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Biography-Prophetic Biography- Understanding the Prophet's Biography- (Lesson 39-57): Hiraa Cave and the Prophet's Meditation in it
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

The Prophet curriculum is a way of living:

 Oh respectful brother, this new lesson of Prophet's curriculum, I'd like to remind you now & then that Prophet's curriculum( PBUH)doesn't literally mean Prophet's curriculum but, it means every Muslim's way of living. If we only apply it (Prophet's curriculum, situations, directions whether by words or deeds ) in our living ; our problems will all be solved, since Allah has sent him for our mercy and salivation
 The most important point is that your belief is lifted higher when you believe that our prophet is your example. On the contrary, you are far away from true belief when you guess that his curriculum is not an issue of yours and that it was away of living just for the Islamic beginning, and for that nation of desert& simplicity ((in the beginning of Islam ))and that we rather need very complicated rules and systems due to our complicated life.
 Verily,Prophet's curriculum is valid to all times and all places, for each condition and environment: the evidence is mentioned in the Holy Quran:

"Indeed in the messenger of Allah(Mohammed PBUH)you have a good example to follow for him who hopes for ( the meeting with ) Allah and the Last Day."

 Now concentrate: A person seeks for many would have famous business men as his example when he listens to them talking about how they gain their millions and millions, his soul dissolves out of eager to be just like them. Who wants to be a celebrity, accompanies celebrities and men of position, his soul dissolves out of eager to be just like them. Whose first concern is life pleasures, meets those who indulged in their desires and fancies, while listening to their adventures, their abnormality behaviors his soul dissolves out of eager to be just like them. And who hopes for Allah and the Day Of Resurrection, when ever listens to Prophet's curriculum (PBUH) his soul dissolves out of eager to follow his example and his path. So tell me what you think is great I tell you who you are.
 A believer believes that there's no one greater than his prophet, on the other hands, a non believer thinks, without even realizing, in his inner feeling that strong people set example.. Who is fond of gathering money thinks of rich people to be his example, who seeks fame thinks of celebrities to be his example, who believes that life is just a pleasure, a drink and a whore ; thinks of degraded indulged people to be his example.
 So tell me whom you glorify, I tell you who you are.
 Tell me which curriculum you want to follow, I tell you who you are. It's a sign of your belief to see no one greater than our prophet (PBUH).

The devoutness of the Prophet in the Cave of Hera'

 Oh respectable brother, referring to an old subject, which is the devoutness of the Prophet (PBUH) in the Cave of Herra'. In which way are we related to such a behavior ?
A person leaves his wife, children, home, security, and his bed, goes for 2 miles, that is 3 Kilos, in the toughest, most difficult path to reach to a natural cave dimentions 2X1 m2, sitting alone, where there's no air conditioning, nor is a secure place, there was no kitchen, no refregirator, no juice, no coffee, no tea, to satellite channel to bring amusement, not his wife by his side, nor his children around, he is just among rocks, what is he doing?
 What do we have to do with this?
I s wear by Allah –who there is no God but him- if you don't have Cave of Herra' you won't be a believer. I'm not asking you to climb a high mountain seeking for a cave, I'm asking you to have some privacy alone daily in your home and to think who are you ? why are you here in this life, where have you been before your birth? And what will you be after death? Why were we created? Who created us? Why is life short? Why does a person suddenly die? What will happen after death? What is the substance of a soul?....these are the most dangerous things you must know.
 Thus, read Allah's words in the Holy Quran:

"Say(O Muhammad PBUH): "Shall we tell you the greatest losers in respect of (their ) deeds? * " Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds."

Haven't you ever thought of your leaving hour?

 I swear that I happen to know an 80 years old person from a country in Northern Africa, who has endless money yet, in the age of eighty, he wanted to establish a Casino, how does he think?

"Say(O Muhammad PBUH): "Shall we tell you the greatest losers in respect of (their ) deeds? * " Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds."

 Oh,honorable brother, when facts are discovered a person feels the great loss.
 A T.V program presented the image of Pharaoh; the proper Pharaoh of Prophet Moses; was taken to Paris, where his arm was repaired from fungi and decay & was wrapped by bandage, then I thought,he who said

" I am your Lord, Most high."

" I know not that you have an Ilah (God) other than me."

