In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

 Dear brother, this is lesson number 33 of the series “Creed The inimitability of Quran”


Every man is in loss unless he invests in his time:

 We are still tackling the topic of time.
  In previous lectures I had mentioned how time is either invested or wasted.
  Time might be wasted, like the majority of people do, in eating, drinking and entertaining, and then death takes them by surprise when they are not prepared for this hour; and this is the concept of wasting time.
  Believers on the other hand invest in their time, namely, they use their time in useful deeds whose reward extends till after their death.
  Allah says:

﴾ By Al-'Asr (the time).﴿

[Al-Asr, 1]

 Allah in this Ayah is swearing by time.
  Man, who is the foremost creature, is only time, which means that he is at loss as he is living his life because the passage of time consumes his lifetime, but if he invested his time in believing (in Allah), offering good deeds, calling to Allah and being patient in seeking the truth, following it and calling to it, he will not be at loss.

Good deeds are the best thing of all:

 Let us move to the meaning of the following Ayah:

﴾ and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'ruf)which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar)which Allah has forbidden)﴿

[Al-Asr, 3]

 Keep in mind that recommending one another to the truth is one fourth of salvation, and it is one of the cornerstones of salvation.
  You won’t survive the torment of the hereafter unless you seek the truth, abide by it, call to it and be patient in searching for it and calling to it.
  Though this Surat is short, it is sufficient for man.
  The companions of the prophet PBUH used to read this Surat before they go in separated ways.
  Hence our topic today is about recommending one another to the truth while the past pervious lecture was about offering good deeds.
  The good deed (which lasts after death) is evaluated by how wide its spectrum of effect is, how deep its effect is and how influential it is, and this kind of deed, which lasts after death, is the best deed of all.

Enjoining the truth is one of the cornerstones of salvation:

  Let us move on to the topic of recommending one another to the truth.
  First of all, it is unquestionable matter that Dawah is Fard Ayn on every individual Muslims, and he who never strives or never had the intention of striving (Jihad) in his life will die as a hypocrite.
  Therefore not giving any thought to calling sh3er to Islam which is Fard Ayn, not striving in the cause of Allah and not having the intention of Jihad, will make man a hypocrite when he dies.
  Recommending one another to the truth is one of the cornerstones of salvation and it is Fard Ayn on every individual Muslim.
  But Dawah is both Fard Ayn and Fard Kifayah, for it is Fard Kifayah in calling the Ummah when a devoted, educated and qualified scholar takes on his shoulders the mission of refuting all falsehood claims and answering the religious questions, however every Muslim must call to Allah, as Fard Ayn, in the religious knowledge he knows and his call is to those he knows.
  Accordingly, if you heard a religious lecture, a religious CD or a sermon which affected you deeply, you should convey what you heard to those around you.

((Convey from me even an Ayah of the Qur'an))

[Ahmad, Bukhari and Tirmizi by Ibn Amr]

The one who loves Allah and His messenger calls to Allah:

  Surat Al Asr is crucial evidence that Dawah is Fard Ayn, and there is another Ayah which proves that as well, Allah says:

﴾ Say (O Muhammad): "This is my way; I invite unto Allah (i.e. to the Oneness of Allah - Islamic Monotheism) with sure knowledge, I and whosoever follows me (also must invite sh3er to Allah i.e to the Oneness of Allah - Islamic Monotheism) with sure knowledge.﴿

[Yusuf, 108]

 The “Sure knowledge” is the one supported by evidence and to which one should invite sh3er.
Whosoever doesn’t call to Allah at all is not following the prophet PBUH according to the previous Ayah, and thus he doesn’t love Allah, and the proof of that is in the following Ayah:

﴾ Say (O Muhammad to mankind): "If you (really) love Allah then follow me (i.e. accept Islamic Monotheism, follow the Qur'an and the Sunnah)﴿

[Aal-‘Imran, 31]

 Anyone who attends this lecture will die as a hypocrite if he doesn’t consider this lesson,giving the CD of it, convey an interpretation of an Ayah or Hadith, enjoining Ma’roof (goodness), preventing Munkar (evil doing) or trying to guide another person to the path of Allah.

