of such a process, but if this factories stop working man will have leukemia and his death will be inevitable.


Glory be to Allah, it has been discovered recently that the blood of the umbilical cord can produce any sort of cells if it is put in any area in the body. Therefore, the blood of the umbilical cord is kept in banks. This blood contains cells that are called "stem cells", so when a tissue has to be removed from the human body because of cancer, they bring these stem cells and put it in the area, so they turn into the same kind of cells of the neighborhood area and would replace the removed tissue. Man is still discovering outstanding facts about the human body:

﴾ And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little." ﴿

[Al-Isra', 85]

You believe you are this tiny body
But inside you there is a huge world

A cardiologist told me once, "When an artery in the heart is blocked, the body is able to create ten substitute arteries whose diameters equal the diameter of the blocked artery." This is called "self-maintenance", and it is a Divine Favor upon us.

﴾ And also in your ownselves. Will you not then see? ﴿

[Adh-Dhariyat, 21]

layer will sink in the deep sea (due to its high weight) then another layer will freeze and sink till the entire sea or ocean turns into a frozen water (This happened in some stages of earth and the entire seas were frozen from bottom to top). If this happened, the process of evaporation of seawater would have stopped, rain would have stopped accordingly and all plants, animals and mankind would have died, but because of this property water will shrink in freezing weather like any other substance till it reaches 4 degrees centigrade, then the whole process is remarkably reversed and it starts to expand lessening its density in the process and floating on the surface of water as a result.


By the way, when water expands (because of freezing) no power on earth can stop it. Freezing water is used to remove rocks from a road, for they dig 4 holes in the rock, they put water in the holes and they freeze the water, and by this technique a marble big square rock can be uprooted from the base of a mountain. Also, though the best metal qualities are used in the engine of cars, when water gets frozen in it, it is able to bring the engine apart and crack it.

3- Water is one of the greatest Divine graces:

Hence dear brother, water is one of the greatest graces of Allah. Water is transparent, tasteless and odorless. Had water had a taste, all food, stews and drinks would have been tanned with that taste, and it could have even been smelled of your skin. Water is tasteless, odorless and colorless and if it had a pink color everything would have turned into pink. Water evaporates at 14 degrees centigrade, it is penetrable through pores regardless how tiny they are, it evaporates at low temperature and it boils at a moderate temperature. Water with all its properties is considered one of the Greatest Signs of Allah the Almighty, because without it there will be no life, and if it had not expanded upon freezing, there would have been no life either. Allah says:


﴾ And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? ﴿

70% of the weight of the human being consists of water.

4- Man's body consists of 70 % of water:

The following is a funny thought: if we compress man, he will lose the 70% of his weight of water, and we can make of the rest a bar of soap (from his fat), one iron nail and one match stick and if we sell this stuff, man will not worth more than 20 Liras because these stuff are cheap. Allah swears by the life of the Prophet PBUH, He says:

﴾ Verily, by your life (O Muhammad PBUH), in their wild intoxication, they were wandering blindly. ﴿

[Al-Hijr, 72]


Man can be great because of his heart so that you cannot see how great he is due to his loftiness, but when he acts cheap, he will be lower than any despicable person. Listen to the following: When man gets acquainted with Allah, he will become greater than any crucial matter in life, but when he does not know Allah, he will be weaker than any insignificant hardship befell his life.

I hope you will sweeten in a bitter life
and I hope you are satisfied even if people are not
and I wish that the relationship between us has solid ground
even if my relationship with the people is nothing but ruin
If your intimacy is fulfilled then everything is less import
and everything above this ground is nothing but dust


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations