In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

First Sermon:

Post Ramadan stage:

 Honorable brothers, we are in post-ramadan stage, and the on this occasion we should mention that every believer who fasted this noble month, prayed its nights, stayed up its nights, reauthord the noble Quran, lowered his gaze from what is forbidden, and sought the halal in his income, should continue that behavior which accompanied him during Ramadan after Ramadan, so that the gains are cumulative. This is heroism. The higher you climb up the ladder of faith qualitatively; you should keep it, and build upon it for other steps. With this logic and attitude we will benefit from worships, where all our gains accumulate until they reach the point that Allah the Almighty is pleased with us all. It is unreasonable to go back to the usual, unacceptable behavior one used to have before Ramadan, as this means that he did not improve, there are no accumulative gains, all the gains are instantaneous, Ramadan is over. As a poet said:

Ramadan is over so give us wine o waiter
It misses me and I miss it

When man unconsciously after Ramadan goes back to what he used to do before it, he cancels the accumulation of achievements in his life, as they become related to a certain stage, and they end with the end of this stage. Therefore, no progress, no upgrading in man’s life who understands the month of Ramadan as a season of worship, commitment, discipline, spending, giving,reciting Quran, seeking knowledge, forgiveness, and goes back after Ramadan to what he used to be before Ramadan.

Ramadan should be a Return to Allah:

 Therefore, we must review our accounts, arrange our papers, stand carefully with ourselves; in my life, in my gains, in my relationships, in my daughters way of going out, in my relationship with people, whether they are superiors or inferiors, in my work, in my health, in my eating habits, and in my social relations. This system of relations should be evaluated after Ramadan so that they continue as they were in Ramadan, that is the case of those who fasted Ramadan the way The Most Merciful wanted, that is one case.
 Another case for a person who did not give Ramadan its right, had great pain, because the prophet PBUH climbed the first step of the pulpit and said: “Amen”, when he climbed the second step he said: “Amen”, the third one said: “Amen”, when the prayer and the sermon ended, they said:”O messenger of Allah, what have you said amen for?”, he said: “Gabriel came to me_ and among what he said- “ he who attended Ramadan and was not forgiven is disappointed and lost, if he was not forgiven in Ramadan, when then?”
 As if this noble month was meant by Allah to be a return to Him, making peace with Him, repentance to Him, walking towards Him. But the heroism is to let this return and repentance continue until after Ramadan, and to keep all the behavior you had in Ramadan, what you were forbidden to do in Ramadan, eating and drinking, is now allowed after Ramadan, let the eating and drinking be the only difference between Ramadan and after Ramadan. Therefore part of the gains you had is that you prayed thirty days al-Fajr prayer at the mosque, and the prophet PBUH said:


“Whoever prays Al-Fajr is under the protection of Allah the Almighty”


[Sunan ibn majah from Samra Ibn Jundub]

“Whoever prays Isha in congregation is like someone who spent half the night praying”

[Muslim from Othman Bin Affan may Allah be pleased with him]

 In general, most Muslims perform Al-Fajr and Isha’ salat in congregation, if you keep doing that after Ramadan, then your gains are continuous, and all of you know that one salat in the mosque equals twenty seven salats performed individually, because the mosque is a place of worship, a place where all mercy is descended and the proof is the Qudsi hadith:


“ My homes on earth are the mosques, their visitors are their people/builders, blessed is a man who purified himself at his own house and came to visit Me, and it is the obligation of the host to honor the visitor”


Man should continue doing good deeds after Ramadan

 One of the the prerequisites of Ramadan is that you perform Al-Fajr and Isha’ payers at the mosque, if you continue this worship after Ramadan, these gains will continue throughout the year, I stress Fajr and Isha’, you may be at work where it is difficult to go to a mosque for the noon prayer, (Al-Dhuhr), the afternoon (Al-Asr), and the sunset (Al-Maghrib) prayers, they might have special cases, but as for Al_Fajr and Isha’- the beginning and end of the day- that is a gain, and I do not believe there is anyone who dares to stare at women in Ramadan, men usually lower their gaze from women in Ramadan, this should continue after Ramadan, this is another gain, the proof is that Allah the Almighty said:

“Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do”

[Surat An_Noor, aya 30].

 If you can continue this kind of worship after Ramadan, it means that lowering the gaze (ghad el basar) will continue to the end of the year.
 You probably have reauthord the noble Quran in Ramadan, most people may read one part a day. Reciting the noble Quran is one of the most greatest kinds of worship. You should commit yourself to reading the noble Quran after Ramadan the way you used to do during Ramadan; that is you should perform all the rituals you did during Ramadan after Ramadan, therefore it was said: if you want to talk to your Lord, make dua’, and if you want Him to talk to you, read the noble Quran, when you read the noble Quran, it will be as if Allah is talking to you:

"Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do”

[Surat An_Noor, aya 30]

 As if Allah is saying to you: lower your gaze, when you read thenobleQuran, especially at His saying: “Oh, you who have believed,”, when you feel you are addressed in the speech, and the Creator of the heavens and earth is talking to you and waiting for your attitude and you reaction, He is waiting to see what you are doing after reading that ayah. In Ramdan, you visited the mosques, you performed Al-Fajr and Isha’ prayers in congregation, in Ramadan you went too far in integrity, you lowered yourgaze from what Allah the Almighty has forbidden you, these gains which Allah has honored you with in Ramadan through which you felt close to the One, the Judge, this should go on after Ramadan. Surely, you visited your relatives in Ramadan as connecting with the kinship, this connection is not supposed to be only in Ramadan, it should continue after it. Connecting the kinship is one of the highest levels of relational worships, as if Allah the Almighty wanted from that kind of worship that the strong connects with the weak, the rich with the poor, the rich checks his poor relative’s affairs; if he needs any help, assistance, guidance or support, this visit will be the start of the good deed. All the worships and attitudes you did during Ramadan should continue after this month.
 In fact, those acts of worship which Allah the Almighty have ordered us to do make a qualitative leap towards Allah the Almighty, this leap should not be followed by another incompatible one towards the earth, all the leaps should be up so that our faith develops gradually, every year there is a qualitative leap.

Man’s relationship with Allah should not be temporary

 I tell those who could not fast Ramadan as Allah the Almighty wanted: all the months of the year are Ramadan, Allah is there, you have time, you can worship, you can speaking to Allah, you have the Quran, doing good deeds is possible. If someone did not give Ramadan its due right for a mistake, misunderstanding, difficult circumstances, he can compensate for this after Ramdan, either you can compensate or continue.To the delinquent we say: make up, and to the outstanding we say: continue.

 Any way, your relationship with Allah the Almighty should not be closed to certain time, you perform that worship and go back to what you have been, no, all your gains must be cumulative, that is the difference between Ramadan and what is after Ramadan, if those acquirements - good deeds, spending, reciting the noble Quran, call to Allah, attending certain preaches - continue, any way:

“Shall I tell you the best of your deeds, the most accepted to your King, the highest in your degrees, better for you than spending gold and silver, and better to you than when you meet your enemies killing them or being killed? They said: what is that o messenger of Allah? He said: remembering Allah the Almighty”

[Narrated by Malik, At_tirmithi and Ahmad in hisMusnad, and the Hakim in the Mustadrak from Abu Ad_Darda’”

 Al_Thikr (remembering Allah) is a word of wide meaning, if you call Allah, then you are Thakir (someone who remembers Allah), if you enjoin ma’roof (good doing), then you are remembering Allah (Thakir), if you forbid munkar (evil), you are remembering Allah (thakir), if you listen to a sermon/preach, you are remembering Allah (thakir):


“Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured."


[Surat Ar_Ra’d, verse 28]

 That is, you must start from this honorable hadith, Abu Bakr Es-Siddiq passed by a dignified companion named Hanthalah, and he saw him crying, he said: “what’s wrong with you Hanthalah?” He said: “Hanthala has dissembled”, Abu Bakr said: “and why my brother?” Hanthalah said:“when we are with the prophet of Allah PBUH we become so close to Paradise, when we go back home and deal with the family, we forget.” For the modesty of Abu Bakr, he said: “so do I brother, let’s go to the prophet PBUH”.They went and told him the case, so the prophet said:As for us, prophets, our eyes sleep but never our hearts, as for you, brother, one hour here and one hour there.
 That means the position of prophecy is a continuous connection with Allah, not temporary, if you kept the way you are here, then the angels would shake hands with you and visit you at your homes.
 The meaning is that you should know for sure that you must have a way at the mosque, you are in the house of Allah, is it possible to knock on someone’s door whoever he is without being offered hospitality? No way, even if it was a small candy. You entered one of Allah’s houses,

“ My homes on earth are the mosques, their visitors are their people/builders, blessed is a man who purified himself at his own house and came to visit me, and it is the obligation of the host to honor the visitor”

Those who remember Allah and those remembered by Allah:

 Now, how does Allah honor you? Here is the point, you can know the answer from the following ayah:

“..And establish prayer. Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. And Allah knows that which you do.”

[Surat Al-Ankabut, verse 45]

 When you enter a house of Allah, and connect with Him well, now you are in a prayer at the mosque, you remember Allah, you say to Him:


“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious Merciful, the Most Merciful* [All] praise is [due] to Allah, Lord of the worlds -* The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful* Sovereign of the Day of Recompense* It is You we worship and You we ask for help* Guide us to the straight path -* The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.”


[Surat Al-Fatiha: verses 1-7]

 You are in prayer at the mosque remembering Allah, but Allah the Almighty says:

“So remember Me; I will remember you.”

[Surat Al_Baqara, verse 152]

 You remembered Him, if you remember Him, He will remember you. How does He remember you? First of all He says to you:

“and the remembrance of Allah is greater”

[surat Al_Ankabut, verse 45]

 If you remember Him, you have fulfilled the duty of worship, but if He remembers you, He will give you security:

“So which of the two parties has more right to security, if you should know? They who believe and do not mix their belief with injustice - those will have security, and they are [rightly] guided.”


[Surat Al_An’am, verses 81, 82]

Mixing belief with injustice wastes the blessings of security:

 All people of the earth miss this blessing except the believers, and the proof is the ayah:

“So which of the two parties has more right to security, if you should know?”

 and the answer came

“They who believe and do not mix their belief with injustice”,

 All people of the earth miss this blessing except the believers Security is limited to believers only, no one on earth enjoys this bless, no matter how strong and rich they are, only the believers enjoy this blessing, the proof is in this ayah:

“So which of the two parties has more right to security, if you should know? They who believe and do not mix their belief with injustice – those will have security, and they are [rightly] guided.”

[Surat Al_An’am, verses 81, 82]

 The first fruit is Allah’s remembering of you is:

“So remember Me; I will remember you.”


[Surat Al_Baqara, verse 152]

The Believer enjoys of countless blessings:

 Now to another blessing, if you remember Allah, He will grant you the blessing of satisfaction, you are satisfied. Satisfaction is something wonderful; you become satisfied with your house and your family, your children, because if man was away from Allah the Almighty, He will be angry with him, nothing satisfies him, you sit with someone who owns millions, and he has thousand complaints. Complaint is a quality of those who are away from Allah the Almighty, but the believer enjoys countless blessings, for example, the biggest blessing Allah has granted you –you might be astonished- is that you exist.

“Has there [not] come upon man a period of time when he was not a thing [even] mentioned?”

[Surat Al_Insan, verse 1]

 Allah the Almighty has granted you the blessing of existence, you exist, and why did He make you? To make you happy, that is the greatest blessing.In addition, there is the blessing of supply, he supplied you with air, fresh water, food, drink, fruits, the earth which is a planet under your disposal, with its size, rotation, its night and day, its seasons, its fruits, plants and animals, its beautiful scenery, colors, some animals only see two colors; white and black, you see colors, the human eye can distinguish eight million colors, He gave you:

“Have We not made for him two eyes?”


[Surat Al_Balad, verse 8]

 Allah the Almighty has granted you food and drink, and supplies that no one knows but Him. If you are attached with Him, He will grant you satisfaction, success, victory and wisdom:

“.. and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good.”


[Surat Al_Baqara, verse269]

 He has granted you countless blessings from prayer, if you remember Allah in prayer, Allah will remember you, and if He remembers you, He will grant you those blessings, therefore:

“and establish prayer for My remembrance.”


[Surat Taha, verse 14]

 But His remembrance of you is greater than you remembrance of Him.

Tranquility is the greatest divine gift:

 Honorable brothers, when you taste the sweetness of being close to Allah in Ramadan, you will keep prayers as Allah the Almighty wanted.There is a hadith that I mention a lot because it contains the basics of the religion, “not every one performing prayer is praying”, the prophet PBUH said:

“Twelve thousand people will not be defeated because they are few”


[Reported by Abu Daoud and Tirmithi from Abdullah Ibn Abbas]