 When he was about to draw, he said

"I believe that none has the right to be worshipped but he (Allah ) in whom the Children of Israel believe."

 All your intelligence, championship and success is to think about the hour of leaving this world? Where will you go ?
 Thus, what did our prophet do when he went to Cave of Hera', he was thinking of the Kingdom of Allah, this realm, the great facts.
 Oh honorable brother, sometimes we are consumed by life, a person's great concern is to reduce his taxes, to enlarge and decorate his home, to buy a car, to be pleased with life, to travel to meet sh3er, to boast, to feel superiority upon sh3er.
 But, What are Prophets' concerns?

" By the star when it goes down * your companion (Muhammad PBUH) has neither gone astray nor has erred* nor does he speak of (his own ) desire* It is only a Revelation revealed."

" While he Jibril(Gabriel)was in the highest part of the Horison."

 You,What is your horizon ? Is it only your worldly demands. A person whose concern is to increase his earning is too little according to Allah's criterion, another person's concern is to recognize in Allah, other person's concern is to lead sh3er to Allah, other's concern is to Please Allah. ….
 Tell me your concerns, I tell you who you are.

What was The Prophet doing in The Cave of Herra' ?

 What did The Prophet (PBUH) do in The Cave of Herra?
 He was worshipping there for counted nights, he was performing isolation a whole month annually, and Mrs. Khadijah- His wife- was fetching him food and water
 Do you have Privacy with Allah?
 Do you have confidential talk with Allah?
 Do you have meditation ?

" So, let man see from what he is created! He is created from a water gushing forth."

 What will happen after death? What is my fate? I gained a high certificate then,what?
 At last you'll die. whether you were a doctor, an engineer, an advocate, a Haj (pilgrimage ), Head of a family,an ex. councilor, an ambassador …. After death, there's no embassy, no position, no rank there's nothing.

"And truly you have come unto Us alone (without wealth, companions or anything else ) as we created you the first time. You have left behind you all that which we had bestowed on you."

 Dear brother, The Prophet's devoutness in Herra', was a meditation about integrities of life. In the great concepts of living, so, when he approaches the age of 40 –and whoever became 40 years old then he's already considered to join the other life's market, the holy verse:

" Did we not give you lives long enough, so that whosever would receive admonition could receive it? And the warner came to you. "

Oh people, be careful, the warner has come, so, what is the warner?

1- The Warner is the Holy Qura'n:

 The meaning of this word ( the warner) as mentioned in Al-Qurtubi interpretation:
 The warner is the Holy Quran, suppose you were travelling and you saw a sign indicating: Dangerous Curve or, Dangerous Crossing, severe slope or, slippery road or, fog ….This sign is a warner,of course put before the area of danger not after it,other wise it would be worthless.

 The holy Qura'n stated that death is a fact:

" O you who believe !Let not your properties or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. And whosever does that, then they are the losers."

 And also stated that:

" Verily, among your wives and your children there are enemies for you, therefore be ware of them."

 Some times, a wife put pressure upon her husband demanding for unaffordable payments for him, this pressure leads him to steal ( or do any wrong doing),as a result he is punished, exposed and has his hand's cut. Then, he considers his wife, who put pressure upon him, to be among his enemies. So, the Holy Qura'n explains, thus it is a warner.

" The day wheron neither wealth nor sons will avail, Expect him who brings to Allah a clean heart( from polytheism)."

 What would a person do by his millions?
 Among the strangest stories: The richest British Jewish called Rodcheled whose treasury was an entire room, out of his wealth, used sometimes to lend the British government, He entered once his treasury, and the door was closed by mistake, he shouted and called out but, no body heard him, as his house was a mansion and he was used to be absent for long times, thus his family thought he was away in a travel, he stayed there till he nearly died out of thirst and hunger, he hurt his finger and wrote on the wall by his blood: the richest person in the world dies out of thirst and hunger.

" Did we not give you lives long enough, so that whosever would receive admonition could receive it? And the warner came to you. "

 One of the richest Lebanese, who has a private plane, digged his grave in the most wonderful area over looking Beirut, his plane fell in the sea, millions were paid to find his body, it was a vain effort, they didn't find his body but found his pilot's body, and he couldn't be buried in the prearranged grave.
It's life. and The Holy Quraan is a Warner.

2-The Prophet is a warner:

" O prophet ( Muhammad PBUH)! Verily, we have sent you as witness, and a bearer of glad tidings, and a warner."

 It 's said in the holy Hadith:

 Oh, verily there's a nourish, delicate person in this world, would certainly be hungry & naked in the day of Resurrection. On the contrary, there maybe a hungry, naked person in this world who will certainly be nourish & delicate in the day of Resurrection. I.E A person may seem to be insulting himself but, he is, in fact, honoring it and on the contrary A person may seem to be honoring himself but, he is, in fact, insulting it. The good deed is a grief upon a hill, and the a bad deed ( a sin ) is, easy during distraction.
 So, the Prophet is a warner
 It 's also said in the holy Hadith:

" A wise is a one who subjects him self, and work hard for the after life, the unwise is the one lets his soul follows its fancy, then makes wishes for Allah.”

3- The Warner is the age of forty:

 The age of 40 is a warner, who became 40 joins in the after life's markets. To make it clear: suppose you intended to spend ten days in a wonderful retreat, in the seventh day your plans changes, you buy your tickets, presents, gather your belongings.
 It's said in the Holy Hadith: "Whoever reaches 40 and his good side doesn't prevail his bad side, he shall be ready to go to hell"
 Till when you're busy with your desires, though you hold the complete responsibility for your deeds.
 You disobey Allah, pretending to love him, Which, I swear, is an awful thing
 If your love was true you must have obeyed him, verily, a person obeys his beloved.

 Thus,the age of forty is a warner. Whoever became 60 years old, then every extra year after sixty is a profit – as death campaign between sixty & seventy. If we became forty we joined the after life's markets, how about becoming sixty ?
 What a bout a sixty years person who is yet a teenager, whose only concern is a not permitted woman.

4- The Warner is the grey Hair:

 The gray hair is a warner, it's mentioned in some of the holy hadith that Allah says:

" Oh, my worshipper you got older, having a weak sight, bent back, gray hair, so show coyness to me, I deal with you in coyness.
" I'm fond of three persons, and my fond for another three is greater, I 'm fond of obedients, and have greater fond for an obedient youth,…
A youth in the beginning of his life, having high desires yet, he obeys Allah. As Allah likes nothing more than a repentant youth " Allah protests his Angles with a worshipper youth, saying: look at him, left his desire for my sake "

 Now, back to the Holy Hadith:

" I'm fond of three persons, and my fond for another three is greater, I'm fond of obedient,and have greater fond for an obedient youth, I'm fond of generous people, and have greater fond for a poor generous person, ….

 For instance, a poor one who has only two apples, puts them in a dish to serve you saying: Please take, having nothing more, even though is generous.

" I'm fond of humble people,and have greater fond for a humble wealthy person"

 Who eats with his servant, he answers when is called from a distant place, humble, feels Allah's blessings upon him.

" And I detest three persons, and my detest for another three is greater, I detest disobedients, and have greater detest for an disobedient old man…."

 To make this phrase clear in the common language we say, an elder wearing a red hat, an elder person has a face lifting, resorting operation, nose adjusting,hair plant,in order to return a youth,
 Oh, I wish one day, youth would come back.
 In Islam, every age has its integrity.

" And I detest arrogant people, and have greater detest for a poor arrogant man…."

 Is there any cause for a poor's arrogance?

" And I detest miser people, and have greater detest for a miser rich man…."

 Who has endless, uncounted money, and gets even with a dirham or a small account. Listen to this story,, forty years ago, as I remember, public means of transport costs 5 piaster to a certain area, till the end of the lane it cost 7.5 piaster, some rich people used to take the transport to the area that only cost 5 piaster then walk to the end of the lane in order to save 2.5 piaster.that's miserliness. It's just like cancer, a dangerous disease.

" And whosoever is saved from his own covetousness, such are they who will be the successful"

 Thus, the Holy Quran is a warner as well as the Prophet, the age of forty, the age of sixty and the gray hair.

5- Misfortunes are Warners

 Misfortunes are warner, first of all you got a weak sight, then put on glasses,have teeth decay, so use a bridge and removable teeth, has sore joints, bent back, high Uric Acid, bad hearing, shaking hands…etc what does all of this indicate to? These developments means Oh, man it's very soon to meet Allah, ARE YOU READY for that?
There are indicators to show that it's getting sooner to meet Allah.
 It might have been possible for a person to live all his life without getting older and older, just being a youth till death But, Allah's well requires that face's features must change as a result of aging.Everyone has a personal photo for his childhood, there's certainly a great different, when you're ten you have a totally different photo than when you become seventy or eighty. There's a progress in facial wrinkles, gray hair, sight weakness, power weakness, digestion symptoms,heart symptoms…etc.
My teacher told me once; joking: fifty years ago, I was more active than now.
 It's a warner ageing process is a warner, the accompanying symptoms assures that the meeting is soon, Are you ready? Hence, Misfortune is a warner.

 Oh, I swear that this subject is very important, sometimes, some countries have a review consists of tanks weapon, air force, infantry, missiles to send a certain message for an neighbor enemy country, that is the truth of a review. other times two countries have maneuvers together, why? Well, to send a message for a third country that we made alliance against you.. Now, the recent style is a practical one, Allah send misfortunes to his worshippers as a warner. The evidence is in this holy Verse from the Holy Quraan:

"And if ( we had )not (sent you to the people of Makkah ) in case a calamity should seize them for (the deeds ) that their hands have sent forth."
"They would surely have said:Our, Lord! If only you have sent us a messenger, we should certainly have followed your Ayat (proofs)before we were humiliated and disgraced."

 I'll make it clear by this example:
 Once, a fifth grade pupil told his father: I don't like to study, the father responded: as you wish,tomorrow don't go to school, he didn't advise him, the next day came and the pupil didn't get up early, he got up at ten o'clock, how comfortable, there was no more early getting up, no more home works, no more school, at twelve o'clock he ate 10 eggs, went to the cinema at night with his friends, very well!!!
 Years passed,and he thought he was the cleverest one ever, who got rid of school. He got older, having no certificate, no career, no grocery, he was not a doctor, neither an engineer, not married, haven't children. Then, he got mad with his father and said: Oh, father when I told you that I don't like studying why didn't you slap me on face? Why didn't you kick me? Why didn't you yell on me? You're the cause of my misery !!
 Many students have a strict father, but they excel their studying, then when become celebrities then say: Oh Allah, bless my father, if not for his hardness and strict behavior with me, if not he followed me up I wouldn't be what I am.
 So, you must believe that unless Allah sends misfortunes to Muslims they would say in the day of resurrection: If only you have sent us a messenger, we should certainly have followed your Ayat (proofs)before we were humiliated and disgraced."

 So, What is a warner? It's misfortunes
 Here in this town, a person has a grocery, puts a sign indicating: prayer time, while committing adultery in. the grocery was burnt. He rebuilt the grocery and returned to commit adultery, the grocery again was burnt. so unless Allah sends misfortunes to people they won't be restrained.

The Monotheism understanding for an ( misfortune ) agony

 So, misfortunes is warner, I have a wish for everyone to understand agony in a monotheistical way. An agony, or a misfortune has an earthly understanding, a monotheistical understanding and a polytheism understanding.
 It's among your cleverness to take the monotheistical understanding not earthly or polytheismcal understanding.
 For instance, considering earthquakes they explain it as ; a confusion in the crust of earth, which is a scientific explanation,though not enough, we must consider the existence of Allah, why was an earthquake occurred in a certain place?

" And your Lord would never destroy the towns wrongfully, while their people were right doers."

 No way, you must understand misfortunes in a monotheistical way.
 A symbolic story indicates that: a bird met king Solemon, the prophet (PBUH) and asked him: whether Allah acts promptly or patiently?, after asking his Lord, he answered the bird on the tongue of Allah:I'm patient, so he became calm. then, the bird saw some people having a grill and took it,then flew, for the taught that Allah is patient, without noticing; a piece of burning meat stuck to the piece he took, he put the meat in his nest,which was entirely burnt and his kids died. He went back to king Solemon saying: I asked you and you told me that Allah is patient no he is in haste, he asked again his lord who told him " this was an old account "
 A misfortune is a message from Allah. Listen carefully, whoever, after having a misfortune of any kind, didn't absorb the lesson, then he himself has a deep self problem.
 How did Allah drew a celebrity of the richest people in this world to the Indian beaches in those coldest days 25th. Jan. ?
 During that time, the weather was warm there, a tropical weather, a fantastic sea, giant forests, were there7 stars retreats, elegance, degeneration, homosexuality, prostitution, very fine lands, with extremely rich people. Suddenly, Tsunami Earthquake broke through, they saw the stars in the clear sun shine, 25 thousand of the richest people in the world died there, how did Allah drew them? These are messages. 400 thousand child is brought up for prostitution. Some of these countries' presidents says boasting: there isn't a single virgin in his country!! those countries live on sex and prostitution. Among the earth quake results were 300.000 were killed, 5 millions became homeless, the place couldn't be rebuilt before 10 years, everything was destroyed. This doesn't mean that no Muslims were killed as a result of Tsunami but, everyone dies according to his intention, thus, a Muslim has a special death or special account.Hence, misfortunes is warner.

6- Relatives death is a warner

 Relatives death is a warner, a healthy person suddenly dies,
I have a relative, has a weekly gathering with his friends; every Sat.'s evening, one of his friends is very sociable, light spirited, has a great sense of humor, very healthy, agile, very precise about his food, eats vegetables, salads, fruit, has a custom of daily walking …so, all the means of a long healthy life are available, he said once: I shall not die young, I will live for along time before I die- this precisely was what he said – He was asked for the reason of his idea, and answered: look at me, very healthy, very active, daily sports, healthy nutrition, peace of mind, I have no problem, good reputation and very pleasing at home. Good convincing words as they seemed. The other Saturday he was buried.
"And the warner came to you. " which is relatives death

 Another group of youth, who have weekly evening gathering, one of them is a mid age young man, in the mid of thirty's,who fell at the play-yard then died out of brain clot, brain stroke and a heart failure…. His friends learnt the lesson.
 To sum up, the Warner is The Holy Qura'n, the Prophet, the age of forty, the age of sixty, the gray hair, misfortunes and Relatives death.
" Did we not give you lives long enough, so that whosever would receive admonition could receive it? And the warner came to you. "

 So, what shall we do in the cave of Hera'? or Our private room ? we think, where have we been? And What will happen after our death? We should think from where? And to where? Why ? …etc

The use of self dialogue

 I have an unlimited admiration for Our master,Nae'em bin Masoud, when he thought,we called this self dialogue, or inner dialogue, he asked himself: Oh, Nae'em, what brought you here? – Nae'em was a leader of a tribe,came to fight the Holy Prophet in the Ditch Battle, - so asking himself: what brought you here? To fight this good man? What did he do? Did he steal money? or profane an honor? Killed someone? Where 's your mind? Exactly, at that moment, the light of belief shone his heart, consequently became a Muslim. Allah brought triumph upon his hands in this Battle. As he made a considerable crack in the alliance, that alliance was old, so the concept of making alliances is old ok, now the old alliance between the Jewish and Quraish was broken by his unique intelligence, and Allah grant victory for the Islamic nation in this battle upon Nae'em's hands.

The Cave of Herra' for Meditation:

 The Cave of Herra' to Meditate, to think deeply in the creation of heavens and earth, to think deeply where have you been ? and what will happen after death? What is the reason of my living ?other wise you'll apply this holy verse:

"Say(O Muhammad PBUH): "Shall we tell you the greatest losers in respect of (their ) deeds? * " Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds."

 Other wise you'll regret while dieing, and will say:

"He will say:" Alas! Would that I had sent forth(good deeds ) for (this ) my life* So, on that day none will punish as He will punish* and none will bind as he will bind"

 This thinking in order not to say:

" Oh, would that I had taken a path with the Messenger ( Mohammed PBUH)* Ah, woe to me ! would that I had never taken so-and –so as khalil(intimate friend)* He indeed led me astray from the reminder (the Quran0 after it had come to me. And Shaitan ( Satan ) is to man ever a deserter in the hour of need."

Each one has Heraa' cave to meditate in:

 Oh honorable brother, the cave of heraa' was not only for our prophet, it should be also for us, of course you don't have to climb a high mountain,it's just in your private room,or any other empty room at home, sit there and meditate after a prayer, who are you? Why do you live in this world? what is useful for you? And if ever feel distracted,think about death, for example you own your home, when I'm dieing where will I be bathing? In the bathroom, or the kitchen? Or the dining room? These thoughts are very upsetting … ok after burying me would they sell the house? what would they do with this car? Would they drive it or sell it ? will your children keep in harmony after your death or what? Thinking of death has a great positive effects.

" always remember the destructor of desires, when remembering death during a great matter, or a big deal, it won't be that great or big. And when remembering death during a tiny matter it won't be tiny any more."

 A rich Egyptian died, his sons have a fear for him spending the first night alone- which is known to be the most difficult, in this night a died person would be asked: Oh, my worshipper, they left you alone here, and put you in the dust, even if they stayed with they wouldn't be useful, no one is left with you but I – Allah – and I'm The Ever Lasting,never dies. So they hired a miserable poor, paid him 10 pounds to spend the first night in their father's grave, he accepted happily for this great amount of money, he wore a jute sack, made a top hole for his head and two sides holes for his arms, he tied a rope around his waist, this poor man has nothing in the earth but this sack.. When he laid down in the grave, angles of account came asking him: they found two persons in the grave, which is totally unexpected for them, the poor man was frightened so he moved, they took him and made him sit down asking him: where did you bring this rope from? He answered: from the garden,they asked how did you enter the garden ? he got confused, now how he entered, he didn't know how to answer. then, how he took the rope, whether he took a permission or not, did he pay for the rope. then the sack,where he had brought it from, who made the holes in the sack, … they punished him. In the morning, he got out of the grave and told the rich man's sons: May Allah help your father.
 Thus, when you have a deep right thinking from where ? to where? Why? Who created me? And why? What am I obliged to do? Do I have a right earning ? a right business? Right expenditures? This thinking and meditation in the creation of heavens and earth is the concept of Herra' Cave. Every believer should have his meditation.
Some devoted scholars said: what my enemies have to do with me? If they send me far away, then I consider it tourism, if they send me to jail then it's a privacy, if they kill me then I am a martyr.
 This seem to be a person lives abroad in a room Sometimesdeserted. But, the truth is that if he meditates the creation of heaven and earth, if he thinks in this realm,this simple room will be the cause of his happiness in both the worldly life and after life.
 A person without thinking degrades his humanity. Why I am living in this world?

" Verily, he thought and plotted."

 If ever a person thinks without a right guidance heavenly spirit, his thoughts may lead him to the wrong way, so not every meditation is right.

" Verily, he thought and plotted* so let him be cursed: how he plotted*and once more let him be cursed:how he plotted* then he thought*then he frowned and he looked in a bad tempered way* then he turned back, and was proud*then he said: this is nothing but magic from that of old* this is nothing but the word of human being * I will cast him into Hell fire, and what will make you know exactly what hell fire is ? * It spares not ( any sinner), nor does it leave (any thing unburnt)!* Burning and blackening the skins* over it are nineteen angles as guardians and keepers of Hell."

 The right meditation leads only to Allah's guidance.

Every Muslim must have a privacy:

 I have a sincere wish for everyone after this significant lesson to have your own privacy with Allah, reauthor the Holy Qura'n, meditate the creation of heavens and earth, invocate for Allah, pray for him, glorify him, ask for his forgiveness, Allah is the greatest, Praise be to Allah.
 Either to glorify or to reauthor the Holy Qura'n or to invocate him,or to pray this privacy is just like charging your mobile, unless you recharge it it's idle, and we're in desperate need for a daily charge, the five prayers are our daily charge.the weekly charge is the Jouma'a prayer, the monthly chrge is by fasting the 13th., 14th.& 15th. Of every month. The annual charge is by fasting Ramadan, the life recharge is by the pilgrimage ( the hajj). So, you have alife charge once by hajj, an annual charge, a monthly charge, a weekly charge a daily charge, and Allah forgives sins from a prayer to another, from a Friday to the next, and from Ramadan to the next and the Hajj.

"Who ever performs pilgrimage and doesn't become obscene nor has profligacy he returns without sins, just as the day of his birth."

 What I wish as a result of this lesson, how our prophet set an example for us in the cave of heraa', meditated about the creation of Heavens and earth, he recognize Allah, invocated him asked for his forgiveness, we must follow his curriculum and have a privacy with Allah.

" Allah has revealed to Moses ; do you wish me living with you at your home? Then Moses sank to the ground then said: Oh, my Lord how would you live with me at my home? Allah said: Oh, Moses, didn't you know that I 'm the companion of this who remembers me, and that he finds me wherever he searches for me."

 If only your eyes saw what they saw of our goodness, you wouldn't have left us to sh3er.
 If only your ears heard our good speech, you would have leave your arrogance and come at once.
 If only you felt a little love for us, you would find an excuse for those who die for our sake.
 If only a breath of our imminence touched you, you would die longing for our nearness.
 If only you noticed a flash of our lights, you would have left all the creatures for us.
 Thus our love is not easy at all, who ever claims so verily,he is totally unfamiliar with us.
 Oh, my respectful brother, each of us tasted food, drinks, married, and felt marriage, drove a car, inhabited a house, had children…. There's a limit to this world. If you ever have a hundred milliard could you eat 5 kilos of meat a day, you couldn't eat more than ة 200gms of meat, you couldn't wear more than a suit at a time, nor sleep on more than one bed. So, There's a limit to this world. No matter how wealthy you are. Thus, scholars distinguish between earning and means of living, so means of living is what you make use of the food you ate, the clothes you wore, the house you live in, the bed you sleep on, your wife, you'll be accounted for the rest, where did you gain it from ? and how did you spend it?
 So, In the Day of resurrection, each one will have to answer five questions before Allah: how he spent his life / how he did wear out his youth,from where he gained his money // And how he spent it? What he did with his knowledge.
 So, two questions concerning his money, where he got it from, and how he spent it. Young youth needs to think more than sh3er, as they have wide choices about their careers. Why you wanted to be a doctor, listen carefully now, a rich doctor, has a BMW, a good position at society, a doctor chooses a beautiful wife …. If this was your idea about being a doctor then it's worthless to choose being a doctor for the above mentioned reasons. I'm talking to the youth, didn't you think that a doctor can cure believers, help them, bring them comfort and release.
 Once, I met a doctor who reminded me with a holy hadith " whoever drove away a Muslim's grief in this world, Allah will reward him by driving away a grief which will be in the day of resurrection ", I swear that my body shaked.
 He told me: I just beg Allah to be judged for this hadith

Oh, Youth, listen carefully and comprehend;

 So, you youth, if you have your own cave of heraa', you must choose your career for the sake of Allah, there's a great difference of course, when you choose a career for Allah's sake, suppose you want to be a business man, old good business men used to say: oh, I intend to serve Muslims, then his business turns into a worshipping.If a doctor ever says: I intend to serve Muslims. If an engineer says: Oh, Allah, inspire me to build houses for youth. If a teacher ever says: Oh, Allah, inspire me to help my student to recognize you ….. so, when you are at your heraa' cave you plan for a career which grants you Allah's pleasure.
 I'm talking to youth, who have wide choices, either to choose a career for the sake of this world, or to choose one for the sake of the after world.

" But seek, with that ( wealth) which Allah has bestowed on you, the home of the hereafter, and forget not your portion of lawful enjoyment in this world."

 You may wish to be wealthy, thus you may be wealthy and rank a high level in the after life, how? By establishing orphanages, clinics, legal institutions, help youth in marriage expenses, construct buildings…..plenty of choices.
 What I'm saying is: think to have your own heraa' cave at home, in order to plan your future, your after life, unless you plan, you'll planned for. Unless you plan, you'll become a meaningless figure among your enemy's plan. so, cave of heraa' means meditation,as this life some times consumes our time, from a meeting to another, dates, business, evening gathering, confrences …and Till when you'll be busy with your desires? At Cave of heraa', you should think,meditate, to talk to your self, to have a self dialogue, that why Cave of heraa' is for. Our Prophet is our example in Cave of heraa', and each one must have his Cave of heraa'to pray for Allah, to ask for his all demands and hopes, to ask for his forgiveness, to glorifyAllah, to reauthor the holy Qura'an
 Cave of heraa' is to have a right path in a planned life..

Allah's insight in his prophet choice for the Cave of heraa'

 His choice (PBUH ) for this isolation was a part of Allah's well, to be isolated from earthly business, life chaos and people little worries which occupy life, this isolation was a point were his energies turn to be ready to accept the great release. Thus, we need Cave of heraa'but, in partition and at home, we must have a privacy with Allah.

" If people ever know the benefits of Isha' & Dawn prayers, then would attend, even if creeping, the communal prayer at mosque."

 What distinguish a believer from a hypocrite is the attendance of Isha' & Dawn prayers, which they couldn't attend."


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