Miscellaneous topics- Fatawa- Miscellaneous- Current Issues- Fatwa (1): Can I adonbt a child, or have an egg denotion?



 I have been married for 3 years ,till now we don't have kids. My wife can't have kids.

 What can I do ? I don't want to marry other woman.

 Can I adopt a child ? If yes ,can she/he have my last name and inherit?

 Can my wife get egg donation ?

 I want kids to be with me in future.


 Dear brother,
 There is a unanimous agreement that it is prohibited to adopt a child and give him your name. However, you can take a child to raise him up without giving him your name, or make him as a heir to you or your wife, and provided that your wife must wear hijab in his presence when he grows up.
 Your wife cannot take egg donation, it is prohibited as it would be like adultery and you should not accept it.
 The legal solution to your problem is marriage which you do not want!!!
 Best regards