﴾And recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'ruf)which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar)which Allah has forbidden)﴿

[Al-Asr, 3]

Supporting the truth needs efforts to overcome obstacles

  Dear brother, spreading the word of truth is a difficult mission and it needs effort, needless to say how many obstacles and distractions might block the way.
  You might be skewed from the path of seeking the truth because of distractions, lusts, interests, environmental conditions, pressures at work, traditions, customs, keenness or greed, but recommending one another to the truth will remind you, encourage you, protect you, offer advice to you, find alliances with you and grant your safety and happiness.


Recommending the truth is one of salvation’s cornerstones:

  Recommending one another to the truth is one of the cornerstones of salvation.
  Allah says:


﴾You [true believers in Islamic Monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad and his Sunnah (legal ways, etc.)] are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind﴿

[Aal-‘Imran, 110]

 What makes this Ummah the best?

﴾You enjoin Al-Ma'ruf (all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden)﴿

[Aal-‘Imran, 110]

 Now when will the Ummah of the prophet PBUH be destroyed?

((How will you be if you don’t enjoin Ma’roof (goodness) and don’t’ forbid Munkar (evil)?))

[Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya and Abu Ya’la Al Musily in his Musnad by Abi Imamah]

﴾They used not to forbid one another from the Munkar (wrong, evil-doing, sins, polytheism, disbelief, etc.) which they committed﴿

[Al-Ma’idah’, 79]

((How will you be if you don’t enjoin Ma’roof (goodness) and don’t’ forbid Munkar (evil)? They said: O Messenger of Allah is this going to happen? He said: yes and more, how will you be if you enjoin Munkar and forbid Ma’roof? They said: O messenger of Allah is this going to happen? He said: Yes and more…))

[Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya and Abu Ya’la Al Musily in his Musnad by Abi Imamah]

 He said:

((…how will you be if you consider Ma’roof as Munkar and consider Munkar as Ma’roof?))

How to achieve individual and collective perfection:

  Dear brother, there is a delicate point though, recommending one another to the truth purifies and sifts the individual’s orientations, because when man is one track minded and is deluded by one thing and he pins his hopes on it, he can be saved from that disorientation, furthermore his own destination will be pure from distractions by recommending one another to the truth.
  You should know that the truth will never stabilize and continue but in a believing society, whose members recommend one another to that truth, cooperate with one another and become one.
  There is another delicate point: when you draw to perfection by believing in Allah and offering good deeds, you are perfecting yourself, but you will help the other Muslim to become perfect by recommending one another to the truth because the believer belongs to the Muslim society.

((Convey from me even an Ayah of the Qur'an))

[Ahmad, Bukhari and Tirmizi by Ibn Amr]

 Recommending one another to the truth is a fateful matter, how? The truth has fields like this mosque, and unless these fields thrive, falsehood will spread.
  Accordingly, if you have two brother at home, talk one of them into coming to the mosque in order to listen to the religious session.
  Unless the fields of the truth thrive, falsehood will spread on the account of the truth which will diminish gradually.
  Hence, recommending one another to the truth is a must to spread the truth.
  Hence convince your brother to come, and if you have a son, convince him to come, or if you have a father convince him to come, and if this session is attended by a woman, let her convince her husband of coming:

((Convey from me even an Ayah of the Qur'an))

[Ahmad, Bukhari and Tirmizi by Ibn Amr]

Recommending the truth is our means to refute falsehood:

 What will happen if the circles of the truth don’t thrive? The circles of falsehood will spread instead, given the spreading of falsehood is very fast, why is that? It is because falsehood is all about lusts which are endeared to man’s self, whereas the truth needs efforts to thrive.
 There is no instant rewards for spreading the truth, and all the Divine promises will be gained after death, and though you might taste part of the Divine reward in this worldly life, but you will be fully rewarded in the hereafter, not to mention that tremendous efforts are put by you in convincing people to lowering their gazes, controlling their tongues and unleashing their goodness within, but after all, the reward for all that is very big in the hereafter.
On the other hand, lusts are tangible and have instant gains in the worldly life like a luxury car, a beautiful woman, a big mansion, a hefty income, a successful business, a powerful position or an owned authority, all of which are enjoyable tangible things which can be seen with the eye, but the hereafter, according to the Quran, is better than all that:


﴾And indeed the Hereafter is better for you than the present (life of this world).﴿


[Ad-Duha, 4]

 In the Quran you are ordered to believe in the hereafter and Ghaib (the unseen), whereas matters of the worldly life are made of tangible nature, and this is why recommending one another to the truth helps spreading the truth.
  Allah the Almighty decreed that the worldly life is the abode of divine test and striving, not the abode of compensation and hope (like the hereafter), and it is the abode of the divine assignment, not the abode of honoring (like the hereafter).
  It is deemed a must to recommend one another to the truth in order to overcome our lusts, to refute the stubborn falsehood and to put up with harm and difficulties.

Time for Muslims and time for the west:

  Dear brother,

﴾If you are suffering (hardships) then surely, they (too) are suffering (hardships) as you are suffering﴿

[An-Nisa’, 104]

 Don’t we, as Muslims, feel shame before Allah? They are suffering though they follow falsehood, so how can we put up with not bearing the hardship of our Ummah, given we follow the truth?

﴾If you are suffering (hardships) then surely, they (too) are suffering (hardships) as you are suffering, but you have a hope from Allah (for the reward, i.e. Paradise) that for which they hope not, and Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.﴿

[An-Nisa’, 104]

 According to the western culture, time is money.
  There used to be a juice seller close to Omayyad Mosque (in old Damascus), and he happened to be very famous for his excellent juice and fair prices, so people were in crowds waiting in lines to get their juice especially in summer and when the market of Al Hamidyah is very crowded.
 And though there might be 40 or 50 persons waiting for their juice, when Azan Al Zuhr started, he would promptly close his store and head to the Mosque. Won’t selling his juice to 50 customers in that half hour, bring him good money, and thus when he relinquished all that for offering Salah Al Zuhr, won’t this mean that he is donating money, isn’t that true?
 On special occasions and seasons, closing the store on Friday in order to offer Friday prayer might mean a great loss of money according to the western concept of time, however according to the Islamic concept of time, time is used to worship Allah and this is the true earning.
 Your time is the container of your worship, deeds and reasoning.
 Knowledge is sought by spending time, for each one of you leaves his house, his wife, his children, his quality time at home, all means of relaxation, talking to your son or listening to him, you leave all thatin order to come to this Masjid and attend this session, so this is an effort and time paid by you.
 Any delay in time means losing money according to the western concept of time, and they make you pay interests in such cases, but according to the Islamic concept of time, it means that you use your time wisely when you worship Allah because time is your container of good deeds.

Success lies in investing time rather than consuming it:

  Hence, the delicate thing I want to convey to you in this blessed meeting is how to spend your time?
How are you able to invest your time instead of wasting it?
  Consider the following example: if a very poor student is studying to graduate high school, and his scores will determine which university he will be enrolled in, given his ambition is to go to medical school, but in order to study medicine, he must have very high scores, in this case he will be able to study medicine while he is living in his family house without any extra expenses, but if he is one degree short of the needed degrees for medical school, he will have to travel to another city to study medicine, and this means spending money on travelling, renting and transportations, which is a loss.
  In our country your scores in high school determine the university you enter starting with the highest scores to enter medical school, then dental school, then pharmacy, then biology then IT then economics and finally law school.
Accordingly, every student during his final year in high school should use his time wisely in order to get high scores.
The top student in Syria was asked by a reporter: “What did you do to become the first student in the country?” He answered: “The minute of the exams never left my mind all year long”.
  Much in the same line, time is the container of your deeds, and after death there are only two results: either paradise or hellfire.
  Hence your destiny after life will be determined according to the way you use your time, so did you seek knowledge? Did you follow the truth and avoid falsehood? Did you know goodness from evil? Did you know Halal (permissible matters) from Haram (impermissible matters)? Did you know Divine orders and bans? Did you know what is allowed and what is forbidden? Did you know what Allah likes you to do and what Allah dislikes you to do?
The way you spend time determines your destiny, so how will you spend your time?


Man’s value is drawn from the way he uses his time:


 Dear brother, Al Hasan Al Basri defined man like no one ever did, he said: “man is but few days, and every day that passes it will take away part of him, and I have seen people who were stingy in their time more than being stingy on their money”.
  Frankly, your value is drawn from the way you manage your time and the way you spend it.
Study, learn, excel, specialize, reauthor Quran, understand Sunnah, speak out, call to Allah and make room for yourself among the crowds in a religious sessions, so what do you do in life?
  If, Allah forbids, one of you is afflicted with an intractable disease like cirrhosis whose operation will cost 10 millions, he will never hesitate to sell his only and dear house which he bought after 55 years of hard work and after he adorned it with decorations and fancy furniture, will he?
  Why won’t he hesitate?
  This is because deep inside him he is molded to realize that time is more precious than money, and thus he will sell his house in order to live a few more years and he will consider that a good bargain.

