Creed- Islamic creed- Lesson (02-63): Knower of the unseen and the witnessed




1-Differentiating between the Witnessed World and the Unseen one:

 The second topic from the Ideology topics is that the world that Allah the Almighty created is divided into two parts:
 1. Unseen World
 2. Witnessed World
 Anything that falls under our five senses is a witnessed world, like the visible things, the audible things and the smelled things.
 But there is a world that our senses do not recognize, yet we can feel its effect; like electricity, we can’t see electricity with our naked eyes, but the rotation of the fan and lighting of the lamp are effects of the electricity, so are the radio and television, electricity seems like a sound, heat or cooling, you would say: our senses cannot recognize electricity but we can sense its effects; and since we recognize its effects, we admit its existence. There are things that our senses cannot recognize, but their effects are clues that lead to them, and that is another world that we are ignorant about, , and its effects appear to us, so we admit its existence.

Citing Examples on the effects of the unseen:

  Think of two pieces of iron with the same size, same volume, same weight, and same shape. Our eyes cannot distinguish between them, one of them is charged with a magnetic power and the other one is not, if we put a small piece of metal near the charged one, it will attract it, then we judge the existence of power in the first piece, we cannot feel it with our five senses, we cannot realize that power, but with the attraction of the small metal, we conclude the existence of magnetic power in the metal piece. Therefore, the world is either witnessed or unseen, the existence of the unseen world is not less than the witnessed. Animals deal with the witnessed world, but man with his intellect can deal with the unseen world, and Allah the Almighty said in His noble book:


“Alif, Lam, Meem. This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah -Who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them”


[Surat Al_Baqarah, verses 1-3]

 That means that they believe with certainty in what is not seen. If you see a spring, water leads to the spring, feet indicate walking, so a sky with constellation, and a land with mountains, do they not point out to the Most Wise and the Expert?


Some Signs of the effects of the unseen:

1-Belief in Allah:

  Belief in Allah is a fulfillment belief, and you can reach a level of certain belief in Allah the Almighty:


From Amer or Abu Amer or Abu Malik “While the prophet PBUH was sitting with his friends/companions, Gabriel PBUH came to him in another look, the prophet thought he was a man from the Muslims. Gabriel greeted the prophet who answered the greeting, then Gabriel put his hand on the prophet’s knees and said: “messenger of Allah, what is Islam?” He said: “ it is to submit to Allah, and testify that there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His slave and messenger, establish prayers, pay Al-zakat”, he said, “if I did that, I then have become a Muslim”, Gabriel said ‘yes’ and then asked: “What is belief?” The prophet said:” it is to believe in Allah and the Day of Resurrection, the angels, the noble book, the prophets, death, life after death, paradise, hell, judgment, the scale, all fate with its good and bad”, he said: “if you do that, then you have believed”, Gabriel said: “yes, what is charity, Messenger of Allah?” he answered:” it is to worship Allah as if you see Him, for even if you do not see Him, He does see you, if you do that, then you have made charity”.


[Reported by Imam Ahmad]

  Your certainty of  His existence makes you feel as if you can see Him, if you do not see Him, He sees you, that is what we all should know; that belief in the unseen does not mean to believe in something that the possibility of its existence is little, because that is from the exaggerations of Satan. All the universe is a proof of Him.
 And in everything, He has a sign that proves He is One
 The strong believer sees Allah in everything, in the fruits, in the glass of water, in the bird, in a grape drop, in his body, in his hearing, his sight, in the moon, in the stars, in the heavens, in the rain, in the mountains, in the deserts, in the plains and everything. Wherever his eyes fall on something, he sees Allah, he would ask: who designed it? Who made it? Who created it and shaped it? And man thinks in those things around him to see Allah in them, and sometimes man turns a blind eye on many facts.

The effects of the Workmanship indicate the Manufacturer:

 Who thinks about the value of lead, its formula, and its function, what is the way to fix iron to a stone? If we have a stone fence and we want to put a fence of lead over it, how can we fix it? Lead melts at 100 Cº, that is, we can melt it on an ordinary gas stove, then it is poured into a hole, and after it cools down it will be impossible to take off the iron fence from the stone. To do so, we need to cut iron with a saw. The same goes for the tooth filling, it is made of lead because it has that special material. That metal contrasts the other metals in this feature. The dentist tries to make side holes in the tooth, and when the filling cools down and expands, it gets within those holes, and that means the universe is a whole, what a great wisdom that is!
So, we must think of everything around us, and the signs around us, see them and think of them because if we look at everything we will see Allah in them, the believer sees what sh3er do not see, and feels what sh3er do not feel, and that what distinguishes believers from sh3er.

2. The Spirit (the soul)

 There is a kind of science called certain science and it is deductive, you conclude the existence of something from its effect. If you see a fan rotating, this convinces you with the existence of electricity in it, what percentage? The fact is that it is 100%, absolute certainty although you haven’t seen it. And if you reckon the existence of magnetic power, although you haven’t seen it. Then the spirit, which is the closest thing to us, is from the unseen world.
 If you look at the body of a dead person weighing 73.5 kg, and the spirit is out of him, his weight will not decrease one gram, but he used to see with his eyes, hear with his ears, move, speak, think, be happy, be mad, and suddenly he is a corpse that does not move, nor speak, nor persuade, nor be satisfied, nor feel pain, it cannot do anything. What has he lost? It is the spirit (soul); can anyone of us deny the existence of the soul? If we deny the existence of the spirit, then we will deny our existence. Although the spirit exists prima facie in our minds, we cannot touch it with our hands, see it, hear it nor smell it, it has no sound, no smell, and no shape, but it does exist. The unseen world that our eyes don’t see is definitely there, it begins with the spirit, so the world is both a witnessed one that we feel with our five senses and an unseen one we recognize with our minds.

A Case and Its Response:

  They would say: X person is metaphysical, that is he believes in metaphysics or the supernatural. If the impious, materialists and wantons want to degrade a believer, they would say that: he is metaphysical although belief in metaphysics is a belief in the existence of man. Decart said a word: “I think, so I exist” he concluded the fact of his existence from his thinking. Belief in metaphysics is a strong, consistent, and deep belief; that is an important point.

2- The way of believing in the supernatural is the true story:

  There is also a belief in the angels, paradise, hell, and the hereafter. The way to know and believe in those things is only from the true story. Belief in Allah the Almighty is a belief of realization, but belief in the angels is a believing belief, because Allah the Almighty told us about them and other things from the worlds of the supernatural things beyond the recognition of our senses. If you believe in Allah truly and you were told about paradise, hell, angels, jinns, demons, then the only way to know these supernatural things is through their meanings and implications/effects. Some things exist in themselves and other things only their effects or implications exist. And there are things which do not exist in themselves not their effects; we know them by the true story.
 So revelation: is the only way to inform us about the facts of things in the supernatural or the unseen world.

Parts of the Supernatural World:

1-A Hidden Part that is discovered by science and its discoveries:

  There are things that you should never be surprised about because the supernatural world has two parts:
 1- A Part that Allah the Almighty has kept to Himself.
 2-A Part that can move from the unseen world to the witnessed one.
 Does anyone of us know the other side of the moon? When scientists reached the surface of the moon, and the spaceship landed on the other side of the moon and took photographs of it, this made that part move from the unseen world to the witnessed one according to the scientific discoveries and development, that does not prevent us from being astonished by a discovery from the unseen world which has become from the witnessed one.
 Allah the Almighty said:


“He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. He is the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.”


[Surat Al_Hashr, verse 22]

 And He also said:


“Allah knows what every female carry and what the wombs lose [prematurely] or exceed. And everything with Him is by due measure. [He is] Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, the Grand, the Exalted.”

[Surat Ar_Ra’d, verse 8-9]
 There might be some things that are from the world of the unseen to us, the jinns are from the unseen world, Allah told us about their existence, but for some people, the jinns are from the witnessed world. That is there are things considered from the unseen world to man. According to the jinns, they are from the witnessed world. Some of them which Allah has kept to Himself; that is what is going to be, but the existing thing is known.



2-A Part that only Allah the Almighty knows:

 But what is going to be in the future is from the kind of science that only Allah the Almighty knows, Allah the Almighty said:

“Say, "None in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah , and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected."

[Surat An_Naml, verse 65]

 That means whoever goes to a fortune teller and believes him in what he says, then he has disbelieved, because the fortune teller puts himself/herself side by side with Allah the Almighty in the part that Allah has kept to Himself, meaning what is going to be, only Allah the Almighty knows. From Safiyyay from some of the prophet’s wives, the prophet PBUH said:

“ Whoever goes to a fortune teller and asked him/her about something, his prayer will not be accepted for forty nights”

[reported by Muslim from Safiyyay, wife of the prophet PBUH in the Sahih]

 Therefore, some of the Unseen World can be transferred into the witnessed world, and the other part Allah the Almighty has kept for Himself and never reveals to anyone except to whom He chose from His prophets.