 There are one billion and eight hundred million Muslims, and their word is not heard, they don’t have control over their affairs, and the other party have thousands of ways over them, Allah has granted you security, satisfaction, success, wisdom, happiness, and tranquility, what is tranquility? It is the greatest divine gift, you are happy with it even if you lose everything, and you are miserable in losing it even if you own everything, the prophet PBUH was happy with it in Thawr bay (Thawr Ghar), when the polytheists wanted to kill him, they followed him. He was happy with it on the way of migration, he was happy with it when he went through his most difficult days in Ta’if. The prophet PBUH went through a lot of difficult troubles, and through each adversity Islam was expected to finish, but he was certain of Allah’s support to him, Allah the Almighty is Supportive to His prophet, the proof is that the prophet PBUH when Suraqah followed him to kill him for a hundred camels as a prize to the one who brings him dead or alive, the generous prophet said: What do you say of wearing Kisra’s two bracelets, Suraqah?
 Imagine that a country like Yemen, a modest country, and we tell one of its citizens that he will enter the White House to be the first man there- very funny- Kisra was the greatest king at that time. During the era of Omar Bin Al-Khattab Kisra’s treasures were brought, and our master Omar held Kisra’s bracelets and asked for Suraqah, he gave him the bracelets to wear them, and said: what an irony, a Bedouin from the tribe of Midlig is wearing Kisra’s bracelets.
 Dear brother, I hope that you have an unshakable trust in Allah, by Allah, Allah’s promises are always achieved, don’t go too far, how many fighters are there in Ghaza- I think they are believers - they faced the fourth biggest army in the world for twenty two days, and that army was not able to achieve any progress, that is a lesson for us, the collapse of the world system is a lesson for us. There are glimpses, or we can call them faith charges, or faith doses, refreshing doses from Allah the Almighty, great countries that have giant financial system governing billions of billions collapse? Because there is riba ( interest)in it:

“Allah destroys interest and gives increase for charities”

[Surat Al_Baqara, verse 276]

The believer does not despair:

 Therefore brother, Allah’s promises are fixed, heroism is to not let despair get to you.

“So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.”


[Surat Al_Imran, verse 139]

 One of the scientists in the west whom Allah has guided into Islam, went from the United States to the United Kingdom and met the Muslim community there, he delivered a speech in the presence of one of the scientists specialized in scientific miracles. He said: I do not believe that the Islamic World can catch up with the West, at least in the foreseen future, because of the widening gap between them but–the accurate words –I strongly believe that the whole world will kneel in front of the Muslims, not because they are strong, but because the salvation of the world is in Islam. By Allah Who there is no God but Him, you should believe with me that the following ayah:


“It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth”


[Surat At_Tawbah, verse 33]

 Is precise:

“ manifest it over all religion,”


[Surat At_Tawbah, verse 33]

 Once I was in France attending a conference. Can you believe that the number of attendants was a hundred and fifty thousand people, and they met at the biggest compound, it was a tower airport. All the people came from different parts of Europe to attend the conference. The number of Muslims in America is about ten million, in France six million. Islam is spreading. In that conference, they gave us an accurate statistic that every day fifty French citizens convert to Islam, in America thirty three. Now Islam is the largest spreading religion although the whole world is fighting it, although a Third World War is announced against Islam in all parts of the world. With those facts, Islam is growing wonderfully because man needs the truth, and the truth is in the revelation of heaven, therefore, alot of nations, thinkers from all nationalities convert to the religion of Allah.

Man’s religion is the reason of his happiness:

 Brothers, the man who said: “I do not believe that the Islamic World can catch up with the West, at least in the foreseen future, because of the widening gap between them because of the widening gap between them – but I strongly believe the whole world will kneel in front of the Muslims, not because they are strong, but because the salvation of the world is in Islam”.
This man said a wonderful speech that I hope it will be for all of us, and I hope that now while we are at Al_Fitr Feast (Eid Al_Fitr) to make this speech the worksheet at our hands, he said: on condition that Muslims understand their religion, apply it and present it to the other party well, these are three winning papers.