Time is the more valuable than money:

 You are molded deep inside to value time more than money.
  Prepare yourself for the following paradox: if a person holds 500 thousand Liras in front of you and burns it till it all turns to dust and you can’t prevent him since he is holding a gun, so what is your judgment of this person? If one million people watched that, what would their judgment be? They would all accuse him of foolishness and insanity. Therefore wasting money is considered an insane act, and since time, as I mentioned earlier is more precious than money, then the one who wastes his time is even more insane.
  It is a waste of time to spend it at parties where there is idle talks, backbiting, calumny and chit chats about food, drink, women, football players, actors and actresses whether the dead or the alive among them.
  The most serious error man might commit is to waste time in nonsense, purposeless talks, dirty jocks, backbiting, calumny and speaking about the vanity of the world like the car models, and believe me if the youth studied as much as they learn about cars, they would have excelled, but they spend their precious time in talking about cars and their qualities and properties like this one is turbo, this is full options and that one is a four wheeler, and in less decent kinds of talks, they talk about women, movies, backbiting, calumny and idle talk.
  The one who wastes his time is more insane than the one who burns the money he owns, because man is only a few days and time is even more previous than gold.

Managing time manifests civilization:

  Dear brother, let me ask the brother who studied economy: What are the top economic resources in the world? They are four: the first one is the natural resources like oil, phosphate, Uranium, gold, diamond, coal and sh3er, the second resource is the people and specialties, for you are in need for a specialist in plants, in air conditioning, in business management and other specialties. Can you establish a profitable company without people? You can’t, thus you need employees, executive directors, deputy manager, accountant manager, sales manager, import manager, advertising manager and sh3er, so you need materials, place, building, commodities, information and people and all that need money so the third resource is money and the fourth resource is time.
  Time makes the most important factor in life, and unfortunately it is wasted by people in the developing countries where there is no value of time at all.
  In advanced countries they put all the needed governmental departments which are needed to construct a building (for example) in one place, so if you need to pay your taxes or to pay for customs clearance, you find both in the same place, and you can find banks, communications, restaurants and other facilities which make the task of businessmen easy.
  But in a developing or backward country, every governmental department is in a place far from the other one and sometimes it is in a different city, and accordingly, man’s time will be wasted in paper work.
  Time is very cheap in the developing countries.
 There is the single-window system now which is a trade facilitation idea, and it means that all needed facilities are in one place and it is like a mole where you can find everything when you go shopping in one place, unlike the old school system of markets, when you have to shop from different places to get your things (which is a waste of time).
Time is very important, and managing time manifests civilization.
  Get organized in your sleeping, in your relation with your family, in your reading time, in your time spent with family and write plans, use a calendar, have your own agenda and write down your list of tasks, for managing your time reflects your faith because you are time and you are only few days and every day that passes will take part of you with it.


The definitions of managing time:

  Dear brother: one of the definitions of time is the following: It is to do what should be done, in the perfect way it should be done in the time needed.
  It is said that the one who can manage his time is able to manage his life.
  If the possibility of using your entire time wisely is not available then at least use the most of it in useful matters.
Though using every moment of your life wisely is rather impossible, there is still a waste, so what you ought to do is to invest as much as you can of your time.
  If you are traveling from one country to another or from one city to another, take a book with you and read it.
Fill your time with any useful thing.
  Once I visited France, and there is a fast train which travels from north France to South France at the speed of 350 kilometers per hour, and that speed is close to the speed of planes. This train is soundless because it operates by electricity, but what caught my attention, when I traveled in it, is that every passenger was busy either reading, or using their laptops.
  The seats are provided with electric outlets so that one can plug in his laptop, and the train in general is very stable, it is air-conditioned and it has a restaurant.
  Actually I was impressed, because people in those countries spend their time on the train in useful things, while people in our countries spend the time looking out the window and you can see that yourself if you take a train from Damascus to Aleppo, where the five hours are spent by the passengers in looking only.
  Time is precious, and people of the west know how to use their time.



