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Pillars of salvation- Marvel 07: When Allah supports the believer and when He abandons him.
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings upon our Master Muhammad, and all his Folks and Companions  

A friend of An Arab obstetrician-gynecologist asked him to do the cesarean section for his wife due to health problems she suffered from during her pregnancy. He was worried about his wife, and he wanted to make sure that she would be fine, so he said to his friend, "Let us consult another obstetrician-gynecologist about her health condition. What do you think?" The obstetrician-gynecologist replied arrogantly, "I am the best obstetrician-gynecologist in this city." It is a long story, but the main point is that very well-known obstetrician-gynecologist made a deadly mistake; it was very silly to such an extent that even a nurse would never have made it! As a result, his medical certificate was withdrawn. It was an unprecedented event that in a newly independent country a famous obstetrician-gynecologist had his certificated withdrawn. The moral lesson is: Never be self-conceited and never claim that you are the best educated and the most knowledgeable person, because Allah the Almighty says: 

﴾ …But over all those endowed with knowledge is the All-Knowing (Allah). ﴿

[ Yusuf, 76 ]

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