Scientific topics from sermons- lesson (372)- The Ka'ba: Center of Ancient and Modern Worlds
Last update:2011-04-23
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Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations, and Peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad, the faithful and the honest.
 Oh, Allah, we know nothing but what You teach us. You are the All- Knower, the Wise. Oh Allah, teach us what is good for us, and benefit us from what You taught us, and increase our knowledge. Show us the righteous things as righteous and help us to do them, and show us the bad things as bad and help us to keep away from them.
  O Allah our Lord, lead us out from the depths of darkness and illusion, unto the lights of erudition and knowledge, and from the muddy shallows of lusts unto the heavens of Your Vicinity.

 Land on the Earth’s surface spreads regularly round Allah’s Sacred House in Mecca. Such fact has been confirmed by the most up-to-date studies carried out by astronomical research centers in one of the Arab countries. The study was carried out by using the computer for measuring distances between Mecca and a number of cities of both modern and ancient worlds.
 Computer calculations showed that the furthest points in Africa, Asia, and Europe are all located at a distance of 8,000 km’s from Mecca. It is well known that Europe, Africa and Asia constituted the ancient world. Cities on the edges of these continents are all 8,000 km’s away from Mecca. This confirms the fact that Mecca was the center of the ancient world.
 As for the edges of the new world, namely North and South Americas, Australia, and Antarctica, they are all 13,000 km’s away from Mecca. Also, there is no land on the face of the Earth opposite to Mecca. There is the Pacific Ocean there. This means that Mecca is also the center of the modern world.
 Therefore, according to computerized studies carried out by the above-mentioned astronomical research centers, it is clear that Mecca is the center of both ancient and modern worlds. In this context, Allah, All-Mighty, says,

“Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for (all) mankind was at Mecca, full of blessings and a guidance for all worlds (of mankind and jinn).”

[III; 96]

Translation  : Khaled Al-Athmeh
Edited by      :