Scientific topics from sermons- lesson (008): Palm tree and dates


Benifits of dates:

 Dear brother, Once, I read an article, which affected me deeply. It indicated that dates have a substance that works as a tranquilizer on nerves, I forgot where that article was written exactly, but what surprises me today is that the prophet PBUH, said in a noble hadith:

((Feed your women dates after childbirth, because she whose food is dates in her accouchement (postpartum), will have a calm child, as dates was Mary’s food when she gave birth, and had Allah known that there was food better than dates, then He would have fed her with it))

[Traceable hadith by Ibn Asaker # 727]

 I said to myself: subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah)! What a science that the prophet PBUH brought to us thousands of years ago!
 A scientist in the western world, who has no idea bout Islam,Quran or Prophet’s hadith, happens to analyze dates in his Laboratory, and discover this tranquilizer substance. How on earth did the prophet PBUH know this sientific fact?
 Scientists confirm that dates also have a contractive substance that affects the uterus, it helps women in labor, as it prevents hemorrhage, because it works as a helping aid to heal severed arteries in the uterus after the placenta’s delivery.
 Also in dates there is a laxative substance, which helps vacating the rectum, and as you know vacating the rectum is a must to ease up delivery. In addition, dates have nutritional material that is transferred from the mouth to the blood stream in 20 minutes.
 Dates also have so many minerals and vitamins that help growth process, glazing, delicacy in hearing, strength in heart, and flexibility in arteries, and above all you find in dates high concentration in sugar which prevents germs from living at all.

Similarity between man and Palm tree:

 Another hadith that I have read, in which the prophet PBUH said:

((Honor your aunt, the date palm, for it has been created from the same earth from which Adam was created))

[Al Fwaed]

 A remarkable scientist, better yet, there was a huge conference that was held in some countries exporting dates, and in this conference this scientist delivered a speech related to the issue of comparing man to dates, Palm tree and man, he said: its trunk is erected just like man. Besides, it has female and male trees, and it won’t bear fruit unless it is inoculated. If you cut off its head it will die, and if its heart was shocked it will be destroyed. The Palm tree has irreplaceable leaves just like man, and it is covered all over with fibers just like man’s hair. Do you believe that there are 90 million Palm tree all over the world offering nutrition to human race, Allah Al-mighty said:

﴾Were they created of nothing, or were they themselves the creators? ﴿

[Surat Al Tur, verse 35]