Miscellaneous Topics- Fatawa- Transactions- Food and Meat- Fatwa (1)

2011- 10-07

Can we eat the meat of Christians if we don't know how the animal was killed?


 Dear Dr. Nabulsi,
 I live in London and it is hard to find halal meat, I have two questions:
 1- Is it permissible to eat meat if we don't know the way the animal was killed (i.e slaughtered of by electrical shock) as it is not mentioned on the package?
 2- Can we eat meat in restaurants or in our Christian friends' houses when we are invited if we can't know how the animal was killed?
 Thank you very much for your guidance.


 Dear brother,
 Assalamu Alaikum,
 It is not permissible to eat meat in any of the mentioned cases. In any circumstances, you should look for halal slaughtered meat, and this is the price of living in Western countries.
 May Allah help you.
 Best regards