Managing time indicates civilization and sound faith:

  Dear brother, managing time indicates civilization and sound faith, and it reflects prosperity and success.
Dear brother, organize your time and divide it to serve all your tasks, write down your plans and keep adjusting and adding to them continuously.
  Time is the most wasted element in developing countries where delays on flights might extend to three whole hours, whereas in the west they mention the departure and arrival times down to minutes.
  Wasting time reflects unconsciousness of the great loss one is in.
  In our countries people sit in front of their houses for hours doing nothing but looking at people, isn’t that a waste of time?
  The great scholar Badr Addeen Al Hasani once passed by people who were playing backgammon and he said: “Glory be to Allah if only we can buy time from those people, we would have done that.”



Time is the greatest economic revenue:

  Time is the foremost economic resource, however and unlike rain water, we can’t store time because it passes quickly and the time we miss will never be regained or compensated, for time is the most precious thing man owns, it is the container of deeds, knowledge and acts of worship and it’s the real capital of every individual and society.
According to very accurate statistics, the individual in developing countries works only 27 minutes a day (they divide the national income by the population number in order to get the number of working hours), whereas in advanced countries the individual works 8 full hours, so I don’t believe that an Ummah whose individuals work 27 minutes every day will defeat another Ummah whose individuals work 8 hours every day.
  By Allah there are facts about some advanced countries that break the heart. One company for example has 40 thousand workers, and its annual income equals the national income of the biggest Arabic country whose population is 70 million.
Can you imagine that the national income of a country, whose population is 70 million, equals the income of this company whose workers are only 40 thousand; this is a heart breaking fact.
  Time is very precious, it can’t be bought, it is the backbone of life, it is the ground of civilization, it can’t be sold, it can’t be leased, it can’t be borrowed, it can’t be doubled, it can’t be stored and it can’t be manufactured, all we can do about time is just invest it and use it wisely.
  There are people who use their time in doing their jobs and still they can find time to know their Lord, to worship Him and to draw close to Him, and those are the ones who know the value of time because they use every minute of their time wisely.



Managing time means to invest it in the best of ways:

  Managing time doesn’t aim to change time, to adjust it or to evolve it but it aims at using it effectively and to diminish the loss of using it in useless matters.
  Time passes, yet sometimes you feel that time is passing slowly, while other times you feel like it is passing very fast, a poet described that condition in this line of poetry:



If you are complaining that nights are long without me
My suffering is that nights flies when you are with me

 When man is in pain, time passes very slowly, but when he is happy time passes fast, but in both cases the time length is the same.
  Accordingly, time is described as follows: time passes according to a constant and specific speed, and the seconds, minutes or hours are the same, time also passes forward according to a delicate system that can’t be stopped, changed, increased or reorganized, time passes regularly without getting ahead or getting lingered behind, time can’t be stored, time can’t be canceled, time can’t be changed and it can’t be bought because it is the a limited resource which is distributed evenly among human beings.

Man’s problem comes from the way he manages time and uses it:

  Though people are given different fortunes and opportunities which are not distributed equally among them in the worldly life, but they all own the same 24 hours every day, whether they are smart, simple-minded, brilliant or lazy, they all own 24 hours a day and 50 weeks a year.
  The top student in the country and the one who failed both own the same 50 weeks every year, but the one who passed with flying colors used his 50 weeks as if they were 200 weeks, whereas the one who failed used them as if they were only 10 weeks.
  Hence, people own the same share of time regardless if they were powerful officials or clerks,rich or poor because the problem doesn’t lie in the time those people have but rather it lies in the way they use and manage this time.
I hope I was able to convince some of you or the majority here to start planning and managing their time, to prioritize their tasks, to organize the time their tasks take and to follow a plan.
  Managing time is indicated in the following Ayah:

﴾ Is he who walks without seeing on his face, more rightly guided, or he who (sees and) walks on a Straight Way (i.e. Islamic Monotheism). ﴿

[Al- Mulk, 33]

 We will carry on in talking about this topic next lecture inshallah.
 Praise be to Allah Lord of worlds.

The scientific topic:


 Dear brother, let us move to the scientific topic.
 Allah the Almighty created creatures within which there are endless Divine wonders like bees for example.
Bees are social insects which have an outstanding system:


Bees are social insects which follow an outstanding system.

