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Biography– Prophetic Biography- Understanding the Prophet's Biography- (Lesson 41-57): Reaching Medinah & Building Qiba'a mosque
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  
Oh, respectable brother, we pursued the events on the Prophet's way to Medinah ( Higrah), now we reach Qiba'a.

With the prophet-pbuh at qiba'a

 On Monday ,8th. Rabee'a Awwal , in the 14th Year after the prophecy; the first year of Higrah, and the prophet -PBUH stopped at Qiba'a, before continuing I'd like to mention that:

The prophet,s curriculum is an entire curriculum:

 We should be absolute that our prophet's – PBUH- curriculum is an entire curriculum. As for in Mekka, , and after 13 years of his mission , he 'd strengthen the belief in his companions' hearts, thus, each of them became an authority in belief, yet, they were weak, as some of them were being tortured in front of the prophet-PBUH- and he couldn't say but

(( Be Patient O, Yasser's family, your date is at Paradise.))

The power of faith

 What has the prophet – PBUH- done at Mekka? He's established belief. This word is the most important ever, as if you ask about the strongest power in the world , the answer may be, the atomic or nuclear bomb, in a few seconds , it demolishes millions of people, burns, pressures, leaving nothing alive, no human beings, neither animals or plants, but, whose stronger than such a bomb? The one who made it using his bestowed mind by Allah, the human being managed , by using this mind to invade other planets, traveled to the moon, sent a spaceship to Jupiter ,which lasted in the outer space for 6 years with the highest speed 40 miles/hr., while the fastest recent plane 's speed varies between 900-1000 km/hr.while in this case the speed in 60.000 km/hr!!. so, who made the atomic bomb; utilizing his intellectual abilities, is himself stronger than the bomb. The strength pushes a person ,causes his deeds and great sacrifices is the strength of belief. So, belief is the strongest power ever on the earth. In other words, is there anything worth more than life? Can a person consider anything to be more precious than his life?
A believer sacrifices his life easily for the sake of Allah, thus; belief is the strongest power ever on the earth. A Muslim's leader said to his enemies; before a battle: our soldiers( i.e. the believers)like death as much as you like life!!"
What has the prophet – PBUH- done at Mekka? He's established belief in his companions' souls.
 he strengthen belief, so this word is such an important one. So, the prophet's curriculum was to firmly establish, strengthen, enhance belief in Mekka, but still, his companions were weak , so Allah's directed them not to fight polytheists.

﴾Have you not seen those who were told to hold back their hands ( from fighting) and perform As-Salat, and give Zakat.﴿


The power of truth

 But this truth needs a strength, as strength of truth needs the right to be strong. So, when the holy prophet – PBUH moved to Madinah, another stage began, it's the second stage, the stage of establishing an Islamic entity, an Islamic country, and he led three battles against Quraish, and some attacks till he grabbed a confession of an Islamic entity during Hudaybeyah conciliation. So,in Mekka, the stage of establishing belief occurred,

﴾By the sun and it's brightness* by the moon and it follows it ( the sun)﴿


﴾By the dawn* By the ten nights( the first ten days of the month Dhul-Hijja)﴿


﴾What are they asking (one another) about* About the great news( i.e. the Islamic Monotheism, the Qura'n which prophet Mohammed- PBUH brought and the Day of resurrection)﴿


 But, after moving to Medinah, they established their own entity, legislation, power, so, unless Muslims presently establish a firm belief tracing his curriculum in Mekkah, then empower this belief by a force just as he- PBUH- has done in Medinah ,they won't achieve their mission in life.

Ansar's going out waiting for the Prophet's arrival in eagerness:

 Narrated by Urwa Bin – Zubair: In Medinah, Muslims heard the prophet's going out Mekka, so they used to go daily to the main street of Madenah waiting for him until it's midday heat. They did so out of longing and likeness to the holy prophet- PBUH.
 Thus, we should understand that Islam without likeness is a body without soul, only a dead body , so if you empty Islam from likeness, cordiality from the heart's beat

﴾ the believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when his verses ( this Qura'n) are reauthord unto them , they ( i.e. the verses) increase their faith; and they put their trust in their Lord ( Alone).﴿


(( Allah's Awlia'( i.e. divines, saints) are those whom if ever seen , Allah is remembered))

[Narrated Hakeem, reported Ibn Abbas]

 For their connection to Allah-the Al-Mighty, the belief is a connection , it's a condition, a likeness, a sacrifice a discipline.
 So, the prophet's companions- may Allah be pleased with them – were in the highest degrees of likeness, but this likeness disappears between us and grand mosques as well as explended libraries , extravagance conferences and flashy appearances only remain….
 I've visited a mosque in Kasablanka, was built over the sea, and cost a milliard dollar, its minaret; the highest one ever, is itself a university, this building was made to be a university, so many great mosques full of extravagance, decoration, many conferences are held, 5 stars hotels, scientific titles…etc. but, we have neither true likeness nor true connection to Allah.

A brief on dealings: Connection to Allah:

 Oh, respectable brother, listen carefully, business has tens of thousands of activities, for instance; a senior business man buys a great shop, an importing office, a store house, appoints employees, an accountant, a whole administrative team, announces his goods, travels, imports, exhibits…etc , more than a hundred activity, all these activities can be compressed in one word from the purchase of the shop, the store house & the importing office, appointing employees,
announcing his goods, traveling, importing, exhibiting, selling good, transferring goods ,shipping goods, exchanging money…. Countless activities, arbitration meetings among business men, disputes, discounts, and other problems occur during buying & selling. the activities mentioned earlier are compressed in one word " PROFIT", unless you make a profit , you're not a business man.
On the dual image, there're variety of religious activities: establishing mosques, libraries, appointing preachers, giving speeches, speeches radio transferring, holding conferences, countless activities; various books in every religious branch…..so , millions of religious activities, among teaching , learning , writing books, establishing mosques and public utilities, charity societies…. are compressed in one word " connection to Allah", as if there's no connection to Allah , then all the above mentioned activities are worthless.
 So, the holy prophet- PBUH- established belief in Mekka, then established a strong civil entity in Madenah, thus he gained the power of truth and the right to be powerful.

Gathering power of truth and the right to be strong:

 Now, why did Qabeel kill Habeel ? Qabeel was stronger than his brother, while Habeel has the right yet, he was weaker than his brother, but he was killed.
 What lacked Habeel ? besides than he's the right, and made his offering to Allah , which was accepted, obeyed Allah, and married Qabeel's sister; he lacked strength. What lacked Qabeel? Habeel's belief. So, Qabeel has right of strength & Habeel has strength of truth.
 Thus, the prophet gathered both strength of truth in Makkah & the right of strength in Madenah
What is meant by right of strength?
Great countries created a right of their own ,due to their strength , it is called Veto , which ever decision they don't like , they used this veto to cancel it , this was not revealed by Allah , they invented this right, this is among right of strength, a strong one dictates his conditions, and the weak one accepts.
Thus, the prophet-PBUH- taught us that the strength of truth isn't enough , as when they were in Mekka they had the strength of truth, but was watching his helpless companions are tortured in front of him , and couldn't defend them. While in Medinah, he built an entire entity , and gained the right of strength.
 So, according to Westerns , the right means strength , strength made truth, so , they have many different measurement , they have the right of strength, but the right; according to Muslims , is what was revealed from Allah( i.e. Qura'n & the Holy Sunnah) , this is the right ( truth),but it needs a strength.
 So, being a neat, believer, having no hatred is not enough. Using phrases as: only Allah has the power & ability, or what shall we do?, or it's been already arranged, we can't do any thing, we're weak, it's the well of Allah…. causes weakness ,surrender, subjecting Muslims to be under pressure, to accept humiliation but , the prophet's companions weren't so.
 When the prophet-PBUH-moved to Madenah, established an entity, owned the right of strength, hence fought polytheists in the battles of Bader, Uhud, the ditch and other attacks till he grabbed a confession of the Islamic entity from the Haughty, arrogant, tyrant, degenerated tribe of Quraysh; which degeneration contains usury, alcohol, adultary, as well as sexual mess.
 Unless our Islamic World follows the prophet's curriculum in grabbing the right of strength, Islam won't be established. There're many types of Habeel as well as Qabeel in this world, the Habeel's type are believers, their destiny will be to heaven , but they're slaughtered, whereas the Qabeel's type are disbelievers, murderers, criminals, but strong , I wish the Habeel's type could take some of the Qabeel's type characteristics & vise versa.
 Any way, we began with likeness, do you like your brother? The prophet's companions were greeting & embracing each other after the Isha prayer , before going to their homes. It's only 5 hours that separated Isha' prayer from Dawn prayer yet, when they reunion during the Dawn prayer they hug each other and say: O brother I long you , as they like each other. They were also while walking if a tree separated them for a while , when they reunion they greeted each other saying: Asslam Alaikum. We lack this kind of likeness, we want believers to be brother.
Allah's said:

(( my fondness is a must for those who like each other for my sake- i.e. the brotherhood of Islam- , who hold meetings for my sake, who do their utmost for my sake, who visit each other for my sake, and those who like each other for my sake; are over light platforms , are envied by apostles, sinceres and martyrs in the Resurrection Day.))

[Narrated Ahmad, Tabarani & Haqim, reported Ubadah bin Samet & Mu'ath]

Initiatives of the prophet's arrival to Madenah:

 One day after long awaiting for his arrival , they returned to their homes. No longer did they do so , than a Jewish man who was climbing a mountain for a personal business- saw Allah's apostle & his companions , hence cried: O Arabs, your share, he meant the prophet, to whom you've been awaiting; has arrived, so they returned to the street.
 Now, there're satellite channels, news , communications, what ever happens in the world is known with in few seconds, in complete image , sound, and a full scene, while in the past , non of this was available. So, it took the prophet's companions 12 days of early daily awaiting , at last he arrived.to hold a comparison between today's traveling and past traveling, you get into a vehicle now in your way from Makka to Madena, yet, you're bored of waiting 4 to 6 hrs. the speed is about 150km/hr., air conditioned, how can you imagine the holy prophet's travel to Madenah which lasted 12 days, with a she-camel as his vehicle, adding to these troubles, fear worry , the disbelievers were chasing him to kill him , they stated a hundred she-camel to whoever could bring him dead or live…
Those honest companions lead by the holy prophet-PBUH- presented Islam, sacrificed every precious thing for the sake of Islam , while we only utilize it. They carried on the mission and we did so, but with a great difference.
 If a Muslim follows the right path of Allah, was truly disciplined according to Islamic regulations, he is then cherished and honored as this rank is brought to him by Islam which causes high raised fame.
Ibn Al-Qayyem said: the prophet's companions exclaimed:Allah is the Great " happily for his arrival , they went out to receive him , then greeted him saying: Asslam Alayk O Allah's apostle, they circled him , tranquility came to him then he was revealed:

﴾Then verily, Allah is his Maula( Lord or Master, or Protector)and Jibril( Gabriel), and the righteous among the believers; and furthermore; the angels are his helpers.﴿


 And if you have Allah to support you who would ever be against you & vise versa.
 Urwa Bin Zubair has said: they received the prophet – PBUH- and walked with him to the right side till he got down to the place of Bani Omar bin Awf , on Monday , on the month of Rabee' Awal , then Abu Baker stood for people and the holy prophet sat in silence.
 By the way , the one who travels alone is Satan, while three together form a convoy. It's of Sunnah , not to travel alone.

 The prophet's entrance to Medinah and his perfect behavior:

The prophet's entrance to Medinah and his perfect behavior:

 The holy prophet sat in silence, so those Ansar, who never saw the prophet before that time , came to greet Abu Baker, assuming that he was the prophet, while master Abu Baker stood to receive people. Now concentrate in the wisdom and the good conduct of Abu Baker, the sun hit the holy prophet –PBUH- when he was sitting , so Abu Baker in haste over shaded the prophet using his gown, without saying any word, this gesture gave the true indication that the one who was sitting was the Prophet-PBUH..
 Among the good conduct of Islam, some times you walk with a senior one , your boss, or a director of an institute , a university, a hospital , or a minister, you shouldn't walk with him , you should have a step backwards.
 So, once Charles Degool – president of France, while walking with another president; who was received in France, told him: one step backwards, so that people would know that France has only one president.
You too , if you are a vice –director, when going on a site visit with your boss , you should take a step backwards, not to walk with him nor to precede him. Now, good conduct with your father is not to precede him, but to step backwards, not to set before he sits, not to walk in front of him…so , our religion is a good conduct.
 A man in pre-Islam was among the most handsome men ever, called " Zaied of horses",it's been said that he has long legs that when he rides a horse his feet touch the floor. Once, during Friday preach, he went to the mosque to see the holy prophet- PBUH-in order to announce his Islam , so , the prophet admired him and asked: what's your name? you can touch the prophet's high conduct, he cared for him, other people may not pay attention to a person when entering the place in which they're giving a speech. The man replied: Zaied of horses,the most famous man – before Islam – of his handsomeness, strength & masculinity, then the prophet replies: rather, you're Good Zaied. he adjusted his name, took him to his home, he's been a Muslim since quarter an hour. The holy prophet offered him a cushion to lay –as he was the prophet's guest, but he replied: I can't lay down in your presence, O Allah's apostle.
 Do you act in the same way if you're in the presence of a great person ?it's ill mannered to sit cross legs , or to play with a rosary , or to read a news paper.
The prophet –PBUH- answered when was asked: who cultivated you?

((My Lord – Allah- did , and what a good cultivation it was.))

[Narrated Ibn Sama'ni, reported Ibn Masuud]

 The holy prophet was never seen – out of his high discipline- stretching his legs.
 Ikrimah Bin Abi Jahl, the son of Abi Jahl – the greatest polytheist, and the bitter enemy of the prophet, came to announce his Islam before the prophet , what did the holy prophet say ?

(( Ikrimah Bin Abi Jahl will come a believer immigrant ( Muhajer), don't curse his father, as cursing a dead person hurts the living person and it doesn't reach the dead))

[Narrated Waqidi & Ibn Sa'a & Ibn Asaker, reported Abdu Allah Ibn Zubair]

 The believer is full of good conduct & cultivation , whereas you should not believe the one who says: there's no shyness in religion , as he's a liar, the Islamic religion is all a cultivation and good conduct, the proof is in the following verse:

﴾And those who guard their chastity( i.e. private parts from illegal sexual acts)* Except from their wives or ( the slaves)that their right hands possess- for then they are free from blame;* But whoever seeks beyond that , then those are the transgressors;﴿


Examples of the discipline of Qura'n & Sunnah:

 All kinds of sexual deviation are listed under the word "But whoever seeks beyond that" , you can feel the Qura'n discipline.

﴾When he had sexual relation with her, she became brignant﴿


 The nicest word to express the intimate relation between a husband and his wife:

﴾ Or you have been in contact with women( by sexual relation)﴿


 A listening child would understand this verse as if a man's hand touches his wife's hand, whereas there's a deeper meaning.

﴾ And you find no water , perform Tayammum with clean earth﴿


 Religion is all cultivation and good conduct, once a woman came to complain about her husband, who's totally left her, never touched her, he devoted his life for worshipping, fasting his days and praying during his nights. She told our master Omar: O, believer's master, my husband is permanently fasting and praying at nights; it seems he was busy, so he didn't pay attention so replied: O may Allah bless your husband, then our master Ali said: she is complaining about her husband not praising him. You noticed her discipline when she said: my husband is permanently fasting and praying at nights. Now , every thing changed, a woman may say indecent words to describe her husband abandoning for her. The old women companions had a high discipline.
 Once a woman with untidy clsh3er, who neglected her elegance, appearance & tidiness, met Mrs. Aisha- may Allah be pleased with her- the prophet's wife , the woman complained about her husband- Uthman bin Mathoun- who totally abandoned her, then the prophet –PBUH- admonished him saying: O Uthman , don't you find a good example in I? You have many obligations towards: your body , your wife, your tummy, so distribute rights to whomever has a right …afterwards , it seems he obeyed the prophet's advice, and took care of his wife , having a marriage relation with her, thus she became sweet, neat , smelled nice and stimulated; when she visited Mrs. Aisha- may Allah be pleased with her- the prophet's wife, she was totally in a different look, when Mrs. Aisha exclaimed , she answered her: we obtained what sh3er obtained.
So , when Abu Baker over shaded the prophet using his gown, he didn't say: it's not me the prophet. It's ill manners, when he over shaded the prophet people realized that he wasn't the prophet and acquired the prophet , it was a remarkable day the Madeniah has no such a day.
 The Jewish realized the truth prophecy of their books telling about the prophet's appearance, the prophet- PBUH- got down to Qiba'a by Kulthum bin Alhadem, ,it was also said by Ali Bin Sa'ad, but the first is more authentic ,while Ali bin Abi Taleb stayed for 3 days to perform the prophet's deposits for people.
 There's now a wrong, deviated and severe direction that: polytheists money is Halal ( permitted) for Muslims to take illegally. For example: a Muslim travel to Europe, buys goods cost thousands of dollars , using a credit card, then he doesn't pay and leave the country, believing he's a hero, you should understand the concept that the prophet has deposits for polytheists – who worshipped idols- for their trust in his honesty, why didn't he give him self the right to take their deposits because they were polytheists? Rather he kept his cousin – Ali – to perform his deposits for people.
 So, the rule is that every Muslim travels to a western country and buys without paying the price is contradicting this great religion , honestly: as long as there's a diplomatic representation – according to current terms between two countries, the other country is safe, there's agreements, but, with a country fighting us like Israel, what ever we have from it is a booty, as there's portion of war; worriers' money is booty for Muslims, while safe's money is forbidden from Muslims. So , it's wrong to believe that where ever you go in the world you have the right to take sh3er' money, we should take an example of the prophet- PBUH- who didn't say when immigrated: those are polytheists , worship idols, there money is permitted for Muslims, rather he kept his cousin 3 days to perform his deposits for people.
 Some times Muslims commit a crime against Islam by deceiving while being in a Western country.
By the way , when a Muslim offends a person , if this person( the victim) was a Muslim, he'll say: so and so offended me , but if this person wasn't a Muslim he'll say: Islam offended me. so, you Muslim shouldn't wrong your religion.

delivers the prophet's deposits for polytheists:

 Ali imigrated to Madenah on foot, after staying three days to return polytheists' deposits were kept with the holy prophet , he walked 480km till he reached the prophet-PBUH, they carried Islam for us, yet we were carried by Islam!!
The prophet-PBUH- stayed four days at Qiba'a (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) and established Qiba'a's Mosque; the first established mosque over piety after prophethood. And it's the first established mosque after Hijrah ( Imigration ).
 It's Sunna (of the Prophet) to pray in this mosque for whoever goes to Umrah- minor Hajj-, and visits the prophet's grave.
 On the fifth day ; Friday, he rode with Abu baker according to Allah's order, and sent to Bani Najjar ; his (maternal) uncles, who came holding their swords, he headed to Madenah, when it was time for Friday prayer he was at Bani Salim bin Awf,so, he gathered them; they were 100 man ; in the valley located mosque, then afterwards he –PBUH entered Madenah, ever after the town of Yathrib was called the prophet's Madenah. thus , it's narrated that the holy prophet- PBUH said when immigrated:

((O Allah, you brought me out of the place I adore most, so lodge me in the place You adore most. ))

[ reported: Abu Hurairah]

 Thus , it's said that Madenah is the most adorable places according to Allah , as he lodged his dear in.
" I swear by this city( Makkah)"

﴾ And you are free (from sin, and to punish the enemies of Islam on the day of the conquest) in this city (Makkah).﴿

[ Al- Balad:1-2]

 It's said in the Arabic poetry that:
It's not that I've passion for the houses my passionate is for who dwelt those houses.
 Whoever performs minor Hajj or Hajj notices the touches of sublimity in Makkah, whereas in Madenah are touches of beauty.
 I've been once performing minor hajj, and my wife told me that a woman was buying a piece of cloth asked the seller to reduce the price by saying: O for the sake of the holy prophet; reduce the price. He told her: I swear that I won't take it's price , this piece of cloth is a present.
 Mentioning the name of the holy prophet –PBUH is very great there at madenah, you can feel the spirituous of the prophet- PBUH is dominant over the inhabitants of Madenah.
 So, nowadays, it's abbreviated to be called Madenah, but the original name is the prophet's Madenah.

It's a historical day:

 It was such a historical day, as houses, paths was shaken by voices of glorifying , praising & hallowing Allah, Ansar's daughters were singing these verses happily:

O the full moon has raised over us  from Thaneyyat Al-wada'a( a place)
Thus ,we must be full of thanks  whenever anyone calls for Allah
O Allah's apostle, whose been sent to us  your orders are obeyed

Ansar's competitions to be the prophet's host:

 Oh, respectable brother, although the Ansar weren't wealthy, each of them wished for the prophet- PBUH – to stay at his house. It's an amazing competition, each of them believes that prophet's host is such a great honor.
 And now the prophet-PBUH, has chosen one of his companion to stay at his house, so he valued him well.
 Some times you hold a party; invite some one and neglect the other , this means that you value the first thus invited him , and negatively valued the other so didn't invite him.

Leave it, it has certain directions:

 The problem was that , all of them were his companions, so , whenever he passed by any of their houses they tried to pull the bridle of his she-camel; asking him to stay at their houses saying: Oh, Allah's apostle, come to us , we're a lot and well armed, we'll defend you and guarantee you secure, we'll protect you by our souls … he – PBUH replied: leave it – the she-camel; it executes certain directions, so he was not to be admonished for not accepting any one's invitation, but just said: Leave it, it executes certain directions. The she-camel continued its journey till it reached the location of the current prophet's mosque, then lied down, the prophet-PBUH, didn't get down till it got up and walk a little bit then turned back and returned to the first place and lied down again; to emphasize.
To make it clear: some times the PC asks you to write your pass word, after writing it , you're asked again to rewrite it for proof, ans the same is done for bills.
 So, that was the place Allah wanted his prophet to stay in , the Prophet's holy mosque , in the place of Bani –Najjar, his maternal uncles, it was among Allah's success granting for him , as he- PBUH was eager to stay at his maternal uncles, but he'd never do so in order not to discriminate among Ansar, thus said: leave it – the she-camel; it executes certain directions, and Allah- the Al-Mighty made her lied down in the Bani Najjar houses.

Ayyoub the Ansari's hosting the holy prophet:

 Abu Ayyoub hastened to the prophet's luggage and carried it to his house, so the prophet kept saying: a man accompanies his luggage. Which means that when his she-camel lied down at the houses of his maternal uncles, infront of Abu Ayyoub's house, it was very clear that this was the place of his residence, he was invited to another house of his maternal uncles, thus he replied: a man accompanies his luggage, in other narration: a man stays where his folks stay, a man accompanies his luggage.
 Then came Assa'd Bin Zurarah, took the she-camel's bridle, the prophet-PBUH asked: which of our homes is nearer? He meant to the place the she-camel lied down. Abu Ayyoub replied: to my home ,O Allah's apostle, this is my home and this is my door, the prophet replied: then go and prepare us a place to rest. Abu Ayyoub replied: O come, may Allah bless you. After few days his wife _Sawda, his two daughters Fatima & Um Kalthum, Usamah bin Zaid & Um Ayman reached Madenah, with them was Abdullah bin Abu Baker accompanying his children , among them was Aisha, and Zainab ; daughter of the holy prophet stayed with her husband ;Abu Al-a's, she couldn't immigrate till after Bader battle.
 Aisha said: when we reached Madinah , Abu Baker & Belal became sick , I asked them: how do you feel dad? How do you feel Belal ?
She said that Abu baker was saying when their fever is severe:
 Each one wakes up among his folks, yet death is nearer than his shoes.
And Bilal was saying some verses wondering if he would ever stay alive and would have the chance to visit some places. So, Aish is talking: I told the prophet-PBUH about their case of high fever and what they say:
So he invocated

((O Allah, let us like Madenah as much as we liked Makkah and more than we liked Makkah, and remove away diseases, and bless its measures, and turn its heat to Jahfah ( a place).))

 By this , we come to an end of stage of the prophet's life, another stage starts ; his residence in Madenah.

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