Welcom to our Translation Section
We would like to thank all brothers and sisters helping in the translation of Dr. Nabulsi's lectures into English to help spreading the message of Islam to all people wherever they are, and we ask Allah to reward them.
Participate in the translation
If you want to be a member of our team and help in the translation or editing of lectures please send us your CV.
Translation Team
Maha Sulieman - administrator
Najat Rozko
Ghada Homad
Rana Saraqbi
Noura Sharabi
Iman Nasshar
Leen Redwan
Saud Abdul-Razzaq
Hanan Mansi
Ghassan Wali
Oula Mufeed
Mhd Adnan Al-Mughrabi
Laila Al-Attar
Nahla Ukasha
Basel Hinnawi
Mudar Hajj Fares
Ibtihal Ramadan
Leena Hamza
Hajj Mohammad
Zeina Al- Abaza
Rania Shibli