 Anyway, start with yourself, understand this religion well, seek knowledge, your religion is the base of your life, your destiny, the reason of your happiness, the reason of your safety, you should learn it. If a man thinks of reading a book every month, two or three so he reads a page of a book, after a few years, can he gets PhD, that is not possible, for PhD, he must attend and seek knowledge daily, whoever carries a PhD degree has elementary, preparatory, secondary, bachelor degree, general diploma, special diploma, master’s degree, and PhD degree. It needs daily attendance, books read, books written in order to write Dr. in front of his name. To reach a paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, do you not have time to attend a sermon? To understand an noble hadith? To understand the meaning of the Quran?. Some Muslims are sometimes naïve, they are not ready for any sermon, not any book to read, they live on movies and news, they work with trade, eat and drink, those people do not have the qualifications to get the gains of Muslims.
 So honorable brother, we need a firm and daring stand, you should take a strong decision to seek knowledge, it is not enough to get it on Friday sermons. If you want the worldly life, seek knowledge, if you want the afterlife, seek knowledge, and if you want them both, seek knowledge. Knowledge does not give you some of it unless you give it all of yourself, if you give it some of you, it will give you nothing. Man is still considered a scholar as long as he keeps seeking knowledge, if he thinks that he knows, then he is ignorant. Knowledge seeker prefers the afterlife to the worldy life and he wins both, whereas the ignorant prefers the worldly life to the afterlife and ends up losing both. What prevents you form making a strong decision to seek knowledge? Attend a weekly lesson in explanation of the noble Quran, hadith, accumulate, when these convictions accumulate, you will unconsciously see yourself on the right track.

 I say my words and I ask Allah the Great to forgive us all, so ask for His forgiveness, and how lucky those who ask forgiveness are.
* * *

The Second Sermon

 All praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and I testify that there is no God but Allah, protector of the saliheen (good ones), and I testify that Mohammad is His slave and His messenger, the one with great morals, O Allah, our Lord, have peace and blessings upon our master Mohammed, upon his folks, his companions, and his descendants.


Wisdom is the fruit of being sincere:

 Honorable brother, according to that, it is a good idea to start a nice program from today; fifteen minutes for thenobleQuran, fifteen minutes remembering Allah, a good deed every day, performing salat at the mosque on time, there is work and there are worships, do them periodically on schedule, for example as mentioned in the athar: “ He who is sincere to Allah for forty mornings, the springs of wisdom will erupt in his heart and they will flow on his tongue.”
 That means seek the Pleasure of Allah the Almighty. Man in this world seeks the pleasure of the rich for his interests, you ca’t bother those who control your fate. The way you treat the rich, treat the Almighty. He provided you with the blessing of existence, supplies, guidance and wisdom, search for a way to please Him, all people are His servants:

“Creatures are Allah’s dependants, the most loving to Allah is the best with His dependants”

[Reported by Abu Ya’la, and the Bazar from Anas Bin Malik]

 Deal with Him, try to speak to Him, to please Him, reconcile with Him, try to do the things that please Him with you, I am sorry to say this, take Allah into consideration, that work pleases Allah, I will visit a sick person, this job has no profit except that you spend time and effort for the sake of Allah the Almighty, try andsay the truth at a gathering where everybody is silent, people talk about prices and the normal things, you say a word of truth:

“Whenever a group of people leave a gathering without remembering Allah the Almighty they leave as if leaving a dead donkey and they regret that gathering”

[Narrated by Daoud and sh3er from Abu Hurairah may Allah be pleased with him]

“ Whenever a group of people meet in a house of Allah’s reciting His book, and studying it, they get tranquility, be surrounded with angels, and Allah remembers them with those who are with Him”

[Muslim from Abu-Hurairah]

 Try to assign a time to receive knowledge weekly, try to fix things in your house, to make renewal in worships at your house, renewal in the good deeds, try to move. Man lives the same way; he doesn’t change, doesn’t improve, doesn’t seek a higher level, he doesn’t do any thing, he remembers the afterlife only at the moment of death, no, this death is the most dangerous event in your life, you should take it into your daily accounts.

Invocation (Dua’)

 O Allah! Guide us together with those You have guided, and protect us together with those You have protected, and be our Tutor as You are of those for whom You have become their Tutor, and bless us with what You have bestowed on us.
 You always judge with truth while You cannot be judged; and he whom You protect shall never be humiliated, and he whom You turn into an enemy shall never be honored.
Blessed and dignified are You! And all the praise is for You for what you have decreed!
We ask Your forgiveness and we repent to You.
 O Allah! Guide us to the good deeds for no one guides to them but You; and guide us to the good conduct for no one guides to it but You.
 O Allah! Make us do well in our religion, which protects our affairs, and make us do well in our religion, which is our way of life, and grant us safety on the Day of Judgment for it is our final destination.
 Make our lives in this world righteous, and make our death the rest from everything that is evil.
 O Allah, our Master, the Lord of all Worlds!
 Make me prefer everything You made lawful to everything You made unlawful, and with Your Mercy and favor raise the word of right and religion, make Islam victorious, and honor Muslims, support Mislims everywhere, allover the world, Lord of the Worlds, O, Allah, show us Your might with your enemies, O, Kindest of the Kinds.





Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations