In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

An article and its content:

 After World War I, the number of females became four times more that that of males. But a few years afterwards, the rate returned to that which Allah, All-Mighty, designed: 105% females and 95% males. This rate is usually stable everywhere and at all normal times. The remarkable thing is that although each married couple have different numbers of male and female children, for such a family may have eight daughters, another may have four daughters and four sons, and a third may have neither sons nor daughters, such different rates, anywhere and any time, in the end, return to regular rates known by specialists of demography.
 This is similar, for example, to what the ministry of finance in a certain country do in order to keep total expenditure within planned limits. But what does the ministry of finance do? The answer is: Every decision of expenditure is delivered to a specialized department called “Department of Ledger”, where all accounts are posted and checked. If no more funds are available, expenditure is stopped. In other words, there must always be a special ledger which is meant to control expenditure and keep it within proper limits. The same thing applies to the number of males and females in the whole world: someone has seven sons while another has seven daughters, but the whole thing is kept with Allah in accurate registers so that the total number of males and females is kept within the rate decreed by Allah, All-Mighty.
 This issue calls for contemplation,

Where can we find happiness?

 Dear brother, You can’t be happy unless you worship Allah, you can’t worship Him unless you know Him, and you can’t know Him unless you think of His ayat. Divine Ayat are of three kinds: Quranic ayat, Signs in the great universe, and signs in Allah’s Actions. If you follow Allah’s Actions, you can see a Great Wise Mreciful controls of everything. If you contemplate in Allah’s Creation, you can see inimitability, perfection, power, richness, knowledge, mercy, etc. And if you read the noble Quran you can also know Allah’s Perfect Attributes and Divine Names.
 Thus, dear brother, contemplation can be considered as an act of worship, or we can say the it is one of the best acts of worship.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations