Interpretation of the Quran- Surat Al-Ghashia (88)- Lesson (1)- verses [1-3]:The state of believers and disbelievers on the Day of Judgement


The different meanings of inquiry:

 O brother, the surah of today is: Al-Ghashiyah.
 Allah says:
 In The Name Of Allah,The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful

“1- Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming (i.e. the Day of the Resurrection)?.”


 “Has”,is an interrogative particle, this means to search for the information about an unknown thing, such like asking someone: What’s your name? How much money do you have? Where do you live? How are you? But the interrogative particle might have many other meanings:

1- It comes as an order:

 Allah the Exalted and Glorious said:

”So, will you not then abstain?”


 This is an interrogative means: will you carry out My Order?

2- It comes as a prohibition:

 And there is also an interrogative indicates the prohibition, Allah says:

”You did fear the people whereas Allah had a better right that you should fear Him.”


 And He said:

“Is there any reward for good other than good?”


3- It means equalization:

 And there is also one that indicates the equalization, Allah says:

“It is the same to them whether you warn them or you warn them not, they will not believe.”


4- It means a denial:

 And there is another meaning indicates the denial, Allah says:

”Would you then call upon other than Allah?(Reply) if you are truthful?”


 And He said:

“Say (O Muhammad[p.b.u.h] to the polytheists ):"Do you order me to worship other than Allah? O you fools!"


5- It means suspense:

 And also one of the meanings is suspense, Allah says:

“O you who believe ! Shall I guide you to a trade that will save you from a painful torment?”


6- It means breaking the ice:

 And there is a type that means breaking the ice between two entities, Allah says:

"And what is that in your right hand O Musa(Moses)?"


 Does not Allah know what is in his right hand?! But Allah is breaking the ice, in order that our master Musa accustoms to Allah the Great and Almighty.

7- It means affirmation:

 And there is another meaning indicates affirmation, Allah says:

“Have We not opened your breast for you (O Muhammad [p.b.u.h]).”


 i.e We have gladdened your heart..

8- It means intimidation:

 And there is another meaning indicates intimidation, Allah says:

“The Inevitable ! What is the Inevitable? And what will make you know what the Inevitable is?”


 And His Saying:

“ Al-Qari'ah( the Striking Hour i.e. the Day of the Resurrection). What is the striking Hour? And what will make you know what is the striking Hour?”


9- It means glorification:

 And there is an interrogative indicates the glorification, Allah says:

”Who is he that can intercede with Him except with His Permission?”


10- It means wonderment:

 It also means wonderment, Allah says:

“And they said:" Why does this Messenger (Muhammad [p.b.u.h]) eat food, and walk about in the markets (as we). Why is not an angel sent down to him to be a warner with him?”


11- It means menace:

 And there is another one means menace, Allah says:

“Have you(O Muhammad[p.b.u.h]) not seen how your Lord dealt with the owners of the Elephant.”

(Al- Fil-1)

 And His Saying:

“Saw you (O Muhammad[p.b.u.h]) not how your Lord dealt with 'Ad people “


The inquiry in the following Ayah has four meanings:

 The precise definition of the interrogation: to seek the information about unknown (one or thing) and it may branches into many senses, when our Lord said:

“Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming (i.e. the Day of the Resurrection)?.”

 The interpreters said: this interrogation gives four senses at one time; the wonderment, the glorification, suspense, and the affirmation.
 While the phrase “Come to you” and in regard of this word it was narrated that the Prophet (p.b.u.h) heard one of his Companions reciting this verse, the Prophet said thereon:
 "Yes it has come to me"
 That was because he understood that he is subjected by this verse, and may be, the believer thinks that he is not subjected by this verse (because it was addressing the Prophet), well, no, as every verse subjected the Prophet is also subjecting every believer as well. That is because the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said:

“Verily Allah has ordered the believers of what He ordered the Messengers"

 One might say: “So what is the superiority of Prophethood then?, we say:"the Prophethood is a status or a standing, and it is about acquaintance, but carrying out should be precise.
Can the nurse use the syringe without sterilizing it?!, he/she should does as the most professional doctors do, that is an accurate sterilizing, care, and avoidance of the bone; this is a must, exactly as the Prophet replied,

Al Ghasiyah (overwhelming) has two meanings:

 Dear brother:

“Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming (i.e. the Day of the Resurrection)?.”

 The Overwhelming (Al Ghasiyah):
 What is the Overwhelming? It is Doomsday, but why it was called by this name? There are two meanings of "The Overwhelming":

1- Ghasiyah: when something bad descends upon a place:

 The thing that overwhelms, namely, when something descends upon something or someone: they were afflicted with distress, Allah says:

“When that covered the lote-tree which did cover it!”


 i.e what has covered it.
 The overwhelming means the thing that descends upon something, this means the Doomsday that will strike, and cover the people (with all terrors within).

2- Ghasiayh: the veil or the screen:

 Al-Ghesha' (note – Al- Ghashiyah-the name of the chapter) means the cover or the screen, everything that screens behind it. By combining the two meanings, it seems that Doomsday will make Human forget everything (because of the terrors within).
 Consider this example: if one wants to go downtown, and he is shopping around for flagstone, or needs to do paper work in the Finance Ministry, or any other important thing, but suddenly he hits a boy by his car, in that case, all his list of errands will be forgotten, and all he will be caring about is how to deal with the accident, i.e. how much the indemnity will cost me? Am I going to jail? You see him trembling, goes pale, and now he is involved in unexpected situation! This worry became a cover or screen that covers every thing he used to worry about, i.e. to occupy him completely;

“Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming”

 Each one of us has his own agenda, such like to improve his house, his income, his social status, to buy a car, to travel to a country, to buy a villa in a summer resort, but if the Doomsday comes, all of these projects will mean nothing.
 Who among us gives a thought to that day? We focus on everything except for the day of resurrection, which should be in the focus of each one of us.

Allah describes the condition of people on resurrection day:

 Allah says:

“Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming?”

 It means, haven't you heard about the Doomsday? And it also means how great Doomsday is! Or what is the greatness of the Doomsday? For glorification, and for affirmation, our Lord did not describe the Overwhelming but He described how people will be overwhelmed, this is one of the forms of the rhetorical inimitability. Therefore, Doomsday is inevitable, and no one can escape from it, so what should man do?
 Allah says:

“So I swear by the afterglow of the sunset.”


 The life is stages, strating with one’s birth when all his/her family rejoices the event, and when he/she starts to walk, they are filled with joy, he/she teethes, then he/she speaks, then he/she enters school with all its grades, then comes the university and graduation, then they become occupied with searching for a clinic, if he/she is a doctor, or an office, if he/she is an engineer or a lawyer, or any other profession, then he/she gets married, and has kids, he/she takes all the concerns to a different level, such as how to raise them and get them the best education, then they grow and marry, then he/she gets older, and begins to be weaker and ill, then, unexpectedly, the people read his/her obituary on the streets, Allah says:

“You shall certainly travel from stage to stage(in this life and in the Hereafter).”


 Nothing lasts forever, except for the good deeds.
 None of the earthy concerns will last, such as what did you eat? What did you wear? What did you do? Was your house big or small?, and so on, as nothing will remain except for the good deed! The clever and fortune one is whose concerns will be only focused on good deed, Allah says:

“By Al- 'Asr (the time). Verily, man is in loss, Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one anther to the truth, and recommend one another to patience.”

(Al –'Asr)

Life is stages, and the last of which is death:

 Allah says:

“Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming”

 This is the last stage; the last occasion in anybody’s life is death, then comes Doomsday that we shall, inevitably, reach.
 Y'ala ibn Shaddad Narrated that the Messenger of Allah(p.b.u.h) said:

"The prudent (one) is who he controlled himself and worked for (the stage) after death, and the weak (powerless) is who indulged in his desires(lusts) then he whished on Allah"

(Ibn Majah)

“The most prudent of you is he who is the most remembering of death, and the most resolute one among you is he who is the most preparing for it“

 Verily, the signs of the intelligence (mind) are: turning away from the vanity of the world, returning to the world of the eternity, being ready for the grave, and preparing for the Day of Resurrection.
 Rabe'a Al- Adawyya was asked: Who is the man? She said: "he is nothing but few days, whenever a day passes, it takes away part of him "!

“Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming’

 It covers the people, Allah says:

“Covering the people: this is a painful torment.”


 These are some of the meanings of the "Overwhelming" (Al Ghasiyah), covers them against everything, and there are troubles in the daily life that make man forget everything.

The wisdom behind mentioning the face not the hands:

 Allah says:

“Some faces, that Day will be humiliated.”


 Why did Allah choose the face instead of the hands?! That is because the face is considered as the window of the soul and all its conditions. If you look at the hand of a scared man, you will find nothing, and also if you look at the hand of a spiteful one you will see nothing, yet you can see how the venom drops from his face! The face reflects the fright, the pity, the craft, the artifice, the derision, the pride, the admiration, the grudge, and the love.
 And as the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said:

"If the easy readable face is a man, it would be a righteous one"
“Seek the good with those of easy readable faces”

[Ibn Abo Addunia, through Abu Huraira]

“Beware of the insight of the believer, because he sees with the Light of Allah“

[Tirmithi through Abu Saeed Al Khidree]

 He also speaks using Allah’s assistance.
 Allah chose the face, because it is the window of the soul, and it is an expression of the hidden feelings and emotions, hence, Allah honored the man with his face,

Jaber narrated that the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h) forbade from hitting and branding on the face*


 The humiliation (language) is the calmness. The Prophet (p.b.u.h) once looked at a man who was praying but moving in his prayer, the Prophet said:

"If this man's heart is humbled, his organs would be humbled (too)"

 This means they would be still.
 The humbleness or the submissiveness means the quietude or calmness; but the calmness mentioned in this verse meant to be negative, which means, calmness out of shame and scandal.
 If you look at the criminal's face, you will easily note that he looks on the ground, and he is quiet, but the innocent man’s face is radiant of chearfulness, his eyes moves freely, and his mouth smiles, unlike the criminal,who is disgraced by his shameful deeds, and that drove him to quietude of shame, not quietude of submissiveness to Allah.

Allah has created the entire universe for us:

 Allah says:

“Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming Some faces, that Day will be humiliated.”

 The person who betrayed a man, who offered him a favor, cannot look at his face.
 I created all what is existed in the universe for you, why did you disobey Me?

“I, mankind, and Jinn are in a great news, I create, then something/someone else is worshipped! I bestow (upon you), but someone else is thanked! My Favor is sent down to (My) slaves, and their bad deeds ascend to Me! I endear Myself to them by My Graces, although I do not need them, and they make themselves abominated to Me by their sins, although they need me the most!”

 All what is in the universe is for you, Allah says:

“ See you not (O men) that Allah has subjected for you whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and has completed and preferred His Graces upon you, (both) apparent and hidden? Yet of mankind is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance or a Book giving light!”


 And He also said:

“And the cattle, He has created them for you; in them there is warmth(warm clothing), and numerous benefits, and of them you eat.”


Allah’s blessings are uncountable:

 And he said too:

“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He ha put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.”


 Allah endears Himself to you through your wife, your children, and through the fresh water, that you cannot send back to the sky after it falls on the earth (as rain), Allah says:

“And We send the winds fertilizing, then cause the water (rain) to descend from the sky, and We give it to you to drink, and it is not you who are the owners of its stores.”


 For whom are these birds, flowers, and all beautiful things created? Allah says:

“And indeed We have honoured the Children of Adam, and We have carried them on the land and sea, and provided them with At-Tayyibat (lawful good things), and have preferred them above many of those whom We have created with a marked preferment.”


 Man is considered asleep in this earthy world, as it was said: people are asleep, and they wake up when they die.
 Man lives in this life carelessly indulging in his lusts and desires, but he will say when he dies: O, what have I done to myself?! I was created in this life to know Allah, but I had not known him, I was created to perform good deeds, but I hadn't done that either, and I should have straightened up on His right path, but I didn’t, so, the shame and disgrace are unbearable in this situation, as Allah was the most benefactor to man, yet man was the most ingratitude to Allah!!, what kind of attitude is this?!

The face of the evil doer will be full of shame:

 Allah says:

“Some faces, that Day will be humiliated; the humiliation of the shame and regret. Labouring(hard in the worldly life by worshipping sh3er besides Allah), weary( in the Hereafter with humility and disgrace).”


 Once I was with a judge, who happened to be a friend of mine, so all the people are about to be interrogated by him lined up, and all there faces were dark of shame, their eyes are lowered to the ground out of grace, and darkness of blues covered their faces, till a young man stepped in with a cheerful face and full with confidence, and I said to myself: “Surely this man has nothing to do with the rest”, so, when it was his turn, the judge asked him: “Does the watch work well now? Apparently he was a watch-maker and my friend asked him to repair his watch, he was distinguished among them, because he was innocent. So the face of criminal will be humiliated in the Doomsday, but the believer will be, as Allah says:

“(Other ) faces that Day will be joyful, Glad with their endeavour (for good deeds which they did in this world).”


Many meanings of the following Ayah:

 Allah says:

“Labouring, weary”

 This Ayah has many senses;

1- Laboring in earthy life but no outcome for the hereafter:

 Laboring in this life, yet that is worthless in the day of resurrection.
 As one uses all his abilities and powers in the sake of this world, but when death comes, he will be empty-handed, Allah says:

“Say(O Muhammad[p.b.u.h]):"Shall We tell you the greatest losers in respect of (their) deeds?”


 And He said:

“By Al- 'Asr (the time). Verily, man is in loss, Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one anther to the truth, and recommend one another to patience.”

(Al –'Asr)

 All one gains is loss, even if he/she runs a billion successful works, gaining huge income, he/she will be gaining loss.
 One day, each one of us will leave his/her successful marriage and beautiful wife/husband, his/her position, and his/her big house, and verify that everyone comes to this life standing on his feet, yet shall leave it lying dead. Isn’t that a fact of life?
 And as Allah says:

“By Al- 'Asr (the time). Verily, man is in loss, Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one anther to the truth, and recommend one another to patience.”

(Al –'Asr)

 So, His Saying:

“Labouring, weary”

 It means, that each one is completely taken up with this life, but this kind of work is irrelevant to the Hereafter, and when he/she reaches that day, he/she will be an empty-handed; if one worked hard for ten years, and he saved two or three hundred thousands pounds, yet he found out that the currency is counterfeit! What would he feel then? The scientists called this feeling frustration, and we can consider other examples like that, as one might have saved some money to buy a house but while signing the contract, he found out that the seller is not the real owner of the house, what is the feeling that man has when he realizes the size of his loss? So, the first meaning is: he is laboring in this life and weary of it, Allah said (in the Devine Hadith):

"I created the heavens and earth and I was not wearied by their creation, does a loaf of bread that I bring to you every time wear Me? O My slave I have Faridah (obligatory duty) on you, and you have a livelihood on Me, so, if you disobey Me (in respect of) My Duty (My Right on you) I do not oppose you in your livelihood (sustenance), I (swear) by My Glory and Loftiness, if you do not assent to what I portioned out for you, I will authorize the worldly life that you will run in as the wild animal, then you will not get from it but what I portioned out (assign to) for you and I will not care"

[Narrated as a tradition]

 You have not got from your money except for what you ate and consumed, and what you wore and frayed, and what you gave (in the way of charity) and saved, and everything else is not for you, and you will be asked about it, how did you earn it, and how did you spend it.
 Laboring and weary, its first meaning is:
 Immersed in the worldly life with a laboring works, seeking hope that turns out to be mirage, so he worked and got tired and no result of this work, then the death comes, and he is an empty-handed, and sees his end in Hell, as Allah says:

"My wealth has not availed me; My power have gone from me! (It ill be said:" Seize him and fetter him; Then throw him in the blazing Fire. Then fasten him with a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits! Verily, he used not to believe in Allah, the Most Great, And urged not on the feeding of Al-Miskin (the poor). So no friend has he here this Day, Nor any food except filth from the washing of the wounds. None will eat it except the Khati'un(sinners, disbelievers, polytheists).”


 Also Allah says:

“And (remember) the Day when the Zalim(wrong –doer, oppressor, polytheist) will bite at his hands, he will say:" Oh! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger (Muhammad[p.b.u.h]).”


2-Laboring in this life and weary in the hereafter:

 The second meaning:
 Laboring in the worldly life and weary (wretched) in the Hereafter, the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said:

"How many souls that are sated (full) and rich in the worldly life, will be naked and hungry on Doomsday"

 The worldly life’s outcome is not a standard, Allah does give it to those He loves and to those He does not love, but He does not give the Hereafter but to those He does love.
If the worldly life equals a wing of a mosquito to Allah, He would not have given a mouthful of water to an infidel.

3-Their deeds will be before them in the hereafter:

 The third meaning:
 Laboring in the worldly life, and their works (deeds) will be set before them in the Hereafter, Allah says:

“(It will be said to him):Read your book. You yourself are sufficient as a reckoner against you this Day."


 These are your deeds in front of you, no philosophy will justify them, Allah said;

“This Day, WE shall seal up their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn.”


 In the worldly life, man who committed awful sins, tries to justify them, and starts saying: “I meant this or that...”, but in the Hereafter, the situation will be different, as forging facts is invalid, and double talk is not available, Allah says:

“This Day, WE shall seal up their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn.”

[Ya’seen, 65]

 Laboring and weary in the worldly life, but the outcome in the hereafter is nothing, and the deeds will be set before everyone’s eyes, and it will be said to him/her:

“Read your book. You yourself are sufficient as a reckoner against you this Day."

Deeds speak louder than words, appearance, or figures:

 Allah says:

“They will enter I the hot blazing Fire.”


 Glory to Allah; people believe what is said if this talk is from a person who is in the authority, and if he leaks news, it will rapidly spread among them, and, consequently, the prices of products decrease or increase according to what he said.
 So, they believe people in powerful position, but not Allah, Who is the Creator of mankind and the universe and Who holds heaven without any pillars and who is controlling every thing in this world:

“They will enter I the hot blazing Fire”

 Who takes these words as a fact? Every Muslim on the earth says: Allah the Great says the truth, but in reality, who does believe that this menace is from Allah and that he should give up all sins and says: I fear Allah, the Lord of all worlds!
 Who would cancel a suspicious bargain saying: I fear Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin?
 Who does leave a woman whom does not please Allah in her acts and says: I fear Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin, and who does abandon a house that was built by the money of usury saying: I fear Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin, who?
 This is the reality, as actions speak louder than words.

“Say whatever you want and do whatever you want, but, by Allah, you will not be awarded except after you do what you say, all the people are perishable except those who have knowledge (of Allah), and those also are perishable except those among them who apply what they knew, and those are perishable too, but those who are sincere (in their works),”

 Who does believe in these words? One of us says: Allah the Great says the truth, but do you really believe in that, the sign of your claim is to give up every sin, man should not sugar coat for himself (to lie to himself).
 You aren’t pious when your house is full of sins, you aren’t a hereafter’s believer when you don’t prepare to it, and you are not daring hellfire when you seek it in every way that is available.
Maybe someone says: I seek refuge with Allah from the Hell's torment! but he works for it, and maybe someone says: O my Lord, grant me Paradise, but, in fact, he walks in the opposite direction, and perhaps someone says: I fear Allah, but actually he doesn't. Therefore, the deeds speak louder than words.
 The companions’ deeds were up to their words so the world opened before them, whereas we stick only to our words, so we were overpowered by sh3er and we don’t have the upper hand.

The real believer is defended by Allah:

 Allah says:

“Allah has promised those among you who believe and do righteous good deeds, that He will certainly grant the m succession to ( the present rulers) in the land, as He granted it to those before them, and that He will grant them the authority to practice their religion which He has chosen for them(Islam). And He will surely give them in exchange a safe security after their fear (provided) they (believers) worship Me and do not associate anything (in worship) with Me. But whoever disbelieves after this, they are the Fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah).”


 This is a Promise from Allah;

“who is truer in statement than Allah?!”

[Al Nisaa, 87]

"And who is truer to his convent than Allah?!”

[Tawbah, 111]

 There are two possibilities: either they who were promised did not obey Allah; and this is the only correct explanation, or the Promise of Allah is invalid, and this is impossible, as the destruction of all the universe is easier to Allah than to break His Promise, Allah says:

“Truly, Allah defends those who believe. Verily, Allah likes not any treacherous ingrate to Allah [those who disobey Allah but obey Satan].”


 If Allah did not defend His servant, this is a clear sign that this servant is not a believer, Allah says:

“And (both) the Jews and the Christians say:" We are the children of Allah and His loved ones. " Say:" Why then does He punish you for your sins?"Nay, you are but human beings of those who He has created, He forgives whom He wills and He punishes whom He wills. And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them; and to Him is the return (of all).”


 Imam Ash-Sh'afi'ee (May he rest in peace) deduced from this verse that Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, does not punish His Loved servants, and if they are truthful in their claim, he would not have punished them.

Allah’s promises are true beyond doubt:

 Allah says:

“So put your trust in Allah; surely, you (O Muhammad[p.b.u.h]) are on manifest truth.”


 And He said also:

“Verily, those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, their Lord will guide them through their Faith; under them will flow rivers in the Gardens of Delight (Paradise)”


 And He said too:

“Truly, Allah defends those who believe. Verily, Allah likes not any treacherous ingrate to Allah [those who disobey Allah but obey Satan].”


 And He said;

“Whoever works righteousness—whether male or female—while he (or she0 is a true believer(of Islamic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life, and will shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (Paradise in the Hereafter).”


 And He said:

“But for him who fears the standing before his Lord, there will be to Gardens ( in Paradise).”


 These are the Promises of Allah the Great and Almighty, and the man should deserve these Promises, Allah says:

“And reauthor what has been revealed to you (O Muhammad[p.b.u.h]) of the Book(the Qur'an) of your Lord. None can change His Words, and none will find as a refuge other than Him.”


 Allah’s promises are to be fulfilled beyond doubt, so, be up to them and reap their fruits.

The state of disobedient people on the Day of Resurrection:

 Allah says:

“They will be given to drink from a boiling spring,”


 The boiling spring: is what its temperature reached the highest degree, and that who drinks it, do that slowly, sip by sip as it is unbearable from its heat.
 Then Allah says:

“No food will there be for them but a poisonous thorny plant,”


 A thorny plant is the one that grows in the desert that even the camels do not relish to eat, because of its severe bitterness and hardness; and this is a figure of speech to make close to the mind the food and drink of those who are in hellfire.
 Then Allah says:

“Which will neither nourish nor avail against hunger.”


 It does not fill the stomach nor does it build up the body.
 Those who disobeyed Allah in the worldly life and used to say procrastinating: “when that day comes, Allah will bail us out, and this religion is outmoded, and who told you that there is a Hereafter; did any dead person come out from his grave and told you that there is a Hereafter?”
 Those who claimed in their present life: “Allah will not bring anybody to account, and is it reasonable that this Great God will reckon all mankind? That is because everyone is guilty”.
And also those who said: “we shall do whatever we want, since we were told that the Prophet (p.b.u.h) will prostrate under the Throne of Allah, and he will not raise his head till Allah will allow his nation to enter Paradise”. The stance on Doomsday of all those people, who have this kind of twisted thinking, will be as described in the following Ayahs:

“ Some faces, that Day will be humiliated. Labouring(hard in the worldly life by worshipping sh3er besides Allah), weary( in the Hereafter with humility and disgrace). They will enter I the hot blazing Fire.They will be given to drink from a boiling spring, No food will there be for them but a poisonous thorny plant, Which will neither nourish nor avail against hunger.”


 The stance of obedient people on the day of resurrection:
 The Qur'an mentions all these groups, therefore, Allah said after that:

“(Other) faces that Day will be joyful”


 Those who were upright and honest in this life, Allah says:

“Taking joy in the things which their Lord has given them. Verily, they were before this Muhsinun(good-doers).“


 Allah says:

“They used to sleep but little by night(invoking and praying).”


 And He said:

“Eat and drink at ease for that which you have sent on before you in days past!”


 It is about those who feared Allah and His Torment in this life; and might get moked by people.

Description of the disbeliever’s condition on Doomsday:

 Allah says:

“The Fire will burn their faces, and therein they will grin, with displaced lips(disfigured).”


 And He said:

”Were not My Verses (this Qur'an) reauthord to you, and then you used to deny them? They will say:" Our Lord! Our wretchedness overcame us, and we were (an) erring people. "Our Lord! Bring us out of this. If ever we return (to evil), then indeed we shall be Zalimun (wrong-doers, polytheists, oppressors and unjust)". He (Allah) will say:"Remain you in it with ignominy! And speak you not to Me!" Verily there was a party of My slaves, who used to say:"Our Lord! We believe, so forgive us, and have mercy on us, for You are the Best of all who show mercy!" But you took them for a laughing stock, so much so that they made you forget My Remembrance while you used to laugh at them! Verily, I have rewarded them this Day for their patience: they are indeed the ones that are successful.”


 After this description Allah says:

"Did you think that We had created you in play, and that you would not be brought back to Us?"


The real success is to avoid torment on Doomsday:

 So, His Saying:

“(Other) faces that Day will be joyful”

 This is the great success, Imam Ali (may Allah honor him) said: the (real) richness and poverty are after standing before Allah (for reckoning), Allah says:

“He will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whosoever obeys Allah and His Messenger (p.b.u.h), he has indeed achieved a great achievement.”


 This is the great success, prudence, excellence, ascendancy, prosperity, and rationality, it is when you are saved from torment of Allah the Almighty on Doomsday, Allah says:

“Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).”


The believe'sr face is like a brilliant star:

 Then Allah says:

“Glad with their endeavour (for their good deeds and true Faith).”


 The believer endeavors in this life, as he/she prayed, fasted, had a job, dwelled in a house, and had picnics, but the question to be asked is: where are your endeavor, unselfishness, good deeds, and money and time that you spent in the Cause of Allah?
 Where is directing people to Ma’roof and forbidding from Munkar? Where is the help of the weak? Where is the gratefulness to the parents? Where is the visiting the patient? Where is the befriending of the gracious and truthful people? Where is the attendance of the Elm's sessions (the lessons of the religion)?
 People nowadays easily say: “we have no time” for any reason or person.
 Why their faces was describe as joyful? Glad with their endeavor, the origin of the joyfulness, radiance and brightness of this face is the righteousness and the good deeds, he dedicated himself to Allah, so he was happy with His closeness to Him, and his face gleamed, Allah says:

”The mark of them(i.e of their Faith) is on their faces(foreheads) from the traces of prostration(during prayers).”


 The face of the believer is like brilliant star, Allah says:

“Some faces that Day shall be Nadhirah (shining and radiant).”


Being humbel is the believer's mark:

 Allah says:

“So Allah saved them from the evil of that Day, and gave them Nadrah(a light of beauty) and joy.”


 The believer's face, in this life, is radiant and bright; you can know them by the mark on their faces.
 You might find people are satisfied with you, but you are not satisfied with yourself, and they might not, but you are pleased with your good deeds, in that case, you're certainly with the happy people; hence, the mark of the believer is that he sees himself little in his eye, while he is big in people's eyes, whereas the disbeliever sees himself big in his eye while he is small in theirs, Allah says:

"They are those who deny the Ayat (proofs, verses, signs, lessons..etc) of their Lord and the Meeting with Him(in the Hereafter). So their works are in vain, and on the Day of Resurrection, We shall assign no weighty for them.”


 They are unnoticeable in Allah’s sight; and as some said: indeed if man fall from the sky to the ground till his ribs break, is better for him than he falls from Allah's Eye (to be insignificant),

Ignorance is the worst enemy of mankind:

 A brother told me this story; a Bedouin who owned a land and wanted to sell it, came to a broker who wickedly made him believe that this land is worthless, till he difficultly persuaded them to buy it with a very low price, he asked for it one hundred and fifty thousand Riyals; while its real value was one and half million Riyals!! The partners (who bought it) built twenty three stories’ building on it; the first partner fell down from the top of it and died, a car crashed the second, and the third realized his sin and searched for the owner for a month till he found him and he said to him: take half million Riyals and forgive me, as it is your right, and my share (fifty thousand) is for you as well, then the Bedouin said: By Allah, if you haven’t hurried to do this, your end would have been like your two partners' Therefore, the torture of Allah is very painful and severe, Allah says:

“Verily, (O Muhammad[p.b.u.h]) the Seizure (punishment) of your Lord is severe and painful.”


 A butcher might think of taking advantage of a small boy, who wants to buy meat, and deceives him thinking that he is a kid and naïve, yet the believer, in such cases, knows that Allah is observing, and that his torture is severe, and as a result he won’t act like that, as the meanest enemy to mankind is ignorance, and most likely he will pay a big price for it:

“(Other) faces that Day will be joyful, glad with their endeavor In a lofty Paradise.”


 If you are satisfied with your income and your humble house, you are then the happiest man on the earth, and if your house is big and you have a considerable income that you earn illegally, you undoubtedly will be unhappy with yourself, because you are falling apart from inside, and you are imbalanced which makes you wretched despite your wealth

The righteousness of the soul is what counts:

 The bottom line, is that one must realize that he is upright and his money is legal, and he is not building his glory on sh3er misery, or his wealth on their poverty.

Abu Huraira narrated that the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h) said: "A woman entered the Hell-fire because of a cat that she tied up, neither she fed it nor did she release it to eat (from) insects of the earth till it died"


 What would you say about what is bigger than the cat?! If the gracious prophet, Sulaiman (Solomon) [p.b.u.h] did not tread on an ant, what would you say about what is bigger than the ant? Allah says:

“Till, when they came to the valley of the ants, one of the ants said:" O ants! Enter your dwellings, lest Sulaiman(Solomon) and his hosts should crush you, while they perceive not."


“(Other) faces that Day will be joyful, glad with their endeavour in a lofty Paradise“

 They are in an excellent class, the highest of its kind, and as Allah described: “in which there is what no ever eye saw, no ever ear heard, nor came to a human's mind”, Allah says:

“No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy as a reward for what they used to do.”


The description of paradise:

 Then Allah says:

“Where they shall neither hear harmful speech nor falsehood.”


 No bad mouthing exists in paradise, no pointless debates, no controversies, and no fraud.

“Where they shall neither hear harmful speech nor falsehood.”


 When you listen to irrational speech, you bend out of shape because of its falseness, but in paradise, there is no such thing.
 Then Allah says:

“Therein will be a running spring.”


 Glittering and beautiful springs.
 Then Allah says:

“Therein will be thrones raised high.”


 Thrones that are highly set, some interpreters said: if you want to climb them, they are descend to you, to sit on, then they ascend.
 Then Allah says:

“And cups set at hand.”


 A ready food, does not need to be prepared.
 Then Allah says:

“And cushions set in rows.”


 These comfortable feathered cushions are ready-made.
 Then Allah says:

“And rich carpets (all) spread out.”


 The most luxurious type of carpets; sometimes you see a breathtaking carpet that is made of shiny and harmonious colors.