 In the bee society there is a queen, worker bees, females and male bees, cleaner bees to clean the hive, sh3er to buff and polish the walls and there are guards whose mission is to look out and they even have a password and every bee that fails to say that password will be killed, so if you watch a billion bees at day light, you should know that each one of them will dwell in its hive otherwise it will be killed.
  The password is changed from time to time.
  There are bees that are workers whose mission is to refresh the air of the hive’s cells, and they do that by flapping their wings on the entrance of every cell.
  In winter on the other hand, worker bees seal the hive openings to keep the hive warm inside.
There are the maid bees whose mission is to serve the queen and they make the royal jelly especially for her.
Dear brother, there are scout bees whose mission is to find the fields in order to collect nectar from flowers and after they find the suitable field they go back to the other bees and they dance in a special way to give the other bees the direction to that field, how far it is and how rich it is with flowers, all that is said through dancing.
  The bee’s speed is 60 kilometers per hour when it heads towards the field, but when it comes back to the hive carrying the nectars its speed slows down to 30 kilometers per hour.


Honey is a cure for people:

  In the most advanced trucks they mix the components of construction while the truck is moving.
In Australia, the giant companies take the raw materials on giant ships and they manufacture Aluminum on the ship to be sold (as a final product) in Cyprus.
  Bees also have the same techniques, for the bees usually mark the flowers they collected so that other bees won’t waste time going to those flowers, then upon collecting the nectars they start condensing them finishing (by that) the first stage of making honey on their way back to the hive.
  Talking about bees needs more time.
  If one bee is assigned to make one kilogram of honey, it needs to fly 400 thousand kilometers which equals traveling around the earth 10 times, needless to say that honey is a pharmacy unto itself for it heals man from diseases as we were told by Allah the Almighty in Quran:

﴾ wherein is healing for men ﴿

[An-Nahl, 69]

The useful function of honey

  By Allah dear brother, everything Allah created has two functions, the first one is to be useful to man and the second one guides him to Allah, and while the west excels in the first mission, Muslims excels in the second one and it is rather more beneficial to make use of them both.
  Accordingly if we take honey, it has two functions, the first one is ahealing one whereas the second one is to guide people to know Allah after pondering over the bees’ minute system.
  If a mouse enters the hive, the cleaner bees are too small to kill it considering its size and weight, but instead they wrap it with wax.
  If we want to talk about the amazing skills of the bees in building their hive, and if we want to compare it to man’s skills in tiling the ground, usually the manager instructs his workers to do this and that and they won’t be able to come up with the same tiles’ size unless they all use a sample tile in order to cut the sh3er according to it, however the bees build the wax cells in hexagonal shapes and at the end all the cells will be alike to the micron, not to mention that the hexagonal shape is the best shape for storage as it has the lesser space between cells and it has obtuse angles which allows more amount of honey to be stored besides making the honey accessible to bees. The bees start building the wax cells from the outer line of the hive towards the middle and they meet at the center. These skills are beyond man’s abilities. Allah the Almighty says:

﴾But are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, ﴿

[Al-An’am, 38]

The Quran mentions that the working bee is the female bee:

  Again there are the scout bees, the worker bees, the dancing bees, the queen, queen maid bees, the royal jelly and the males.
The queen put eggs of male and female bees and queens, and the latter are put in a special place where queens “to be” are kept, and the males are kept in a special place, so how would the queen know which is which.
  The males’ function is to fertilize the queen.
  Allah says:

﴾ And your Lord inspired the bee, saying: "Take ﴿

[An-Nahl, 68]

 The Arabic word “Itakhithee” (take) is addressed to the female bee, so how would the prophet PBUH know that the worker bees who make honey are females? Male bees don’t make honey and it is the female’s mission:

﴾And your Lord inspired the bee, saying: "Take you habitations in the mountains ﴿

[An-Nahl, 68]

 Allah the Almighty therefore addresses the female bee which makes the honey, and this is but a scientific inimitability of the Quran.

Pondering over Allah’s creations guides man to the truth:

  By Allah dear brother, if only one reads a book about the bees, his heart will be filled with fear of Allah the Almighty and he might shed tears.
  By Allah the only Deity, if man did that he would fulfill the purpose of creating honey and bees (i.e. Knowing Allah and fearing Him).
  On the other hand, some people eat honey till they are fed up without even noticing the guiding function of honey, and by that they are nullifying the purpose of creating honey and bees.
  This is supported by another Hadith in which the prophet PBUH said upon seeing the new moon:


((A new moon of benevolence and righteousness))


[Sunan Abi Dawood by Qatadah]

 This Hadith indicates the two functions of everything I mentioned earlier: the first function of anything is to be useful to man, and the second function is to guide him to Allah the Almighty.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations