Scientific topics from sermons- lesson (03): The Kidneys and Gratitude of their Blessing



Correspondence of Hadith with this issue:

 Dear brothers, I mentioned the following hadith frequently in which the prophet PBUH, used to say when he goes in and out of sanitary:

((All praises are due to Allah who has taken away from me discomfort and granted me relief.))

 And in another dua’a (supplication), he used to say after eating food:

(( Praise be to Allah who let me taste this delicious food, and keep give me its power, and take away its harm))

 I’ve read an article in a scientific monthly magazine, that the kidneys filter 1800 Liters of blood per day,

I couldn’t believe that figure, I looked at it attentivelyI looked up in another reference, and the number was true, 1800 Liters of blood.There are long and fine tubules that p 60 Kilometers in the kidneys, which have the power to filter 10 times of man needs.

 Man is able to live with one kidney if the other one was infected and removed. Isn’t that a mercy of Allah the Al-mighty?
 And because the kidney is a vital organ, Allah created two of them with the ability to live with one only.

The secrets of Kidneys in human body:

 Dear brothers, would you believe that your whole blood passes through the two kidneys 36 times in one day? These kidneys operate in a complex way, as they take sugar, minerals, and proteins from blood stream and throw them in the outward vein, then excrete the excessive amount, that blood doesn’t need, in the urine.

 How does man know if he has diabetes?
 From sugar level in the urine, which means that the kidney takes regular amount of sugar and excrete the rest in the urine, and if we analyze the urine of someone who ate too much salt, we will find that part of this salt is excreted in the urine.

What is said about kidneys?

 The kidney, as some scientists said, enables man to eat everything, and if the level of electrolytes raise in the blood (to be more than 8000), man would die. Who guarantees the fixed level of electrolytes in the blood? The kidneys would be the answer.
 The kidney, as described by some scientists, is a smart thinking refiner, as it takes regular rates, and what is left of excessive amounts of sugar and electrolytes is excreted by the kidney immediately. It also excretes drugs causing alternation in the urine’s color, because drugs are unfamiliar substances to the body.
 This pear’s size kidney, works silently, without expecting anything in return, wage free, and without taking any vacation.
 Scientists discovered that the kidneys are nothing but two internal secreting glands, because they excrete Hormones keepign the balance of blood pressure balance.
 Problems caused by kidney disorder?
 Dear brother, if the kidney got infected, man’s pressure would be disturbed, because this kidney excrete Hormones regulating blood pressure, besides it also excretes other Hormones against anemia, and a third kind of Hormones to adjust fluids.
 An honorable brother said to me once: years ago, and because of eating too much sugar, I used to drink water up to 20 or 30 times in one day, which made me go to the bathroom frequently to void the extra water.
 If the kidney got infected, the fluid balance would be disturbed, which obliges man to be close to tap water and bathroom the rest of his life.
Shouldn’t that make man grateful to his Lord for the blessing of kidney?

Meaning of the word “harm” in the hadith:

 Dear brothers, the prophet used to say when going in and out of the sanitary:

((All praises are due to Allah who has taken away from me harm and granted me relief.))

 Ask a doctor what would happen if the kidneys stopped working, and uric acid raised in the blood?Man would go into seizure, his memory gets diminished, he would be unable to work, he would be angry for the slightest reasons, and break down the furniture.
 Those whose kidneys stop working act like weirdoes, and their close family can’t put up with them because of their harshness, violence, and being angry for the slightest reasons, and if uric acid kept raising, man would die immediately.
 As for the second blessing (the bladder), it receives two drops of urine every second, accumulate them for you every 20 seconds, and when it is 1 Liter in volume, it vacates the bladder.
Human’s life could have been so difficult if not for the bladder.
 Man’s dignity is related to this system, and in some cases when man gets old and his muscles get weak, how does his family deal with him? Sometimes they address him using harsh words because he can’t control urination, and it would be very embarrassing to him, so the bladder is the second blessing.
 Dear believing brothers, man should not be like animal, all he cares about is eating only, Allah Al-mighty said:

(will enjoy (this world) and eat as cattle eat; and the Fire will be their abode.)


[Surat Muhammad, verse 12]

 That is how Allah describes the disbelievers who enjoy and eat just like animals,

(and the Fire will be their abode.)

 Praise be to Allah who creates these two organs which work regularly, and Praise be to Allah for keeping the kidneys intact of infections, damage, and sudden coming to a stop.