In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Preventive benefits of fast:

 The talk about Islamic Fast as a kind of worship that involves piety and honor to a true believer does not exclude its great medical benefits, as it embraces a great many astonishing medical merits, being enjoined on man by his own Creator and Maker, Allah, All-Mighty, Whose Divine Command is far too Sublime and Wise to include only one benefit. In other words, as prescribed by the Lord, Allah, All-Mighty, Most Gracious, Islamic Fast embraces innumerable benefits and merits.
 Some scholars confirm that Islamic Fast is an annual protective and curative course that protects man from a great many illnesses and diseases. It is a precautionary behavior that guarantees safety of man’s organism. It is also a curative course for some diseases and illnesses. It provides protection from diseases and illnesses of old age to a Muslim who adheres to its moderate rules in eating and drinking.
 In fact, illnesses and diseases of old age begin to show when one has grown old, but their causes begin much earlier, i.e. when one is still young. In this context, Islamic Fast provides a kind of balance between consumption of organism and protection of organs. In other words, most diseases and illnesses of old age result from the continuous over-loading of the body with lots of different kinds of food and drink as well as other enjoyments throughout the whole year. Therefore, in the month of Ramadan, Islamic Fast comes to relieve the human body and correct wrong nutritional practices that are committed during the other months of the year. After a whole month of Islamic Fast during the holy month of Ramadan the human body is revived and restored to good health.
 Allah’s Messenger, (PBUH), was quoted as saying,

“Fast, and you will be healthy.”

Curative benefits of fast:

 As confirmed by scientists, Islamic Fast belongs to protective more than curative medicine. That is why the sick are exempt from the Fast.
 Among the great many benefits of Islamic Fast is that it decreases the work of the circulation system, the heart and blood vessels. It also minimizes the ratio of fat and uric acid in the body, which protects man from a serious disease, namely arteriosclerosis, which, weakens the heart and causes angina pectoris. With minimization of uric acid the human body is also protected against another serious disease, arthritis.
 In fact, Islamic Fast minimizes the work of the circulation system and comforts the heart and blood vessels through decrease of the ratio of fat in blood and of uric acid. It also comforts the kidneys by decrease of remains of metabolism (the change of food into mechanical energy), which is minimized during the month of Ramadan, provided that a fasting person follows Prophetic Sunna and Tradition in this regard, i.e. moderate eating and drinking upon breakfast.
 Scientists say that liver sugar – storage of sugar in the body– is made to move by the Fast; and with the movement of sugar the liver, without which man cannot survive more than only three hours, is reactivated. With the movement of liver sugar the fat stored under the skin also moves, and so do proteins, glands, and liver-cells. Islamic Fast, as medical scientists confirm, renews and cleans tissues. It is like an annual maintenance of the human body’s tissues and organs.
 The above-mentioned facts have to do with the protective aspects of Islamic Fast, but what about its curative aspects?
 In fact, Islamic Fast is considered as a cure for some diseases and illnesses, such as cute inflammation of the stomach, stubborn vomiting during pregnancy, hypertension, diabetes, chronic failure of kidneys, and some skin diseases.
 To wrap up, Allah’s Divine Commands are Blessed! They purify man’s soul, enlighten his heart and provide him with the proper vision whereby he distinguishes the Truth from falsehood and Good from evil.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations