"One of the purposes of Sawm is to discover the meaning of being a servant to Allah, and to realize how badly you need Him"

Purposes of Ramadan
Clean Heart

Ramadan Wonders- Social Wonders (8): Clean Heart

The greatest blessing and the greatest success man can achieve is to meet Allah with a clean heart

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Ramadan Wonders- Health Wonders (8): Siwak

Siwak (tooth-stick) cleanses and purifies the mouth and pleases the Lord

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How to  Achieve Success in Ramadan

Ramadan Wonders- Social wonders (7): How to Achieve Success in Ramadan

Success is to prevent our limbs from committing sins in Ramadan and after it

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Benefits of Hijamah (Cupping)

Ramadan Wonders- Health Wonders in Ramadan (7): Benefits of Hijamah (Cupping)

There are many Ahadeeth about Hijamah as a remedy for many illnesses

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What are the rulings of fasting for pregnant women

Fatawa Ramadan (10): What are the rulings of fasting for pregnant women

Question: If a pregnant woman feels too tired during fasting, can she breaks her fast, provided that fasting is not dangerous for her nor for the baby? Answer: Pregnant and breastfeeding women can break their fast and only pay fidya (giving a poor person two satisfactory meals for everyday of fasting). That is the opinion of most scholars.  

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